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What is Hypnotherapy?

HypnotherapyHypnotherapy otherwise known as hypnosis is a form of treatment that employs relaxation and focus techniques to achieve a heightened state of concentration similar to a trance. This trance will have the person in a removed state of mind that will have them ignoring his or her surroundings. Although the person is in a hypnotic state of mind, their thoughts can be directed towards a specific idea or task. Therefore, the changes that they undergo will be unconscious and have the individual having a heightened form of responsiveness.

Hypnotherapy Background
Hypnotherapy has a long history tracing back to the ancient people using it in their religious ceremonies. This was practiced mainly within the older cultures and found its way back into modern day society in the 1900ís being used by a successful psychiatrist named Milton Erickson. It was not until 1958 when the American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Psychological Association (APA) officially recognized Hypnotherapy as an authorized medical procedure.

The basis of Hypnotherapy believes that when something happens in our life it creates a physical and emotional reaction attached to the memory. For bad memories, the therapist will take you through hypnosis to deduce the events that led to the memory and discover your internalized feelings and find creative ways to replace the memories with healthy thoughts.

Hypnotherapy Treatment
Hypnotherapy TreatmentHypnotherapy can be considered an additional treatment option for persons who need counseling and some forms of therapy. This form of treatment allows individuals to release a hold on their sub-conscious and explore any painful thoughts or feelings. Sometimes there may be hidden memories that are not known by the conscious mind and needs Hypnotherapy to reach those feelings. Using this method may also make the person immune to pain and relate any thought in an unbiased way.

Hypnotherapy is mainly used in two ways when treating psychological matters. The first is suggestion therapy, which sees the person while in a hypnotic state being open to change or suggestions by individuals. This method is mainly used when trying to change a behavior of an individual for example anger management issues or even smoking. It's also very useful in changing an individualís perception of certain events such as reactions to pain.

The next approach of Hypnotherapy is the analysis method. This way utilizes the personís calm state of mind to have them describe a troubling issue or a painful memory. This can be used to uncover deep buried feelings that someone may not be talking about and it may be affecting them.

Stages of Hypnotherapy
There are many stages of Hypnotherapy which are distinct steps that the trained therapist will have to go through to ensure proper procedures are followed. After the patient has been settled and hypnotized, the next thing to do is to discover the problem that the individual is facing. Afterward, the therapist must reform the problem in the mind of the individual and allow them to relax and disassociate themselves from the problem. While disassociating from the problem, the patient can respond in an unbiased frame of mind and comply with suggestions and ideas from the therapist. After exploring all the issues the therapist will return the patient to their initial state of awareness and have them reflect on what happened. This is usually done to test if the conditioning of the Hypnotherapy has been successful.

Hypnotherapy Concerns
Hypnotherapy YourselfHypnotherapy is an innovative treatment strategy as it opens the vulnerable individual to frank discussions and suggestions. Since this is seen by some as an effective way of treatment, there are many conditions that Hypnotherapy can address. Some of them are phobias, sleep disorders, grief/pain and other various mental disorders that people can go through.

Although Hypnotherapy is a creative way to treat some disorders, some individuals would have to be further observed as applying this treatment on persons with mental problems might not be appropriate. Therefore this simply means that before a person is recommended for this treatment they will have to be evaluated. This is an important feature as so persons may have mental problems that will require treatment in the form of drugs and you will not want to apply a treatment that is not appropriate.

There are some persons who have questioned the methods employed by Hypnotherapy as they argue that this method may allow the person to formulate memories that may not be true and waste resources treating something that is not there. So in administering this form of treatment the therapist has to be very careful and apply a specific methodology when doing this.

The procedure is not dangerous as there is nothing life threatening about it. The therapist has to operate based on some guidelines and procedures so the greatest risk is having a false memory and treating something that isnít there.





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