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Figs Remedy To Relieve Constipation

businessman constipated constipationConstipation is a growing problem in today's world as more and more people have a diet that is primarily concentrated with processed foods and not enough whole, natural, fiber-abundant foods.  Without enough fiber the human body's digestive system begins to break down and is stressed beyond it's natural healthy parameters.  Damage ranges from life threatening cancers, to constipation and acid reflux conditions. 

Fruits are a great way to overcome constipation and one of my favorite sources of fiber is from figs. The trees have been traditionally used to alleviate conditions ranging from warts to constipation. Originally from the Mediterranean region, the trees also happen to grow very well in the UK. My favorite bit about figs is that they smell wonderful, and by having them growing in your own personal garden, the sweet fragrance on a hot summer's night may transcend your mind from your simple back yard projecting you into the romantic Spanish countryside.  It is believed that Gladiators favored them as a training food, and figs were also a dietary favorite of the original Olympic athletes.

In the UK growing figs is really easy. They are hardy and can tolerate temperatures down to minus fifteen and they produce fruit that is comparable to the produce that is available in most up-scale supermarkets. Figs thrive and grow the best in a sunny sheltered position, and benefit from pruning in spring and summer. If you plant a tree in a pot, the roots will be restricted and in tern and you will get even more fruit in late summer.

Inverted Flowers
Figs are actually inverted flowers. All the little seeds, which are now fruits, were actually flowers at one point.  The small little hole at the bottom of the fig is actually a hole that wasps access the flower in order to pollinate the flowers of the fig tree. 

Figs have a high soluble fiber content and with this comes mild laxative properties that many who care about Fresh figs at markettheir nutrition typically turn to foods high in soluble fiber content as opposed to harsh stimulant laxatives. I am combining them with senna which contains even stronger laxative compounds than figs. Figs work by drawing water into the intestines which helps to soften food, and this mixture produces a reliable, but gentle laxative effect. Senna is a pretty cool food that you can buy from health food shops. 

I will be making a real medicine cabinet standby syrup that everyone should make, and keep on hand at their home. The really cool thing about it is that the stuff you pick up from the pharmacist, and the stuff we will be making in this article, have pretty much the same identical ingredients. The ingredients are sugar, figs, senna and a couple of flavoring agents.  A simple recipe with the additional benefit of being able to snack on figs while you are preparing it.

Slice eight fresh figs into quarters, and I will team them up with another ingredient senna just to give them a bit of a tag team action. I am using four handfuls of senna as I am making a large quantity, but you can use about six pods per ten milliliter dose and one big fig. Soak the senna in a one hundred milliliters of boiling water and leave them to infuse the flavors completely. 

After half an hour when senna mixture is cool you get this glorious golden tea color, and all you got to do then dried sennahbasically put everything in a blender. Strain the senna infusion onto the figs and blend until smooth. Put this blended mixture on the heat and add one hundred grams of sugar. Cook for about twenty five minutes, keep stirring making sure it doesn't stick and burn. You are aiming for it to look little bit like cough syrup. When it is ready it should be a thick, goopy concoction with a wonderful glossy shine.

Take off the heat and add the juice of one lemon. Stir and watch the citric acid as it changes color. It will start to get reddish brown almost like a strawberry jam color. When you hold it up to the light you can see it is almost sort of gelatinous and that goopy sort of stuff is the soluble fiber; that's what helps keep you regular.

Itís just as easy to make as a fruit smoothie so there's really no reason why should you not give it a go. It will keep in a bottle in the fridge for three to four weeks. Take two teaspoons just before bed but do not exceed dose. You should not take remedies containing senna if you are pregnant.

The digestive system is central to all the systems in the human body. If it is working properly then all other systems will work the way they should. I am sure you will find this recipe effective as this has been tried and tested by myself and many of my friends.





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