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Greetings, and welcome to YurTopic.com!  My name is Paul Lucas and I am the creator and founder of YurTopic.  Going into the future, I plan to manage the growth of this website.  In the process, I would love to share with you what I have learned and what it takes to be a webmaster.

I am also into technology, health, and spirituality.  So I plan to share my knowledge on those topics as well.

You can also check out my gaming website here.


My Internet Marketing Ramblings:
How To Legally Get Images For a Website
The Power of the World Wide Web for Business
Kill Your Day Job With Internet Marketing
Do Websites Get Stronger As They Age?
Page Rank & Link Building Tips and Advice
Best Ways to Promote Your Website Online
How To Make a Lot of Money With eBay
Learn Why This Website Uses Static HTML Over a CMS
How To Make Static HTML Templates Using Include Files
Top 10 Tips to Improve your SEO Skills
What We Know From Matt Cutts About Google

 Technology Related:
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Gadgets - Best Cherry MX Mechanical Key Switch
Programming - How To Remove FaceBook Action Ids From URL

Check Out My Bachelor Pad:
Home Theater -
My Bedroom Movie Theater
DIY - My Blacklight Garage Party Room
Interior Design - My 180 Gallon In-Wall Aquarium made from Starphire Glass

My Health and Spiritual Articles:
Alternative Medicine -
Top 10 Healthiest Tips to Make Green Tea
Nature - The Explanation of the Yin Yang symbol

Travel Articles:
Destinations - Photos of the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas






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