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My Secret to Losing 100 Pounds in 6 Months

Big and BlobbyCheck out My Before Picture (on the right), this was taken around July of 2011

Having never had any serious weight problems during my adolescence in addition to being a high school athlete, it was a devastatingly shocking turn of events when I weighed in at a whopping 260 lbs.  For years I could eat what I desired and never had to be overly concerned about my weight. During the summer of 2011 I reached my heaviest and unhealthiest where my appearance absolutely disgusted me. This image sickened me so much that I started avoiding mirrors, was embarrassed to get my picture taken, and even while I was showering I avoided even peering onto the disgusting blob of a body I was carrying around. To my best estimates I was at my heaviest 263 lbs and had a body fat percentage bordering around 35%+. My eating had gotten out of control, hardly ever exercised, and plummeted into a depressing sickening lifestyle.  My depression and self loathing got to a point where I simply couldn't take it anymore and acquiesced to the simple fact that I had to make some changes or I would be stuck with my unsightly body for the rest of my life.


Another Before Picture:

Fat on the beach

This intense weight gain did not occur overnight but rather over the course of a couple years filled with questionable diets and a lethargic lifestyle.  I have a rough estimate that my daily caloric intake had a floor of 2,000 calories and a ceiling of a staggering 5000 calories.  During the years of my body's expansion I had made numerous flawed attempts at going on crash diets and trying quick-fix weight-loss supplements. To my discontent, these halfcocked plans always produced unsustainable weight-loss where after terminating my latest fad diet I began gaining weight all over again.

A major life changing experience shook me to the core and made me start being real with my weight problem for the first time.  I lost a girlfriend to an accidental drug overdose and I found myself alone for the first time in years.  Taking an honest look in the mirror and when I barley recognized what I saw, it scared the hell out of me.  So my journey to lose 100 pounds started right after my fiancé died from a drug overdose on December 20, 2011.  I was determined to do whatever it took to lose weight and improve my mental and physical health.  I strongly believed that improving my physical appearance and health was going to be a central part of getting through my devastating loss as well as being able to move on with my life in a healthy manner.  I did not use any supplements, stimulants, prescription drugs, or any other appetite suppressing substances during my weight loss quest.  I did have the blessing of developing a life-long friendship with YurTopic's owner who introduced me to water fasting and the importance of nutrition.  With a very strong dedication to improving my emotional as well as physiological health, along with a ton of willpower, I set off to lose as much weight as possible.

6 months later, a 100 pounds lighter:

100 pound weight loss

Intermittent Water Fasting was My Secret To Losing 100 Pounds in 6 Months!

Don't Eat Pasteurized Dairy!

Having a weight problem is not required to water fast and it is mostly practiced by individuals who are very concerned about their nutrition and health.  People who fast are typically in great shape, do not look their age, and are strict about the types of food they eat.  Fasting has tons of health benefits and the irony of my using fasting for weight loss is that losing weight is more of a side effect of fasting.  If you are in the normal ranges as far as body fat percentages go there is still much to be gained from introducing fasting into your nutritional plan. I started my hundred pound weight loss journey by making some huge changes in my diet. The first was removing dairy completely from my diet. Now I will be honest and say that today I do consume dairy occasionally and only when I feel like having some junk food like ice cream or pizza.  During my great blow up as I like to call it, I ate cheeses and drank milk almost every single day.

The other unhealthy component of my diet was my out of control consumption of grains.  I ate tons of pasta and bread and the outcome of a diet loaded with carbohydrates is plainly seen hanging off of my mid section.  The combination of the gluten from grains along with dairy products is converted in the body into a substance similar to glue.  This muck coats your organs and makes their functions slow and inefficient.  Beyond weight control issues is the issue of cancers that are caused by the overabundance of there simply being more stuff slugging through the body.  With internal organs not functioning at their full potential the chance of contracting cancers of the pancreas, liver, and colon are drastically increased.  The most highly recommended diet for everyone is a raw plant-based diet where most nutrients are absorbed by the body.  Cooking food kills a lot of the natural enzymes and micronutrients making food more about just consuming mass rather than nutrition. 

We have been conditioned to cook all of our food but the hard truth is that early human beings rarely cooked foods and had diets that were much more nutritious than most people have today.  In early human civilizations having a fire to cook was potentially dangerous because it would give away their location making them more vulnerable to predators.  Early human beings fasted unintentionally based on the scarcity of food and it was very common to go a few days without consuming anything other than water. I looked at my body and how unhealthy I had become as a manifestation of everything that is wrong with modern culture.  Eating excessive amounts of food, drinking alcohol in excess, spending most of my time sitting on the couch watching TV, and rarely getting any exercise I became the personification of a megalomaniac American.  My worst fears were realized and I was willing to do just about anything to transform myself back into a healthy, attractive human being.  I looked to early human beings and their eating habits as a source of inspiration for the changes I was going to make in my life.   I looked into the eating patterns of early human beings and learned that their diets consisted of mostly fruits and vegetables with very little meat.  I modeled my new diet from the primitive human eating habits and also introduced water fasting into my health regiment.  It became a test to myself to see how long I could go just on water and throughout the entire experience I accelerated my ability to deal with the emotional garbage that had backed up within my psyche stemming from the traumatic loss of the love of my life.  Water fasting affording me an opportunity to emotionally detoxify and start dealing with my emotions on my own. 

