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How to Win at Fair and Carnival Games: Get that Stuffed Prize!

A carnival or fair is always a fun way to celebrate summer. And, what makes the excursion even more exciting is the Midway Entertainment. The following tips can give you some insights on some of the techniques you can use to play carnival games and win.

Carnival Midway

10)  Ring Toss Games
Ring toss games along boardwalks or at carnivals typically feature such prizes as pricey electronics or big stuffed animals. Naturally, these games, like all carnival or fair games, present a challenge. In some ring toss games, the idea of the exercise is to toss a plastic ring on the top of a bottle. Naturally, the bottles in the game are set up close enough so the feat seems next to impossible. Therefore, if you donít aim just right, the ring will bounce off an adjacent bottle.

To give yourself the extra advantage, you need to snap your wrist and give the ring as much spin as possible while you are tossing it. Putting more spin on the ring increases its stability, thereby giving you a better chance for a landing that is clean.

Fair Ring Toss Carnival Game

In some cases, the prizes for the ring toss arenít displayed above bottles but are affixed to poles instead. In this instance, youíll win the prize if the ring lands squarely at the bottom of the pole. However, you canít angle the ring as many of the prizes are too large for the ring to land flat. Therefore, you have to make a direct toss in order to achieve your goal.

9)  Balloon Dart Throws
Throwing darts at balloons is a time-honored carnival tradition that is much harder than it looks. Youíd think itíd be a breeze to pop a balloon and win a prize. However, usually the balloons donít contain enough air and the tips of the darts are pretty dull too. Therefore, in order to win, you need to forego the idea of an accurate aim and, instead, put more muscle into the actual throwing of the dart instead. Also, direct the dart to the balloons along the edge instead of the middle. Game operators typically place the tags for the better prizes in those balloons.

Balloon Dart Throws

8)  Carnival Rope Ladders
If you take on the challenge of climbing up a rope ladder for a prize, increase your odds of winning by foregoing the rungs and shimmying up the ďladderĒ instead. Therefore, concentrate on moving up the ladder along the outer perimeter.

If you want to keep your balance as well, donít move up the rope using both hands or both feet simultaneously. Use the opposite leg and arm during your ascent to maintain your leverage.

Watch the Technique in the Following Video:

7)  Shoot the Star Carnival Game
The idea of this carnival game is to use a BB gun to completely annihilate a red star. To increase your odds of winning, donít try to shoot at the star but aim your shot around the emblem. Also, take note that the barrels of the BBs are usually bowed or bent from use.

Shoot the Star Carnival Game with a BB gun

Therefore, during your initial shots, youíll need to determine just how much off the mark you may be and adjust your shooting accordingly. The game is downright difficult. Knowing the state of the equipment and the tricks for winning though, will, at least, give you a better advantage.

6)  The Peach Basket Toss
The Peach Basket Toss at a carnival or fair involves the use of a softball and peach basket. To make sure you hit the mark, youíll need to position yourself as close as youíre permitted to stand before the target basket. Use a bit of a backspin while gently throwing the ball.

Get more insight about this game and the tricks used by carnival game operators by watching the following video:

5)  Milk Bottle Throw Toss
The idea of the milk bottle throw is to knock over three bottles, set up pyramid style, with one well-executed toss. To increase your chances of winning at the game then, you need to aim at the bottom of the configuration rather than at the juncture where the three bottles meet.

Therefore, placement of the bottles is key. If one of the bottles on the bottom is moved slightly ahead of the other then, the force of your throw will mainly be captured by that one bottle. If that is the case, then it will be very difficult for you to knock down all three. Nevertheless, that being said, itís still better to aim for the base of the two bottom bottles if you want to have the best shot of winning at the game.

Watch the Following Video to See How itís Done:

4)  The Test Your Strength or Hammer Game
Carnivals and fairs also feature games where you can supposedly test your strength in order to win a prize. The idea of the hammer game then is to take a mallet and hit a mark, which, in turn, causes a weight to shoot upwards toward a bell. If the weight hits the bell and it rings, you win a prize. However, in order to win at this game, itís better to focus on accuracy over muscle or strength.

Therefore, take the mallet and firmly grip it at the lower portion of the handle. Extend the hammer overhead with outstretched arms before hitting the center of the mark. You may want to make a few slow-motion practice swings before you hit the base of the contraption.

Watch the following video to see a winning strike:

3)  Basketball Throw
If you try your skill at a carnivalís basketball throw, youíll indeed be facing a challenge. The game is usually set up so the hoop is not circular or regulation-sized. Typically, the basket is smaller than a regular basketball hoop and is oval rather than rounded. The backboard is generally made of plywood as well, which gives the ball an extra amount of unwanted bounce. Therefore, anyone trying to make a free-throw shot will not usually succeed.

Carnivalís basketball throw game

In order to make a shot then, you have to employ a high arc when youíre shooting the ball and stay away from the bouncy backboard. So, arc the ball high into the basket and make it your goal to avoid the back of the board altogether. Swish the ball in the basket instead.

2)  Stand Up The Bottle
Stand up the bottle carnival gameThe Stand Up The Bottle game makes use of a fishing pole line with a ring on its end. Using the pole, youíre supposed to lift a bottle upright that is lying on its side. The game operator places the ring over the bottleís neck. Youíd think it would be an easy process until, of course, you begin to try it.

However, you can win at the game if you practice pushing rather than pulling the bottle up with the line. Thatís because the bottles for the game are typically designed with a lighter and heavier side. Therefore, the heavier side of the bottle is the side youíre usually required to lift. If you try to pull up the bottle then, youíll usually see the ring slip away rather than the bottle stand.

1)  Guess Your Age, Weight or Birth Date
If you feel you can win at this game, then you probably look a lot younger, older, thinner, or heavier than your actual age or weight. To increase your chances of winning though, itís best to have the guesser guess your weight rather than your age or birth date.

Guessers use a number of methods to guess your weight, and must assess you on your build and height. Good guessers know that muscle weighs more than fat and that people who are lighter have a different way of carrying themselves as well. Still, the margin of error is still greater for guessing oneís weight than it is for deducing oneís years.

Typical Weight Guessing Game:
Typical Weight Guessing Game

People who become accustomed to guessing age can go beyond appearance and get an in-the-ballpark estimate of a personís years by observing speech, movements, and overall attitude. For example, a guesser may make jokes about dated events to scrutinize the response of the person whose age he is predicting to help him with his guess.

Your Goal, in The Long Run, is to Have Fun
Regardless of whether you win or lose, fun is the main goal in playing a carnival game. Aside from learning some of the methods you can use to win, you can always ask the game operator how much he'll charge you for buying a prize instead. However, you'll still miss out on all the fun you'll have of testing your new-found techniques.

And as promised, here are your stuff prizes :)

Stuffed Carnival Prizes





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Win at Fair and Carnival Games: Get that Stuffed Prize!


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