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Nature Articles by Steve Ciprian

Hello all, my name is Steve and I am proud to present to you my articles for YurTopic. My biggest fascination in life is animals and nature in general so you will see me write a lot of top lists pertaining to that, enjoy!



Rainforest - 15 Fascinating Facts about the Amazon Rainforest - The Amazon rainforest is mostly unexplored, and remains one of the most fascinating places on earth for many scientists and explorers.
Earthquakes - 15 Fascinating Facts about Earthquakes - As you learn everything there is to know about earthquakes, you will be able to have a deeper respect for the science that goes into finding and predicting them.
Snakes - Top 15 Myths about Snakes - Snakes arenít as inherently scary as they sound once you learn a little about their nature and understand them a bit.
Horses - Top 15 Myths about Horses - Weeding through the myths to get to the truths can reveal some insightful information about horses, their care, and their evolution.
Snow Snow - 15 Fascinating Facts about Snow - Learn about the different types of snow, how it forms, along with other interesting facts about snow that will amaze you.
Flower Flowers - Top 15 of the World's Rarest Flowers - The following rare flowers are sure to pique your interest and cause you to reevaluate just how much you think you know about the quirks and oddities of the natural world.
Dragon Trees Trees - 15 Weird Trees Around The World - Discusses 15 weird trees from around the world and some of the history behind them.
Rocks Rocks - 15 Unusual and Less Known Uses of Rocks - Discusses 15 unusual and less known uses of rocks and their dynamic stories.
Time Time - 15 Interesting Facts About Time - Time is amazing!  Learn about all the cool and interesting facts about time that you never knew about.
Snake Snakes - Top 15 Most Amazing Snakes Around the World - Discusses the 15 most interesting snakes around the world. Many of these snakes have interesting features and looks to them.
Creatures - Top 15 Creepy Deep Sea Creatures - Cross the saltwater Styx and meet these 15 creepy inhabitants of the aquatic abyss.
Creatures - 15 Unexpected Animals That Can Kill You Quickly - Discusses 15 unexpected creatures that can kill a fully grown human in under 15 seconds.

Extinct Animals - 15 Beautiful Animals that are Now Extinct - These are some of the most interesting and beautiful extinct species we found that you may have not heard of before.
Poison Dart Frog Animals - 15 of the Most Venomous Creatures to Roam the Earth - Discusses 15 of the most venomous creatures to roam the earth and how we as humans need to be mindful of nature's deadly aspects.
The Endangered Tarsier Animals - 15 Unique Forest Creatures Less Known To Man - Discusses 15 unique forest creatures less known to man and their cool features.
Potto Animals - 15 Unusual Animal Defense Mechanisms - Discusses 15 unusual animal defense mechanisms and the strange ways animals protect themselves thanks to evolution.
Wild Animals Animals - 15 Wild Animals Deadly to Humans - Fifteen examples of how dangerous wild animals can be to a human being and how it is important to always be vigilant when dealing with any type of wild animal.
Parasite Parasites - 15 Unique Parasites You Never Knew Existed - Discusses 15 creatures people never knew were parasites and their strange behavior.
Spider Nature - Top 15 Spider Myths - Here are a few common myths about spiders you probably never realized aren't true.
Exotic Insect Insects - 15 Exotic Insects That Are Harmful & Deadly - Fifteen of the most dangerous and exotic insects explained with pictures and facts.






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