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Difference Between a Cat Person And a Dog Person

Cat and Dog People Have Certain Distinct Traits

While you already probably know if you’d rather have a dog or cat as a pet, you may not be aware that cat people and dog people have distinct personality traits.

cat or dog person

Research findings suggest that dog and cat owners have certain characteristics that make them more attuned to owning a canine or a cat.

Dog People Generally Exude More Confidence

For example, studies show that people who own dogs are generally more confident and aggressive in nature. Cat people, on the other hand, tend to be more introverted and socialize less. So, if you’re hosting a cookout, you’ll no doubt see more dog people show up for the party than people on your list who happen to own a cat.

Dogs at Social Event - Sometimes Called Puppy Parties
Dogs at Social Event - Sometimes Called Puppy Parties

Many Cat Lovers Like to Express Themselves Artistically

Of course, that doesn’t mean that cat people shy away from all gatherings. If you’re having an art exhibit, for example, then feel free to invite your cat loving friends as cat people generally like attending artistic or creative functions.

cat lover

While dog owners typically are more traditional, cat lovers tend to think outside the box more frequently.

Dog People are Generally Better at Planning

Studies also reveal that cat people are not planners like dog people but enjoy spontaneity more. Nevertheless, people who favor felines are cooperative souls and generally adapt better to situations where people have to work as a group or team. In some cases, dog people, although cooperative too, tend to be less compliant.

dogs planning their moves

Cat People Prefer Cats over Dogs 100%

Cat People Prefer Cats over Dogs 100%

All in all, owners of dogs, just like their canines, tend to be extroverts while owners of cats are usually more reserved. Researchers have also found that cat owners who are defiantly cat people, when they were polled, that they’d never consider adopting a dog. However, those people who’ve always had a dog as a pet said they wouldn’t rule out the possibility of owning a cat.

Are you a cat person or a dog person?  And why do you think that is?  Please comment below!





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