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Top 10 Healthiest Tips to Make Green Tea

Green Tea Warms The SoulAh green tea, so warm, so pleasant, and with a nice unique earthy taste to it.  Some people make it every day, others, several times a week.  There are so many health benefits associated with green tea.  I've had my personal fair share of green tea throughout my life and have always been obsessed at making it as healthy as possible, so low and behold here are my top 10 tips to making green tea as healthy as possible:

10.  Don't Use Green Tea Every Single Day.
You should definitely use green tea in moderation.  And the main reason is to give your body a break from caffeine and fluoride.  Although by simply following the tips on this page, you should be able to reduce your consumption of caffeine and fluoride by a bit.  But the best way to reduce them is simply by taking breaks from drinking tea.  I personally infuse a tablespoon of loose leaf green tea (with throwing away the first infusion) about 2-3 times a week.

9.  Steep Other Healthy Items Along With Your Green Tea.
Infuse Sun Dried Goji Berries
While you are at it with brewing your tea, you could also be taking advantage of other healthy items that are water soluble that can be infused along with your tea.  My favorites includes:

To get some tips of making green tea, you can watch a video of me making my tea one morning:

8.  Beware of Plastics When Steeping Your Green Tea.
Brew your green tea in a thermos mug
There are many tea pots you can buy that have plastic as part of the brewing device.  I myself had one in the past and used it for awhile not realizing that there was actually plastic inside the tea kettle.  If you do not know, most plastics, when heated up causes carcinogens to leech out into the infused water.  This causes endocrine disruptions which lead to immune system problems and even cancers.

Choose tea kettles that are made from either glass or stainless steel.  I personally brew my teas in stainless steel thermos mugs. This is the one I've been using, and I highly recommend it.  Also, there are a lot of brewing devices that are not well insulated and let heat escape to quickly causing your tea to not be steeped at the temperature your trying to actually steep at.  So watch out for that.  By using a stainless steel thermos mug, you let the heat stay intact while brewing, plus you do not have to worry about any plastics leeching out into your water.

For heating up water, I personally do it on my stove with a stainless steel sauce pan along with a tea thermometer to see the temperature.

7.  Do up to 4 Infusions of Green Tea.
To get the most out of your tea, you can make up to 4 infusions.  Especially when it comes to using loose leaf green tea, infusing it multiple times ensures you squeeze out most of the health promoting anti-oxidants.

6.  Use Japanese Green Tea.
If you can, seek out Japanese green tea.  The reason why is because they tend to grow their tea in better soil.  Their soil is lower in fluoride than most other places around the world.  And this is a huge plus.  For example, green tea from china has consistently more fluoride than Japanese green tea.  Seek out Japanese green teas such as Matcha, Sencha, Gyokuro, Kabusecha, Bancha and Tencha to stay healthier by avoiding too much fluoride!

Japanese Women Harvesting Green Tea:
Japanese Women Harvesting Green Tea

5.  Use Loose Leaf Green Tea Over Bagged.
Scoop of Loose Leaf Green Tea
Loose leaf green tea is more in it's original natural shape than bagged tea.  Bagged tea leaves have been chopped more finely causing more of it's surface area exposed.  When you have more surface area exposed to the green tea leaves then the quality of the nutrients will degrade quicker causing a much shorter shelf life.  Because loose leaf tea has not been processed as much, they have a more robust flavor and aroma, you can really tell the difference between a cup of brewed loose leaf tea over bagged.  Loose leaf tea can also be brewed for multiple infusions allowing you to extract more nutrients out than bagged tea.  The health benefits from loose tea are well worth it and any serious tea user will tell you that loose leaf green tea is the way to go.

4.  Use Organic Green Tea.
USDA Organic Logo
Plants that expose their edible outer skin to the environment such as leafy green plants like green tea, are far more prone to absorb harmful pesticides and synthetic fertilizers from conventional farming methods. Organic green tea has the following benefits over conventional:

  • Taste better.
  • More antioxidants.
  • Less harmful chemicals.
  • More healthy nutrients.
  • You are rest assured it is not a GMO crop.

