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Dee BechterDee Bechter - YurTopic.com Author

Articles By Dee Bechter

My name is Dee Bechter, I am a writer and proofreader for YurTopic.  I am also a novelist, you can get my very first finished novel called Our Perfect Circles on Amazon.

You can follow me on twitter to be updated when I produce new articles.  Here are my articles for YurTopic:

My Craft Articles:
Crafts - Ideas for a Craft-Station Sleepover Party
Crafts - A New Spin on Creating Personalized Snow Globes
Crafts -
Gift Area Saves the Day When There’s a Sudden Need to Give a Gift

My Clothing Articles:
Accessories - 8 Fun Ways to Wear a Floral Clip/Pin Accessory
Clothing - All the Different Types of Socks
Clothing - Women’s Shoe Size 10 ˝ is Frustrating, There are Solutions!
Accessories - Everything About Shoelaces

My Health Articles:
Spirituality - Tips on How to Become a Happier Person
Health - Understanding and Dealing with Anxiety Around Holidays
Health - Easy Ways to Stay Toned and in Shape
Skin Care - Get Healthy Glowing Facial Skin Without Breaking the Bank

My Other Articles:
Travel Tips - Tired While Driving? These Tips Can Help You Stay Awake and Alive
Pets - Top 6 Qualities in an Awesome Cat
Philosophy - 5 Easy Ways to Spread Kindness in Your Day
Children - Fun Activities to Get Young Kids Active
People - What is a Weirdo? Defining Weirdness in Society
Gadgets - Ten Modern Technologies That Make Life Easier
Relationships - Keep Your Marriage Fun! Have "Date Night" Every Week






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