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Welcome to my section on YurTopic!  I am a huge food and drink fanatic.  I have traveled to many places and sampled many types of food from all over the world. I hope you find my articles fun and educational.  I am also into photography a little bit as well.


Mushrooms - 15 Fascinating Facts about Mushrooms - An exploration of the mushroom a fungus that represents a variety of species, some of which are eaten for their nutritional value, and others, like the toadstool, which are poisonous.
Migraines - Top 15 Foods That Help Migraines - Here we list a variety of ways in which you can change your diet to help prevent future headaches and migraines.
GMOs Food - Top 15 Foods of the Future - Here are a few ideas about the kind of foods we may soon be eating in the near future.
Food Challenge Food - 19 Crazy Food Challenges Around the World - An article that discusses 15 ridiculous food challenges around the world.
Eating a Spider Food - 15 Unusual Things People Around the World Eat - Fifteen strange culinary specialties from all over the world that incorporate some very rare, and quite exotic local fare.
Gourmet Food Food - 10 Enthralling Facts about the World of Gourmet - This article will reveal 10 facts about gourmet that will make your jaw drop.
Cheese Cheese - 15 Fascinating Facts in the World of Cheese - Discusses 15 fascinating facts in the world of cheese covering topics ranging from the origins of certain cheeses along with other interesting statistics about cheese.
Cotton Candy Candy - 15 Little Known Facts in the World of Cotton Candy - Cotton candy is a delicious outcome of using basic physic principles coupled with simple sugar. There are even medical implications for a candy that is naturally fat-free and has less sugar than most people believe.
Burgers on grill Burgers - 15 Interesting Facts About Burgers - Discusses 15 fascinating facts in the world of burgers and information about their origin.


Wine Wine - 15 Common Wine Myths and Their Realities - Discusses fifteen of the most common myths about wine and the realities around them.
Drinks - Top 15 Best American Beer Festivals - Get a glimpse of the best beer festivals around where you live in the US, or consider traveling to one of these amazing beer festivals and have the time of your life!
Coca-Cola Drinks - Top 15 Coca-Cola Myths Debunked - There has been a flood of curiosity about all kinds of myths surrounding Coca Cola. This article will shed light on all the most talked about myths reguarding Coca Cola.
Whiskey Drinks - 15 Fascinating Facts in the World of Whiskey - Discusses 15 fascinating facts about whiskey and the historical events that surround this intellectually, as well as chemically stimulating drink.


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