What I Did Exactly

I went for a long period of time eating just one small meal a day (about 800 calories), I did this for several months, while purely skipping like 1 (maybe 2) days a week to just drink water only.  Then I went through a phase where I would eat 3 meals a day (around 1500 calories total) for about 3-5 days in a row, then I would take 2-3 days purely on water only, then repeat.  Overall the calories were about the same with both phases I did.  The main thing that is important with weight loss is you want to eat a lot less overall, but while alternating your calories throughout the week.  This keeps your metabolism fired up to burn fat on the very low calorie days.

You can accomplish this calorie zig-zag method by simply eating a lot less (than you normally do) a few days out of the week.  Although I have personally accomplished my goals through the use of purely water fasting on the "low" days.

By fasting so often and dramatically improving my diet I saw results extremely, well, fast.  By July 2012 I was down to 158 lbs just in time for a trip to Las Vegas.  Everyone around me was blown away by the rapid weight loss I had achieved.  I will confess that I wasn't the healthiest weight during that trip due to the lack of muscle mass.  I had accomplished this entirely from dietary changes and exercised almost never.  The transition I saw in exactly one year is nothing short of extraordinary.  Check out a picture of me on Vegas back last July (I am the cool dude with the drink):

Cool Dude in Las Vegas

Oh and a side note:  The guy in the far left is the guy who owns this site you are on right now (Paul), he's also my friend and we both work on YurTopic together everyday.

Find Your Willpower!

The Power of Fasting

One thing about fasting is that it takes a ton of will power. I was always mindful of what I was eating and if I did eat some junk food I made sure that I didn't continue to do so the next day. One thing about food is that it is very close to being hooked on drugs in the way that it stimulates chemicals in the brain sending pleasure signals throughout the body.  I had an ongoing inner dilemma where a part of me would say forget it just eat what you want while another part me told me to stick with my plan.  My task each day was to do my best to ignore it and do what I felt was necessary to get the results I was looking for.  My advice to dieters is to always be mindful of what your wants and desires are, especially when it comes to food choices.

Since the trip to Las Vegas I have began exercising and added some much needed muscle weight. The latest reading I did showed me at 163 lbs and floating around 13% body fat. A little over a year and half since the start of this quest for a healthier me, I have lost over 100 lbs and a body fat percentage drop of more than 20 points.  The best part of doing it this way, yes the hard way, is that permanent results are achieved and cravings for junk food are easier to deal with. The best part of introducing water fasting is that there is no need for extreme exercise regiments.  I currently do fifty pushups everyday and run maybe once a week.  This is almost nothing compared to the running routine I had in college where I ran three trail running trails averaging around 3 miles.  Fasting and calorie restriction make exercise requirements minimal and you will soon learn that when the body is operating as it is supposed to strenuous exercise is unnecessary.

I don't have the desire to binge on food like I used to and don't get hungry as easily.  There is something very empowering about knowing that when you take large amount of time off from not eating you are doing yourself many favors.  I want to give a big thanks out to Brad Pilon for helping me realize this as well.  I also make drastically contrasting food choices where even my junk food consumption is somewhat controlled.  I also saved myself from almost certain cancer and heart disease issues I would of been facing in the near future.  Knowing that I have began reversing the negative impacts of my poor diet and health choices has given me some piece of mind in regard to my overall health and wellbeing.  Having that much body mass destroys the circular system by stressing it to death.  Today it is easy to go for runs and I really enjoy being more active without painful repercussions.  I feel like in addition to the 100 lbs I lost more than ten years of wear and tear off of my life force.  Feeling younger, stronger, and happier make almost any task I need to do seem less perplexing.  It was difficult at 263 lbs to even get out of my car or go for walks.  I look to my approaching thirties with a much more positive attitude and an overwhelmingly more positive frame of mind.  Almost two years ago I was starting to lose my will to live and saw my future as bleak and filled with misery.  I wish anyone who finds themselves in a situation similar to mine the best of luck with making changes to your lifestyle.  Just know that you are the most powerful source of change and only you can make yourself happy.

Thanks for reading my success story, and you can read all the articles I have written for YurTopic by clicking on my Author link at the top of the article.  I plan on writing a lot more articles for YurTopic into the future!





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