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Herbal Sleep Cure

Restless SleeperOne in ten of us have trouble sleeping. I want to help insomniacs who really crave for a good night sleep. Many people are only sleeping either two to three hours at night or some people have adhoc sleep where they do not have set sleeping time and are rarely in true deep sleep.

A Natural Sleep Aid
I want to discuss with you how to make a natural sleep aid using something you wouldn't normally think of as a fruit, hops. Although it does not look like a traditional apple or banana type of fruit, it's called a fruit botanically because it contains the seed of the plant. The first thing you notice when you lift the petal like structures is a sticky yellow powder that you find inside them and the other thing you notice is that the smell of a proper British ale, a really bitter, intense but kind of sweet flavor at the same time. And it is bitter acid within this that provides beer characteristic flavor but are also largely responsible for the sedative properties that hops have.

There is a favorite story about hops is that how their sedative properties were first discovered. It's basically that hop pickers were often found asleep on the job and it was actually called hop pickers fatigue. It was once believed to be really dangerous to people because it would send you into stupor.

Easy To Grow
Hops are incredibly easy to grow in your own backyard garden. And you could pick one up from your local garden centre. I dry my hops by hanging them indoors for a week but you can buy dried hops from online suppliers.

Hop Cones:

I will use giant hops to make sedative pillow. Herbal pillow might sound a little bit what a grandmother would do and you might have trouble believing it works but really inhaling substances is a fantastic way to administer drugs. Hops contain bitter acids and volatile oils which have sedative effects. Breathing these in can calm the nerves, relax you, and help you fall asleep.

An Easy Recipe
Lavender herb natural sleepThis recipe is so easy. Firstly snip off some of the fruiting coat. If you ever got really close to the dried ones and started picking them you will notice their affects really quite quickly. Put three to four handfuls of hops cones into a breathable lining pouch which you can slip inside your pillow case or you can keep beside your bed.

I think a lot of people might be put off with having a bed that smells of real ale so I am going to add another ingredient that just sweetens up a scent a little bit, and that is lavender. I do not think it will come as a surprise to many people that lavender is traditionally been used sort of as a calmative, a mild sedative. Add an equal amount of lavender to the bag and give it a good shake. And a smell of these herbal ingredients can really send you off to sleep.  This herbal remedy is free of any synthetic chemicals hence there are no side effects so it is worth a try.





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