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10 Best Cleansing & Detoxifying Foods

cleanse and detoxifyIn this article we will talk about how to cleanse and detoxify. We live in a world today that is full of toxins. Over the years toxins like heavy metals build up in our bodies by all the unnatural foods we eat, along with many other factors, but that doesnít mean we need to live with toxic bodies. Metals like mercury, lead, arsenic, nickel, cadmium and uranium are all examples of toxins that get built up over time.  Learning how to detox these metals out of the body is important to understand.

The toxic heavy metals can cause illnesses like heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, auto immune disorders, anemia, kidney stones, gall bladder stones, dementia, depression, cancer, genetic disorders and many more. Along with heavy metals, the body can also have parasitical accumulation, as well as waste matter accumulation in the colon.

To avoid heavy metals settling in the body, it is important to incorporate organic superfoods in your daily diet. By providing your body with the right foods you will be well on your way to a much cleaner, healthier body, so you can feel your best every single day. So without further delay letís talk about some of the most powerful detoxifying foods you should add to your diet.  These are my personal favorite top 10 healthy foods you can use to detoxify the body.

1)  Organic Dandelion
Dandelion leaves are a great all around detoxifier.  It does wonders for cleaning out the liver and purifying the blood. Dandelion leaves are most commonly juiced, or made into tea. If you are able to tolerate the bitterness of dandelion leaves once or twice a week you can throw the leaves in your salad or you can add to spinach, broccoli, and watercress soup.
Organic Dandelion
2)  Habanero Pepper
These peppers are really good for your circulation, by helping to move the lymphatic fluid. And if you ever had a Habanero pepper you will know they are spicy which means you will be able to breathe better. The way I use Habanero peppers is by cutting them up and putting them in cooking oils.  Hot peppers in general are great anti-aging foods.  Recent research shows they are great for supporting an anti-cancer diet.
Habanero Pepper
3)  Lemon
First thing in the morning, drink lemon juice in luke warm water.  This is a great way to start of any detox regimen. Lemons are not only great for cleansing and detoxifying, but also very good for balancing your acidic and alkaline levels. Things like coffee and eggs are very acidic foods. By using lemons you can get your body back in a neutral non-acidic state, which is what your body should naturally be in.  Lemons are also the core foundation of the popular "Master Cleanse Diet".
4)  Filtered Water
Make sure you are drinking plenty of water every day. Although this is self understood to drink water, but not everybody drinks sufficient amounts of water. Make sure you are drinking filtered water as tap water is contaminated with all sort of chemicals like chlorine and aluminum.  Natural spring water is also a very good choice of water.  Water will actually be your number one detoxifying agent, even over foods.  So make sure you put a strong emphasis on drinking enough water.
Filtered Water

5)  Fresh Ginger
Ginger roots is very delicious and also very cleansing to the body. Eastern culture has been using ginger as a medicinal cleansing agent for many years. All you do with ginger is peel it and chop it into small pieces and you can do so many different things with it. You can infuse it in hot water to make ginger tea. What I personally like to do is add a ginger stick to my salad and eat it raw. It is kind of spicy but sweet and warm at the same time.
Fresh Ginger
6)  Green Tea
Green tea is a very mild source of caffeine with very powerful cleansing antioxidants. China has been using green tea medicinally for over 4,000 years. Green tea has many benefits and one of the benefits I like about green teat is the metabolism boost you get from it to burn fat away, along with toxins trapped in the fat cells which further helps to cleanse and detoxify the body.
Green Tea
7)  Coconut Oil
Why I class coconut oil as a cleansing and detoxifying food is that it allows your blood to stay thin. Many vegetable oils such as margarines can make your blood sticky and thick. Coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids which are important in cleansing toxins out of your body. It helps with irritable bowel syndrome and leaky gut by bringing the body back to its normal balance. You can take two tablespoons of coconut oil every day.  For those who canít tolerate plain oil, you can take it with either water or in plain yogurt.
8)  Grapefruit
Grapefruit is not only high in antioxidants like vitamin C but also cleanses the liver due to having high level of flavonoids. It improves your insulin level and metabolizes bodyfat more efficiently. Taking raw grapefruit first thing in the morning three times a week is highly recommended for great detoxifying effects.
9)  Psyllium Husk
This food is a great source of natural fiber. Psyllium husk acts as a vacuum cleaner in your intestines, brushing away a lot of "gunk" out of your body. It takes away all sorts of toxins, including parasites, which everybody accumulates in their day to day life leaving your body clean from inside and out. You can put a teaspoon of psyllium husk in your smoothies to help bulk them up. You can also take it in plain water or add them to oatmeal.
Psyllium Husk
10)  Granny Smith Apples
Granny Smith Apples are slightly sour and their skin has a bitter taste.  These apples contain extra pectin which helps to keep you regular, and does an excellent job at cleaning out your intestines. The fiber also reduces cholesterol which further helps to prevent gallstone formation.
Granny Smith Apple

Benefits of cleansing and detoxifying
By keeping your body cleansed and detoxified you are ensuring that you are maintaining optimum health standards. The liver is our major cleansing organ. Other cleansing organs are skin, kidneys and colon. By eating fresh fruit and vegetables daily you are supporting your liver to get rid of the toxins you come in contact from the environment every day. By including these foods in your diet, you will start seeing and feeling results very quickly. You will notice glowing skin, shiny hair, strong nails, and sparkling eyes. A cleansed and toxin free body is full of energy, free of mood issues, disease free and fertile.

Final Words
The human body is a like a machine and like any machine, in order to work properly it should be given quality fuel. Incorporate these foods into your daily diet, and enjoy the benefits and uplifted energy they all bring with them.





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