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Health Benefits of Music

Listening to Music Heals

Music is a wonderful healer. It unwinds your pain and heals your wounded heart. For centuries writers, novelists and philosophers have researched and written about the healing benefits of music. Now, scientists are studying how music can benefit both mental and physical health of people. Music has a special power to move us and heal our physical and mental health. Scientific studies have shown that music has the power to change our mood and help us concentrate. Music is not only entertaining but also beneficial for our physical and mental health. Scientific studies have shown that music can improve the function of human bodyís immune system and reduce levels of stress.

Music and Music Therapy Used in Clinical Settings
Music TherapyMusic and music therapy is used by trained professionals in a variety of clinical settings. According to music therapists, certain chords, tones, rhythms, and vibrations can help heal certain medical and behavioral problems of the adults, and even the kids too. Listening to music has a lot of health benefits. It can reduce anxiety, stress, and uplift our mood. Music has positive effects on pain, mood, and quality of life. Studies have shown that music and music therapy benefits cancer patients to improve their psychological and physical well-being.

Listening to a song can have a real effect on the human body and mind. Medical scientists and doctors have concluded from brain imaging studies that a piece of music that matters to the person listening to, can activate various parts of the brain resulting in positive effects on the body and mind. There are reports that listening to music can be more successful than prescribed drugs in decreasing a patientís anxiety before undergoing surgical operation. We know how kids love listening to music, and how attentive they are when we say things to them musically. According to experts, music might even help the cognitive development of kids.

We will discuss below what benefits music can bring for us.

Music Boosts Mood
Probably the greatest health benefit of music is its ability to change our mood for the best. We may not need to refer to any scientific studies or findings to understand and know that whatever your preference may be, listening to your favorite songs can help melt away your bad state of mind or mood. We all know from our own individual experiences that some people listen to their favorite songs to lighten up their mind, some listen to music to unwind their pain, others may listen to music to evoke the sweet memories or a particular situation in the past to feel better or just for nostalgia.

We know how others listen to music to keep them awake during a long journey by road, or to wash out a negative feeling that is affecting them. Music injects sensations into our system, makes us want something, give something to others, and inspires us.

Band playing music

Music Helps Us Focus
Listening to music can be a positive distraction to stay focused on a particular piece of task in hand or need to be done. It purges negative feeling and helps us concentrate on the job in hand. Many people listen to music to run faster as it helps them focus on what they are doing or going to do.

Music Betters Our Mental Health
Music has a great healing power when it comes to dealing with mental health conditions of people. Someone who is very solitary and finds it hard to express things in words may find that music can act as an outlet for expressing their feelings, or things. Music acts as a stimulus for many people to recall buried memories and make them feel better.

Music Relieves Our Stress
When you are feeling stressed, music can be used to help you de-stress. You have probably seen countless times people listening to music on the way to their workplaces, and schools. Many of them said that they listen to music because it helps them to de-stress. Some people find music soothing at work on a tough day.

Children Playing Music

Listening to one of your favorite songs can bring a more positive state of mind, and helps to reduce anxiety. Scientific studies have shown that music brings many other benefits. It lowers blood pressure, boosts immunity in human body, ease muscle tension, and many other benefits.

Which Music?

Different Music Types

It is down to the personal taste of every single individual person. Everyone reacts to music in their own ways. There is no right or wrong choice or taste if I may say so. Technology, the media, lifestyles, and showbiz culture, and other factors have great influence on people when it comes to finding different tastes of music in different people. Someone who grew up with rock music will like rock music, and may not like rap or classical music. Even if you like certain type of music, you may not necessarily like all the singers who sing that particular type of music you love. Therefore, taste can vary depending who sing and who are your favorite singers. Some people who do not like rap or rock music may be agitated while listening to it. So, instead of uplifting their mood, they can actually become uneasy.

Pleasant MusicWhen listening to music, the effect of music on your mood will basically depend on your own individual preference and experience. You know which songs have the desired results or effects; therefore, it is down to peopleís individual preferences with regards to which types of music will have effects on their mood. You may like metal in the day, and love listening to soft music, or Mozart in the night. However, we know from our personal experience that slow tempo and soft music or soft instrumental music is good to listen to during the night. But that is not necessarily a universal rule.

Final Thoughts
If you have ever wiped tears away from your eyes listening to your favorite songs, then you will have known about the power of music. Yes, music is that powerful to stir our emotions, relieve our stress, and inject pleasant feelings. We have heard that how people ask the experts what songs are likely to help them to overcome stress in a given situation, such as, prepare for an exam, a race, sporting event, or even an interview. Music really does lift our mood relieving stress and anxiety. Choosing the songs or music that you love and enjoy listening to will have the desired effects on your body and mind. Music unwinds our pain, heals our wounds deep down the heart, and boosts our mood.





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