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Articles By Ann Nurse

My interests pertain to business, money and legal topics.  These are my articles for YurTopic..


Business - 15 Interesting Things You Should Know about Amazon.com - Weve listed 15 of the most impressive statistics and things to remember about Amazon.com that could benefit you.
Economy - Top 15 Countries with the Best Economy - Explains which countries are on the top of the economic pyramid, and what citizens of the world have the highest income and life standards.
Business - Top 15 Low-Budget Business Ideas - This list offers you a few low-budget business ideas that you probably never even considered.
Schemes - Top 15 Most Physically Demanding Jobs in the World - The jobs listed here are physically tough and if you cannot do them, someone has to in order for the economy to thrive.
Retail - 15 Interesting Facts about Walmart - Walmart is such a household name now, its easy to forget that it is a complex corporation with intricate workings and a long history of evolution as a chain.
Money - Top 15 Quick & Easy Money Making Schemes that Work - Want some quick and easy cash? Try one of these crazy money making schemes that actually work(ed).
Medical Professions Jobs - 15 Unusual Medical Professions - Discusses 15 unusual medical professions and details about positions at a hospital that are not related to any medical profession.
Jobs - 15 of the Most Underappreciated Jobs - Discusses 15 of the most underappreciated jobs and how many of us take the people who perform these jobs for granted.
Source for job Jobs - 15 Unusual Ways Used To Source For Jobs - Discusses 15 unusual ways used to source for jobs and the strange antics applicants have used to secure employment.
Successfull Project Business - 15 Projects That Started as a Joke and Ended Up Successfully - Fifteen stories of innovation and dynamic thinking that started as an experiment, but ended up yielding great success.


Black Market - 15 Interesting Facts about the Black Market - Learn about the inside workings of the black market, how it came about, what the law is doing about it and much more.
Black Market - Top 15 Unusual Items Sold in the Black Market - You will be surprised of the kind of items sold in the Black Market that people are getting away with as listed here.
Guns Guns - Top 15 Myths About Guns - Violence and guns has been a hot topic lately, here we discuss 15 myths related to guns and the realities surrounding them.
Prisoner Prison - 15 Cool Things Prisoners Get To Have In Jail - Discusses 15 surprising and awesome things prisoners get to have or do in jail.
Drugs Drugs - Top 15 Illegal Drugs That Used To Be Legal - Many people frown upon illegal street drugs, and there is valid reasons for that. But did you know that most of the illegal drugs today were legal not so long ago?
Crimes Crimes - 15 Unusual Ways Crimes Have Been Solved - Discusses 15 unusual ways crimes have been solved and some of the clues that lead to convictions.
Gruesome Crime Crimes - 15 Survivor Accounts of Gruesome Crimes - Discusses 15 survivor accounts of gruesome crimes and awe inspiring survival stories.
Court Case Lawyers - 15 Legal Counsel That Have Never Lost Court Cases - Discusses 15 Attorneys who have some of the best case records in the legal community.
Road Signs Road Signs - Top 20 Most Ignored Road Signs & Their Accidents - Discusses 20 of the most ignored road signs and the hazards associated with ignoring these signs.


Mafia - 15 Fascinating Facts about the Mafia - Discusses 15 facts about the mafia world and its origin.
Prosecution Prosecution - 15 Weird Actions That Are Prosecuted in the Modern World - Fifteen strange laws from around the world.
Jerusalem - Preparation for the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem and End Time Prophecy - Discusses the preparations that the Jewish people are undergoing in regards to The Temple in Jerusalem.






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