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Articles By Terinah DoBa

People - 10 Ruthless Serial Killers Who Were Never Caught - Here are the top 10 ruthless killers who mutilated, raped and terrorized a lot of people for years and were never caught.
Legal - 10 Innocent People who Died on Death Row - Sadly, these people were executed even though there was no concrete evidence that they in fact had committed a capital murder.
Films - 10 Darkest Animated Films Ever Made - Most of these 10 grim and dark films are not appropriate for children but have received a lot of positive feedback from critics.

Halloween - 10 Creepy Hospitals and Asylums around the World
History - 10 Inventors Who Stole Their Ideas
Nature - 10 Most Emotional Animals
Skin Care - 9 Unusual Beauty Treatments
Movies - Darkest Animated Films Ever Made
Conditions - 10 Unusual Phobias
Science - 8 Theories that Explain the Bermuda Triangle Mystery
Treatments - Bloodless Surgery An Effective Alternative to Blood Transfusion
Spirituality - Sleep Paralysis An Opportunity for Something More
Nutrition - Organic Foods Are they better than Conventional Foods?
Treatments - Pros and Cons of Egg Donation Process
Health - Depression Facts, Symptoms & Treatment
Conditions - Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder and How to Deal with It
Health - General Benefits of Green Tea
DIY - 8 Steps to Give Yourself a Manicure at Home






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