Fluoride Reduction - One of the main benefits of using organic green tea is that the use of commercial fertilizers is not allowed. Higher amounts of fluoride comes from crops grown from commercial fertilizers.  Non-organic tea has the potential to have higher amounts of fluoride (than organic) since it soaks up more fluoride through the soil.  By choosing organic you are doing your best to keep the fluoride content lower, which is very important for having healthier tea.

3.  Don't Be Afraid To Steep Green Tea Hotter And Longer.
Research has shown that when you use temperatures just below the boiling point (180F - 190F) you extract more of the health producing polyphenols contained in green tea.  Some people even boil green tea, although I cannot say for sure if I recommend that as it will not make the tea taste as good.  But as a good compromise, I recommend steeping around 185F.  With the final infusion you can crank it up to 195F to squeeze out the remaining polyphenols.

If you are going for more health benefits, then steep your infusions from 3-5 minutes (I personally go to 5 minutes), this way you will extract more of the healthful antioxidants that green tea contains.

2.  Combine Your Green Tea With Citrus Juice.
There is a multitude of health benefits when you combine citrus juice (lemons and limes specifically) with green tea.  Citrus juice helps your body to absorb more of the catechins from green tea.  Catechins are a very healthy anti-cancer polyphenol antioxidant with all these health benefits:

  • Limes With Green TeaAnti-bacterial (one of the best natural antibiotics)
  • Lower heart disease risk
  • Reduces stress
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Lowers Cholesterol
  • Fights cancer
  • Anti-allergy (fights colds and sicknesses)
  • Regulates blood sugar

Not only does citrus juice help to increase all these health benefits (by increasing the catechins content of green tea), but it also just so happens that when you combine green tea with citrus juice, you have one of the best natural laxatives known to man.  Citrus combined with green tea is one of the best ways to clear out your intestines and also helps tremendously with getting your bowls moving.

Another benefit of citrus juice is the high vitamin C content.  One of the main problems with green tea is the fluoride content.  Vitamin C helps to detoxify fluoride from the body, which is another huge benefit to include citrus juice with your tea.

1.  Throw Away the First Infusion of Green Tea!

Skeletal fluorosis

When one consumes too much fluroide over their lifetime,
skeletal fluorosis occurs, just like what happened to the
man pictured above.

Do a quick 1:30 - 2:00 minute first infusion and then throw it down the sink without drinking any of it! And then drink the remaining infusion after that.  What does this do you may ask?  It gets rid of 80% of the caffeine, while maintaining roughly 80% of the antioxidants.  Caffeine gets absorbed by the hot water much quicker than the antioxidants do.  By getting rid of most of the caffeine you do yourself a host of healthy favors by dramatically reducing the negative side affects that caffeine gives.  You will still get a very small amount of caffeine with the remaining infusions you make, but without overdoing it, while maintaining most of all the antioxidants as well.

By reducing the caffeine, you reduce all these side affect associated with caffeine:

  • Dehydration
  • Upset Stomach
  • Nervousness
  • Jitteriness
  • Rapid Heartbeat
  • Addiction
  • Caffeine withdrawal symptoms
  • Too awake when trying to go to sleep for the day

Fluoride Reduction - By throwing away the first infusion you also throw away about 30% of the fluoride content as well.  Fluoride in tea has become a huge issue for tea users.  If you don't know, excess fluoride consumption causes many health problems, most notably skeletal fluorosis (weakening of the bones).  Fluoride can accumulate in your bones for years, eventually causing severe brittleness in your bones. It also causes other problems related to the liver, kidneys, and weakening of the immune system.

Fluoride can also cause calcification on certain glands within the body, especially on the pineal gland (which is responsible for producing many anti-aging hormones).  As you can see, the importance of learning how to reduce your fluoride consumption is essential.  You can also attempt to detoxify fluoride through the use of saunas, liver cleanses, cilantro juice (or other types of green vegetable juice), and especially through water fasting.  By simply following all 10 steps on this page here you will reduce the affects of fluoride.  If you are a heavy tea drinker you will want to make sure you are getting enough iodine in your diet to help balance out the fluoride consumption from green tea (or from other sources), as iodine helps to remove fluoride from the body.

Thanks for reading and if you have any additional tips please write them below in the comments!





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