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Ways to Survive Freshman College Year

Dorm Life
Moving Into Dorm
We all know living with someone is never an easy task; living with your parents, siblings and other family members is a very difficult task. It takes a while to adjust to their personalities and actually know how to put up with them. Most people grow up in a certain environment and it is easier on them to start from a young age adjusting to certain ways of living and accepting certain peoples attitude just because they know that they will always be around. If you think it is difficult living with people youíve known all your life, just imagine how difficult it is to move in with a stranger or strangers. You get all new personalities, backgrounds and attitudes. College life is supposed to be a fun and exciting experience, but sometimes having horrible roommates not knowing how to adjust to or deal with their ďnewĒ personality can turn out to be a horrible experience. There are many ways that you can try to avoid being in this situation.

First and foremost all of the roommates need to learn how to respect each other, their property and their space. It is never a good thing when a person doesnít have respect for their own things let alone somebody else's property. You should always set your rules and expectations early, when youíre upfront about things you like and dislike there shouldnít be any surprises. You should be able to express your needs and wants together and be able to come to some type of neutral living agreements. Learn how to communicate, know how to speak up when you need to, and be quiet when it is time to listen and disagree when you feel something isnít right. Agreeing to everything your roommate wants isnít going to get you anywhere, it will just make the situation worse in the long run. Do not let your roommate take advantage of you; donít let them mistake your kindness for weakness.

Being neat and organized in your dorm  may be one of the biggest debates you and your roommate will have. Coming from different environments will have a huge impact on this because what you think is clean, neat and organized someone else may not. You should set rules about what should always be clean as far as your neutral space and how you should always clean up after yourself as soon as the mess is made, it will make it so much simpler. As much as some people enjoy their dorm and being in their own space you should definitely try to get out of the dorm and actually enjoy the campus life, being cooped up in the dorm all the time can get very boring and start to make you homesick. Getting out and doing things could benefit you and your roommate. Everyone should be able to be comfortable in their dorm like it is their own home, because it really is. Setting rules and communicating with your roommate should make your experience much better and smoother. If you feel like you arenít ready to give up your personal space and you like to be alone you can avoid these things by just getting a dorm by yourself. You could also get an apartment not far away from campus. 9 times out of 10 you may still live with someone, but you will probably just have your own bedroom.

Messy Dorm Room
Messy Dorm Room

Being Successful In Your Classes
Transitioning from high school work to college work will be as difficult as you make it. Some things require a little more effort but what it all comes down to is self-discipline. You have to learn to be independent; no one in college will really be able to tell you what to do and when you just have to do it on your own. The professors wonít be mad or tell you to do your homework because they see that you havenít been turning anything in. The honest truth is that most of them really donít care. You will learn quickly that youíre on your own when it comes to keeping up with your work. One of the biggest relief freshman students think they have is that you donít have to be in school for a set time period. You may have so many different classes in one day for five days out of the week. Some students take advantage of that and it becomes their biggest mistake. Yes you have plenty of freedom but you need to learn how to ground yourself. You should make it a priority to go to all of your classes and also be on time because the beginning and the ending of classes is where you receive the most important information.

College kidsYour teachers are very valuable when you actually use them, not just for in-class time. Some teachers may seem very intimidating but a lot of them actually want to help you succeed if they see that youíre willing to put in some effort. Professors love when students meet with them outside of class, thatís why they set aside office hours. You should feel very comfortable talking with your teachers and being able to ask them for help. Talking to your professors and advisors can turn out to be very useful. Socializing with other students in the class can also be beneficial to you because some things you may not understand they could help with, and if you ever miss class for whatever reason they could be there to help you figure out what you missed. Your campus has plenty of resources to make college as easy and simple as possible. You have the librarians, professors, counselors, advisors, and tutors that are all ready and willing to assist you with as much as they can. Youíre paying for them so why not take advantage of these resources? Hard work always pays off; just learn to work smarter not harder.

Time Management
One of the biggest challenges during college is learning how to manage your time wisely. The first thing that you should do is plan your schedule right, make sure you donít overload yourself with classes. Take as many classes as you feel comfortable with. You should get a planner, phone app or some type of organizer that you will put all of your school information in. Including test dates, quiz dates, homework, midterms, labs and other things that you may need to know. Learning how to prioritize is a major thing also, you have to when certain things are supposed to come first. Make goals at the beginning of each semester and actually follow them throughout the semester. It will make things run smoothly. You need to have set times for when you will study and do your homework, because that is the most important at the time. Time for school is very important, but also socializing time is a major factor. Focusing on college is really great but you have to have some time to interact with others and actually enjoy the college life. Just donít spend most of your time partying. Last but not least you need to spend time with yourself which includes sleeping and meditating, or just getting in touch with yourself making sure youíre on the right path as far as where youíre going and what youíre doing. The best things to do for your time is establish a routine and have self-discipline.

There are many other factors that have a major impact on your college career, such as if youíre doing extra activities on campus and getting involved, which you should! When it comes to working and going to school you should try to work the least as possible because you donít want to over work yourself and become stressed out. Yes some people need to make money to survive, just be sure to make time for other things besides working. Playing sports is also a huge factor when youíre in school, it requires a lot of your time practicing, eating, sleeping a good amount and on top of all that school and being successful in your classes. Your diet is very important in college, this is one of the biggest things kids have a problem with in school. You should try to stick to your normal diet that you had at home if that is what was working for you, donít overdue on eating just because itís there. Plan your meals. Try to squeeze in some exercising time if you have any, even if it is just walking around campus, but you should really try to take advantage of the recreation center since itís there and again youíre paying for it.

Happy College StudentsMost freshman students have partied before, and some have probably never partied in their entire life. College partying all together is a very different experience than just normal partying. Know you donít have to have drugs and alcohol to have a good time but most people who are throwing the parties donít think that way. They want to have the most of everything, drugs, alcohol, music and anything else they can think of to have a good time. The hardest part of about partying is just trying to be yourself, donít try to fit in with the crowd. Try to not give in to the peer pressure if you donít want to do something just donít do it. It wonít make you look any less ďcoolĒ. If you do drink know your limit so you wonít overdue it, and try not to make a habit out of it. Never leave your drink just sitting anywhere and be cautious of what you drink because someone could have put anything inside of it.

Final Thoughts
College is supposed to be one of the best experiences of your life, make sure you enjoy it! At the same time be aware that everything you do as far as grades count toward your future, so from the beginning do the best you can.





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