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Business - 15 Cases of Extreme Brand Protection - Big Corporations make great effort to protect their brands. Sometimes they go to extremes, often with humorous results. Here’s a few examples.
McDonald’s - 15 Little Known Facts About McDonald’s - As recognizable as the brand McDonald’s is, there’s a lot people that don’t know about the company. Here’s a number of little known facts.
Bacteria - 15 Remarkable Facts About Bacteria - Most people regard bacteria as bad. In reality, bacteria is much more complicated than that. Here’s a few little known but astounding facts why.
Soda - 15 Surprising Facts About Soda - Soda is one of the most beloved beverages in the world. Here are some surprising facts about the drink itself and the business of soda.
Jellyfish - 15 Remarkable Facts About Jellyfish - Jellyfish might not seem that remarkable, but there are some weird, little known astounding facts about this creature.
Coca-Cola - 15 Little Known Facts About Coca-Cola - Coca-Cola is perhaps the most recognizable brand in the world. Here are some surprising facts you may not know about Coca-Cola.
Beer - 10 Surprising Facts About the History of Brewing Beer - The historical practice of beer making has a number of curious facts behind it. Here are some little known stories from the history of brewing.
Elephants - 15 Little Known Facts About Elephants - Most people are already aware that elephants are remarkable animals, with a number of amazing characteristics. Here’s some more amazing facts about them.
Fast Food - 15 Surprising Facts About the History of Fast Food - The fast food industry is ingrained in our culture. Here's some surprising and curious facts about its long history.
Divorce - 20 Surprising Facts About Divorce - This article details a number of surprising facts about the history and the circumstances that surround divorce.
History - 25 Surprising Facts About the History of Recipes - Recipes are a part of all cultures. While many cultural dishes are well known, they often have surprising histories.
Weddings - 25 Strange Facts About Wedding Traditions - Details a number of strange facts about the origins of wedding traditions and odd superstitions.

Magic - 15 Ways Magicians Fool Us - Details a number of ways magicians seamlessly pull off their various magic tricks.
Diamonds - 15 Remarkable Facts About Diamonds - Details remarkable facts that make the diamond one of the most incredible substances on Earth and in space.
Australia - 15 Little Known Facts About Australia - Australia is a unique nation. There is more to the country than what most people realize. Here are some little known facts about the continent.
Celebrities - 20 Celebrities Who Invented Amazing Things - Details a number of celebrities who have invented useful products or devices in their free time.
Valuables - Top 15 Worthless "Valuables" - Details a number of collectible items that people often think will appreciate in value, but most likely won’t.
Savants - 25 Individuals Who Thrived with Savant Syndrome - These individuals have, or have had, savant syndrome. They have thrived well despite the inherent problems associated with the condition.
Monkeys - 15 Odd And Interesting Facts about Monkeys - Monkeys are one of the most beloved creatures in the animal kingdom. Here are some odd and interesting facts about them that are little known.
Cities - 10 of China's Ghost Cities Explained - Here are reasons and examples behind the strange problem China has regarding numerous cities that are practically uninhabited.
Religions - 20 Little Known Religions and Cults - The article details a variety of surprising religions and cults that most people have never heard of.
Appliances - 15 Germ Riddled Household Items - Details a variety of items, appliances and areas in the average household that pose a risk when it comes to germ exposure.
Marketing - 20 Horrible Social Media Mistakes Made by Companies - Because tweets and Facebook comments are so notably short and succinct, companies can say a lot and do so unwittingly.
Legal - Top 20 Most Ridiculous Lawsuits - Here we discuss some of the craziest and absurd lawsuits of all time.
Legal - 25 Funny & Crazy Arrest Stories - The following are 25 examples of funny and crazy arrest stories of all time that will shock you.
History - 20 Little Known Facts About the Titanic - There are still many surprising facts about the Titanic and its disaster that are largely unknown to the world that you will discover here.
Talent - 44 Examples of the Extreme History of Method Acting - The article details 44 examples of the extreme measures actors and actresses have gone to for method acting.
Basketball - The Difference Between Streetball and The NBA - The article details the differences between street basketball and the professional league, the NBA.
Pets - 18 Richest Animals in the World - Details some of the richest animals in the world, and describes situations where their owners have left them sizable fortunes.
Nutrition - 24 Food Additives That You Should Consider Avoiding - Details 24 alarming additives in everyday food that you may want to think twice about putting in your mouth.
People - 55 Celebrities With Physical Imperfections - Covers a surprisingly large number of celebrities who have various physical imperfections, despite their social status and standing as being viewed as examples of perfection.
Basketball - 8 Mediocre Players Who Made It Big (Financially) in the NBA - Details a number of players who made a lot of money in the NBA, without actually doing much in the league.
Henry Ford - 26 Interesting Facts About Henry Ford - Details of a variety of facts – good, bad and surprising – about Henry Ford.
Music - 9 Remarkable but Underappreciated Musicians - Details and profiles of musicians who, despite their talent and influence, were or are still unappreciated.
Movies - 14 Bleak Aspects of the “Golden” Age of Hollywood - Details the dark side of the often romanticized Golden Age of cinema.
Television - 10 Actors Who Prove Smart People Make the Best Dumb Characters - Lists 10 smart actors who played dumb characters in various television series.
Television - 8 Lovable Villains from Film and Television - A list of lovable villains from film and television over the years.
Bands - 10 Ridiculous Feuds Between Bands - Gives details about completely ridiculous, horrible hostility and violent feuds between various music groups.
General - 10 Health Problems Caused By Bad Teeth - Details 10 surprising ways your teeth could harm your health – and maybe even ultimately kill you.

Relationships - 15 Crazy Marriage Proposal Incident Stories - Check out these shocking marriage proposal stories that ended up badly.
Relationships - Top 15 Epic Romantic Gestures - Details a variety of bold and strange gestures people have made in an attempt at romance.
Billionaires - 10 Billionaires as Wasteful or Fanciful as They are Wealthy - About 10 billionaires and how they often wildly spend their money on extravagant purchases.


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