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Top 6 Qualities in an Awesome Cat

kitten with ball of stringFor choosy cat lovers like me, I prefer the quality of my cat to be above standards. Let’s be honest here; nobody desires a gross, mean, boring, annoying, or unlovable cat. Some of us may still have the bottom-of-the-barrel ones as pets. It is what it is; some of us just have a big soft spot for all animals no matter what. Although I love all cats, I do think there is a set of standards that make the “perfect” cat.

Overall Behavior and Friendliness
baby kittensSome cats take the lazy approach to life, while others are playful and active. Some are very affectionate, and others seem like they want to shred your face apart. Every cat is unique, and their personalities are as well. A good cat personality is one that blends the lazy with the playful, and lovingness blended with a bit of feistiness. You don’t want a cat that is too standoffish; but you don’t want one that is completely attached at the hip either. The key is balance here. I like it when I feel a sense of communication with my cat. I have noticed that all of my favorite cats that I have had over the past 20 years just seemed to “get me”. When a cat cares about you, they will show it by their actions, and a cat with a great personality will surely let you know that it appreciates you being its owner. You will know if you are appreciated by your cat if he/she purrs and wants to be around you. Their behavior towards you will assure you that they have a genuine loving connection to you.

Cleanliness and Health of the Cat
cat cleaning itselfHygiene plays a very important role in a top-notch feline. Does the cat use the litter box correctly? Does the cat smell good or like a bag of musty garbage? Does the cat have tons of gross boo-boo’s and matted fur or does it have pristine hygiene? It is hard to snuggle up with a stinky, poopy-smelling, boo-boo ridden cat. For optimal cuddling, it is important that the cat is clean, disease-free, and isn’t stinky. Of course you can always try to remedy the situation if your cat is falling short in the hygiene department, but there are just some cats that are more finicky about their hygienic behaviors than others.

How the Cat Meows
This is actually very important. I have had cats in the past that would constantly meow all the time, and other cats that had strange or annoying meows. I have even had cats that would try to meow, but no sound could be produced. An awesome cat meow is one that is neither excessive nor non-existent. Once again there needs to be a happy balance. Some cats have a loud, raspy meow and others have a squeaky high-pitched repetitive meow. I have found that the best meows are short and sweet, and only used when necessary. My favorite cat, Timmy, makes a very cute throat vibration noise in addition to his super cute meowing style that really sets him above the rest. My mom’s cat, Egger, actually says “Merr-oww” when he meows and it is just the cutest thing in the world!

group of white cats

Just like humans, some cats are just a lot smarter than others. Although having a cat with an intellect slower than normal can be just fine, having one that possesses a higher aptitude can be a more rewarding experience. I feel like the more intelligent cats that I have had in the past were more in-tune to what was happening in “the human world”. They just had more of a sense of what was going on around them. Sometimes they can be a little too smart, and that can sometimes cause an issue here or there. My brother’s cat, Yinny, is very smart, but he can be a real handful. Yinny figured out how to open shut drawers and cabinets, and also how to get into containers. Now my brother has to keep all his groceries inside his oven so the cat cannot physically get to it. It is good to have an intelligent cat to broaden the communication capabilities between you and your cat, but some intelligent cats will use their brains to do defiant acts like Yinny does. It is optimal to have a cat that is smart, but doesn’t use its intelligence to figure how to do things they are not supposed to do.

Overall Cuteness
Let’s face it, some cats are much cuter than others. It is just a matter of fact. I have had ugly cats as well as cute ones. Some of the ugly cats I have had in the past were actually cool cats that I really liked, but they just never had the “snuggle factor” the cuter ones had. Cuteness also entails many different aspects of things about the cat. For instance, my cat Timmy will lie on his back and stretch his arms up over his head and want you to rub his fat, furry tummy. It is the cutest thing.

cute cat

Certain traits and mannerisms can add to the cuteness factor as well as the cat’s physical appearance. And remember, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder; everyone is going to have their own ideals on what makes a cute cat.

Fur Quality
cute catI enjoy petting cats, and I really love soft, silky, plush cat fur. Fur quality is the icing on the cake. Some cats have fur that sheds easily, and this can be annoying especially if you have any level of allergy to cats. The ideal cat fur, in my opinion, is healthy, shiny, thick, soft fur that does not shed easily. My brother’s cat, Dumplin, has the most beautiful soft, silver-grey shiny coat, however he is now about 15 years old and his fur sheds so easily that merely petting him can produce mass gatherings of loose fur. His fur was absolute perfection when he was younger. Feeding cats a higher quality diet can help their fur quality, but it is downright genetics that will ultimately determine how supreme their fur coats will be.

Final Thoughts
I have been blessed to have so many optimal quality cats as pets in my life, and I hope that other cat lovers have already or will get to experience the joys of having a top-notch cat. Although few may measure up to absolute perfection, we still should appreciate all of our feline friends and appreciate all the joys they bring into our lives. It is also important to remember that we humans do have a vast influence on the health, happiness, and behavior of our pets and we need to make sure we are taking care of them properly.





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