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How to Manage Arthritis at Home

Arthritic KneeArthritis is a very painful condition caused by the wearing out of the cartilage between the joints and your bones. This causes a lack of mobility and excruciating pain that keeps many people from being able to go about their normal daily business such as working. Our diet is the main contributor to inflammation in the joints, with sugary foods such as honey and molasses being the main culprit. This is because these sugars are broken down into alcohol that destroys the cartilage in joints causing arthritis. Wheat is also very dangerous as it has toxins that can trigger an auto immune reaction in most people. As a general rule, avoid sugary and fatty foods if you suffer from arthritis as these foods aggravate the problem further.

Poisons such as copper and mercury also contribute to the development of arthritis. These toxins are usually found in the environment and they can find their way into the body and cause a lot of harm. Reducing exposure to lead, aluminum and inorganic plastics help your chances of avoiding arthritis.

People suffering from arthritis should not be slaves to the immobility and discomfort of this condition, because there are a number of proven home remedies that are practical and easy to follow to alleviate pain and bring more comfort to the victim. Treating your arthritis naturally at home is the most effective way to get relief using natural herbs and therapeutic treatment.


yoga exerciseFor people with arthritis, exercise is important to get back mobility in the joints and reduce pain by burning fats in the joints. Activities that do not exert a lot of pressure on the joints are the best, because the aim is to exercise without damaging the joints further. Yoga has been proven to reduce back pain by reducing pressure on the spine, giving you more mobility. Swimming is also a great way to exercise as it helps burn fats in the body while building endurance and joint mobility.

Other therapeutic methods of managing arthritis include acupuncture and rehabilitative therapy to massage swollen joints. It is also good to use warm water on aching joints to regain mobility and reduce swelling. The affected areas can be immersed in warm water for about an hour to relieve aching joints. Ice can also help in reducing pains and inflammation. All these methods can help a lot in numbing pain and gaining back some mobility with the affected joints.


CherriesGinger has been used for thousands of years as a remedy for arthritis. Ginger can be put in salads or soup and medical research has proven that if taken regularly, it helps alleviate joint pain for patients. Cherries have also been used, especially in ancient Japan, to cure joint pain because they contain magnesium which is a pain killer, and potassium which drains fluids from the joints, reducing pain. Cherries are eaten whole or even boiled for their soup which when taken together with ginger, has healing properties for many inflammations including arthritis. If combined with therapy and exercise, these natural remedies have positive results and they help patients get comfort and mobility.


Produced naturally in the body, glucosamine has the ability to relieve inflammation in the joints allowing cartilage to heal and improve mobility. The main advantage of this natural remedy is that it does not increase cartilage absorption into the body like other medications. It has no serious side effects and it works quickly, making glucosamine a very effective remedy for managing arthritis.  Helping the cartilage in the affected joints repair themselves brings about a lot of relief from pain while allowing the patient more mobility in the joints. Arthritis affects the joints of hips, elbows and knees, and it causes considerable pain in the joints due to the many nerves in those areas. Glucosamine helps relieve the inflammation, and is absorbed into the body meaning it has no toxins like other medications.

Eucalyptus OIL

Medicinal Eucalyptus oilWhen heated and applied on the ailing joints, eucalyptus oil can help reduce the pain especially at night, allowing the patient to sleep better. Eucalyptus oil offers a soothing effect to the joints by offering a warming effect that works well in reducing inflammation. This is why eucalyptus oil has been used in many cultures for hundreds of years to help with arthritis. Oil is applied on the aching joint and then covered with a warming towel for about half an hour. This can be repeated until the pain and inflammation reduces to a bearable level.

When this treatment is supplemented by taking aloe vera, it can work much faster. Aloe vera gives the body an immune system boost and clears toxins from the body, allowing the joints to repair and heal much faster. As discussed earlier, taking foods that boost the immune system is as important as therapeutic treatment and massage.


Dandelion LeavesProbably the best remedy for arthritis, dandelion leaves are great because they grow right in the backyards of most homes. This plus the fact that they are very rich in vitamin A and C which are great at helping the body heal itself, make dandelion leaves a very practical and effective form of treatment. Like all the other natural remedies we have looked at, these leaves help reduce the inflammation on the joints and also clear toxins from the liver for a quicker recovery. Dandelion leaves are picked and eaten raw to increase their healing properties. They can be put in salads or made into soup and served daily to the patient. The vitamins serve as a building block for damaged tissues, causing joints to regenerate themselves for better mobility and less pain.

Most herbal and natural cures for arthritis are easily found in the market or herbal stores, and they are more beneficial than pharmaceutical alternatives. They have less toxins and work to clean the blood and liver of patients offering a stronger immune system that is important for the body to heal.





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