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Health Benefits of Sunshine Vitamin D

SunshineSunshine is vital for the existence of organisms and plants as all living things need sun in order to live and grow. Although direct sunlight can be dangerous and cause harm to us. It can also protect us against many diseases if taken in moderation and appropriately. Sun is a natural producer and main source of vitamin D, which is particularly very important for young children. In many countries, the sun is directly linked to the general tone and vibrancy of people exposed correctly to it. Sun improves sleep, increases natural protection against diseases and enhances mood of people. Please read on to learn about some of the most important health benefits of sunshine if taken in moderation.

Proper Exposure to Sunshine
This is most important for you to make sure that you understand about proper sun exposure to get the beneficial effects of sun. You should ensure that you do not overexpose yourself to the sun when it is full and hot. Avoid overexposing yourself to the harmful after effects of sunshine between 10am to 4 or 5 pm. During this time the sun emits the strongest and most dangerous rays, especially UV (Ultra Violate) rays. It is also true that you can get the sufficient amount of vitamin D from midday sun, which is the best source of UVB rays. A 10 minute exposure can be enough to get the sufficient amount of vitamin D generated by the sun. UVA rays released by morning and afternoon sun do not generate vitamin D, but are less likely to cause sunburns. Morning and afternoon sun have other great health benefits. So, if you wish to enjoy all the health benefits of sunshine then get yourself exposed to the sun in the early mornings and 10 to 15 minutes in the midday.

Sunshine, Vitamin D and Bones
Strong Bones from Vitamin DSunshine is the primary source of vitamin D for our bodies. Vitamin D helps our bodies absorb calcium which is essential to build stronger bones. The deficiency of vitamin D may cause thin, soft and weak bones. Vitamin D is necessary for the growth and mineralization of bones. Vitamin D is essential to keep normal blood levels of calcium and phosphorus in our bodies.

Sunshine, Vitamin D and Cancer
Also known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D can reduce cancer risks greatly as researchers have found that getting enough sunshine may lower the risk of cancer by at least 60%. It is, therefore, very important that we get sufficient amount of sunshine to promote and generate vitamin D in our bodies. Vitamin D is a powerful body cell growth regulator and being as such it may prevent the creation, growth and development of cancer cells and tumors in the human body.

Sunshine, Vitamin D and Pregnancy
Sun exposure is very important for pregnant women. It helps protect pregnant women against a pregnancy complication known as preeclampsia which causes soaring blood pressure and swelling of hands and feet. Preeclampsia can lead to premature delivery and fatal maternal illness. Vitamin D deficiency is a common cause of preeclampsia, so it is crucial that pregnant women get sufficient sunshine to get rid of the diseases caused by preeclampsia.

Sunshine, Vitamin D and Cholesterol
Sunshine activates a form of cholesterol known as 7-dehydrocholesterol, found in the skin of our body, and converts it into vitamin D. Thus sunshine lowers cholesterol levels in our body.

Health Risks Caused by Deficiency of Vitamin D
Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin found in some foods and produced in the body after exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun. It is essential for our health, and vital to various systems within the body. The deficiency of vitamin D in our body may lead to many fatal diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, and hypertension. Vitamin D deficiency may also cause multiple sclerosis osteoporoses, rickets, psoriasis, and many other illnesses. Pregnant women can suffer from preeclampsia, caused by vitamin D deficiency, which is the second leading cause of fatal maternal diseases.

Sunshine and Improved Immune System
One of the greatest health benefits of sunshine is its power to improve our immune system. Sunshine increases the number of white blood cells and promotes the production of gamma globulin. It also helps increase red blood cells’ oxygen carrying capacity. White blood cells and gamma globulin increase and improve our body’s natural defense system and help fight bacteria, molds and viruses, and protect against infections and diseases.

Getting Sunlight

Skin Benefits of Sunshine
Sunshine offers a range of benefits to your skin. It is very well known that sunshine gives your skin a healthy glow. It gives a smooth and radiant appearance to your skin. Sunshine makes you look tanned caused by a brown pigment known as melanin. Sunshine stimulates the skin to produce more brown pigment. Melanin protects the skin against the harmful sun rays. The more sunshine your skin gets the more melanin your skin produces. However, you should get regular exposure to sunlight in moderation to develop a natural resistance against ultra violate rays of the sun. The ultra violate rays have the power to fight and destroy bacteria, viruses, yeasts, fungi, molds and mites that may appear on the skin of human bodies. Sunshine causes the top layer of the skin to become thicker and as a result it makes the skin less vulnerable to damages, such as aging and environmental harmful effects. Sunshine can help reduce, or even eliminate different skin disorders such as eczema, acne, diaper rash, and boils.

Tanning in Sun

Sunshine and a Better Mood
Sunshine has a great ability to cheer us up. Sunshine has the ability to sooth our nerves and to enhance our mood. It lifts up our spirits, and can have positive effects on our minds. People who suffer from a depression called SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), caused by decreased sunlight in the winter or any other season, can be cured by sunshine, or sunlight therapy.

Sunshine and Better Sleep
Sunshine promotes better and sound sleep in the night by stimulating our body to release melatonin into our bloodstream in the night. Melatonin is a natural hormone, produced in the brain, which is normally released into our bloodstream when it gets dark. During the day sunshine inhibits the release of melatonin. In the night, raised releases of melatonin level cause your body temperatures to drop and prepare you for sleep. Melatonin also slows down the aging process.

Other Health Benefits of Sunshine Vitamin D

Laying in the sunFollowing are some of the other health benefits of sunshine:

  • Stabilizes blood sugar and blood pressure.
  • Enhances liver and kidney functions.
  • Promotes healthy circulation of blood stimulating the production of more red blood cells. Red blood cells increase the amount of oxygen in human blood.
  • Sunlight helps liver to break down toxins and wastes that can lead to cancer and other diseases.
  • Sunshine, i.e., sunlight, stimulates appetite and improves digestion, metabolism, and elimination.

No Sun? Try this:
For those of you who have long winters or do not have access to the sun on a regular basis, the next best alternative could be the proper use of vitamin D certified tanning beds.

Final Words
Vitamin D is vital for our body to live a healthy life. Sunshine is the main source of vitamin D. There are many other health benefits of sunshine to help us live a happy and healthy life. Getting enough sunshine is essential to reap the benefits of sunshine. Generally, exposure to sun for an average of 10 minutes every day, particularly in the midday, all year round is considered enough by health experts to make enough vitamin D for our body. Exposure to the sunlight in early mornings and in afternoons has other great health benefits. Make sure you bring this vital sunshine to your life to stay healthier and possibly live longer.

If you have enjoyed reading this article, and would like to share some sunshine with us, please share your valuable inputs in comments below.

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Health Benefits of Sunshine Vitamin D

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