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Articles By swooosh

I am an ESL teacher, writer, editor, and graduate student.  I am a lover of the written words, passionate to making my students discover the beauty of anything printed or better yet, of personal compositions. I am a full time teacher who loves blogging, editing essays, and writing articles for websites.  Here are my articles for YurTopic:

For Teachers:
General - 5 Reasons to Use Norm Referenced Tests in the Classroom
General - 5 Ways to Use Criterion Referenced Test in the Classroom
General - Photo Memoir: Writing Assignment
ESL - ESL Classroom Strategies That Compel Students to Communicate
General - Benefits of Using Graphic Organizers in the Classroom
General - How to Use Storytelling in Language Teaching
General - How to Correct Student Essays
General - How Can a Non-Native Teacher Instruct in English
General - Top Five Reasons Students Commit the Same Grammar Mistakes
General - How to Help Students Become Self-Directed
General - Using Authentic Texts in Language Teaching
General - Praise: A Great Motivator for Student Achievement
General - Teachers as Facilitators in Language Classrooms
ESL - Top 5 Things to Know About Your ESL Students’ Backgrounds
ESL - Group Work in College ESL Classrooms
ESL - How to Teach Business English in ESL Setting
ESL - The Most Common Problems in ESL Classrooms
ESL - Tips on Teaching ESL Students Vocabulary
ESL - Peer Feedback is a Great Tool in Writing Classes
ESL - How to Teach ESL Students Writing
ESL - Boosting ESL Students’ Confidence in Speaking

For Learners:
Language - Blogging as a Pedagogical Tool in ESL/EFL Writing Classes
Learning - How to Overcome Test Anxiety
Language - Top 10 Ways to Improve English Skills Without Spending Much
Learning - Myths and Realities on Bilingualism
Learning - The Benefits of Being Bilingual
College - Top 10 College Time Wasters
Language - The Benefits of Language Exchange Partnerships

For Parents:
Parenting - Parenting Children with Learning Disabilities
Learning - Learning Disabilities: Types and Signs
Learning - The Role of Listening in Language Learning
Learning - Helping Your Child Develop a Love for Writing
Learning - How to Teach Your Kids to Read
Learning - The Influence of Music on Children’s Learning

Other Articles:
Jewelry - Charm Bracelets: Origin and Design Meanings
Styles - Jewelry Through the Ages
Tattoos - Tattoo Designs and their Meanings
Skin Care - How Can Teenagers Prevent Acne Breakouts
Teenagers - 5 Ways Teenagers Can Deal With Anxiety
Photography - 8 Photographic Compositions an Amateur Can Try
Tattoos - The Evolution of Tattoos
Photography - Beginners’ Guide to Taking Photos
Relationships - Making Long Distance Relationships Work






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