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5 Ways Teenagers Can Deal With Anxiety

Teenage Anxiety
Anxiety is one of the most common problems that bug the teenagers of today. With the demands of parents or with peer pressure, anxiety and some other worries became common reactions to concerns poured upon most teenagers at schools. Most of the time, issues on academic performance, friends, classmates, family members, appearance and popularity are the causes of worry.

teenage girl coping with depression and anxiety symbolizing skid row

When the level of anxiety triggers positive responses, it is still considered healthy. For example, when one is concerned about getting high grades on tests, exerting extra efforts to study and hit the target grade is a productive activity. When confronted with having to keep with a certain demand to look good as other friends do, devoting extra time to maintain personal hygiene is a good thing. It is natural for people to feel nervous about something they have to do for the first time. However, when anxiety has led to alcoholism, drugs or other types of personal vices, we are giving worries the right to control our lives. With this comes avoidance in getting along with others or participating on activities that keeps us away from enjoying life to the fullest.

teenage boy suffering from anxiety and insomnia worried kid

It is quite alarming to know that 1 out of 10 teenagers suffered from anxiety to the level qualified to be considered a disorder. Additionally, girls are more likely to fall victims than boys. This may be because girls are facing double standards and are greatly affected by minor gossips. The adolescent years are the period at which anxiety is at its peak.

Ways Anxiety Affects Teens:

  1. anxiety riddled teenage girl with personality issuesPersonality. When suffering from anxiety caused by just about anything from parental demands to friends issues, we tend to succumb to the sufferings and start to avoid people, withdraw from social activities we used to enjoy, skip school, or even shy away from family events.
  2. Emotions. When we feel like everyone is against our decisions, we are extra sensitive with what we hear or think we heard or seen. The paranoia that we are being judged by everyone around us will lead to feelings of fear, uneasiness, or even dread that would stop us from expressing what we feel and lose the chance to be understood.
  3. Thinking. We all tend to focus our energy on whatever makes us anxious. Consequently, we may even think a problem exists when it actually doesnít. For example, when your best friend started to get closer to a new common friend, we might think we are being abandoned. As a result, we may even start to distance ourselves from them, and eventually might lose both in our lives.
  4. Physical. As we continue to think about the things that make us anxious, our body will respond, making us feel dizzy, feeling distinct palpitations, and even short breaths. To some, the physical response to anxiety may be more visible like shaking of hands or legs, sweating, and breakouts.

5 Ways Teenagers Can Deal With Anxiety

Letís face it. This life is never easy and we all have to get through a lot of tensions, problems, worries, failures, success and stress in our entire lifetime. Nevertheless, we can always conquer all these challenges as we know ourselves better by maintaining our strengths and working out on our weaknesses.

tensions, problems, worries, failures, success and stress facing teenagers

After all, nobody else knows us better than ourselves. Here are the five general ways to deal with anxiety.

1)  Examine yourself. As mentioned, nobody knows us better than ourselves. When we have a deeper understanding of our life and the way we want to live, nobody can ever shake our foundation of being strong enough to resist criticisms and judgment. In addition, we can always reflect on the reasons we feel anxious. It is essential that we know what gives us stress and worries.

Examine yourself

Whether it is school, parents, siblings, friends or future, only us have the direct access to identifying patterns that caused anxiety. Similarly, only you know what can make you happy or relaxed. When confronted with stress, use what you know about yourself to get around with the feeling.

keeping positive attitude, staying alligned spiritually, importance of shakras and meditating2)  Maintain a positive mindset. When we have positive views of the world around us, we see things from a better perspective no matter how demanding things may get. Positivism opens doors to enjoyment of what is good and beautiful. Instead of wallowing in anxiety, look at life from a brighter viewpoint. Be cheerful, and remember that a good laugh goes a long way. Instead of aiming to be perfect, which is absolutely impossible, take pride in what you have achieve after you have given your best. You might not be able to get everything you want but at least you are closer. Remember that we can never control everything, but we can always make unexpected outcomes work for us in a positive way. For example, when we fail to get a slot into the school basketball team, consider the experience as a motivation to be a better player for next year.

3)  Go out and meet people. While we have the tendency to isolate ourselves when faced with problems, donít let it get along the way to maintaining reliable support system. Instead of locking up in the room and cry, connect with people you trust- family members or best friends. Pouring out to people who understand does not only lessen the burden, but also solicits helpful advises.

Volunteering is a Great Way to Meet New Dynamic People:
Volunteering is a Great Way to Meet New Dynamic People

Consequently, deeper bonds strengthen the feeling of belongingness and security. Equally important, instead of spoiling our talents, get involved in the community. When one understands his or her importance in the development of others, it is overwhelming, and can make anxiety stay away for good.

4)  Live healthy. Getting enough sleep, exercise and meals are important in keeping up with the challenges of life. When feeling physically and mentally healthy, it is easier to handle the ups and downs of life. Moreover, when we are well-rested, our brain is relaxed and our mood improves, making it easier to deal with things objectively. Similarly, some good exercise triggers the body to send more oxygen to the brain so your body can function efficiently. Though many would consider eating a good stress reliever, make sure your intakes are healthy. Instead of snacking on a bunch of junk food, eat well by having fruits, vegetables and whole grains close at hand.

healthy eating

This gives the right amount of energy long term compared to caffeine from coffee or sugar from soda. Remember than some food, especially those that contain alcohol or caffeine aggravate, rather than calm, our anxiety attacks.

5)  Appreciate the beauty of nature. When there is plenty of oxygen, our brains run smoothly and we feel relaxed. When dealing with anxiety, it is helpful to take a walk in the park to refresh ourselves. Of course, we can also hike in the woods and feel grounded while appreciating the beauty nature has to offer. When you love taking pictures, capturing images of naturally beautiful sceneries is helpful in diverting your attention from what caused your anxiety attacks.

teenage girl relaxing with her dog

Since you will have to walk or ride a bike to do this, you are not only stepping back from unrealistic demands but are also exercising. Inviting a friend or two will also make this little nature trip a bonding thatís more enjoyable and refreshing. Pets have also been shown to reduce anxiety.

Final Anxiety-Free Thoughts
many difficult decisions are made during the teenage yearsThere will always be challenges in this life. We wonít always meet the expectations of others. Fortunately, we can always choose how to deal with those things. Remember that if our thoughts are car engines, anxiety can be an adrenaline-induced driver that can go uncontrollably fast and go head-on with rocks. Knowing ourselves and our potentials is the starting point in building defenses against unjustifiable causes of anxiety. When we know ourselves, we understand what we want, recognize our strengths, and accept our limitations.

As a big obstacle to enjoying the fruitful teenage life, learn the ways to curb anxiety and the stress it brings to you. Learn how to distinguish healthy anxiety from disturbing ones. Kill the latter the moment you feel the symptoms.

Above are the things I found effective in dealing with anxiety, and who knows, it might even work for you. If you think you are dealing with a kind of anxiety that hinders your personal development, happiness and are affecting people around you, get some professional help.





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5 Ways Teenagers Can Deal With Anxiety

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