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What are the Options for Hair Loss Treatments

The Causes of Hair Loss
Man BaldingEarly intervention is the key to successful treatment of hair loss. With appropriate treatments you can avoid hair loss. There are millions of people who are seeking out what are the options for hair loss treatment. There are many causes responsible for hair loss for men. The common causes are genetics, stress, trauma to the hair, age, certain diseases and drugs etc. According to scientists, a normal man is likely to lose 50 to 100 hairs every day. Another key fact is at any given time 90% of hair of a person is in growth phase and the rest 10% is in shading phase. But excessive hair loss, i.e., over 100 hairs daily can be the consequences of any significant change that alters the normal growth phase or cycle of hair. It can also permanently damage the roots of the hair. If you are one of those men who is losing hair frequently (permanently) or temporarily, you will be very glad to learn that there effective treatments for hair loss and ways to remedy the damage done to your hair. So do not panic watch your hair fall out since you can seek medical intervention to treat your hair loss.

Hair Loss Treatments
When you keep losing your hair, particularly frontal hair, it can be a stressful situation. Men are worried about frontal hair loss as they think men with frontal hair loss look old. As a result, millions of men from all over the world are seeking out treatment options for hair loss. Many men are suffering from male pattern hair loss but there are treatment options for them. These options are cheap and include treating their hair loss chemically or wearing wigs or weaves made of human hair or other realistic materials. The other options are drug intervention or treatment, and surgery option known as hair plant surgery, which are relatively costly.

In the USA, so far the only drugs approved by FDA and available for hair loss treatments are Propecia and Rogaine. Both these drugs slow the further process of falling out of hair resulting in the increased exposure of the scalp. The role of Rogaine is stimulating the hair follicles. Propecia slows down the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is responsible for shrinking hair follicles. These drugs are most effective if your hair loss has been occurring on the top of your head within last 5 years. Once you commence these medications you will need to take them continuously but will not produce full re-growth of hair. It can take up to a couple of months to produce a noticeable effect by these drugs.

Wigs and Weaves
A lot of men have allergies when it comes to using drugs. Many men also choose not to seek out hair restoration surgery due to fear or expensive treatment. That is why wigs and weaves are very popular options for them. Plenty of reliable wig shops offer very nice wigs. Human hair or/and other realistic looking various materials are used to make these wigs.

Hair Restoration
Thinning HairHair restoration is a quite expensive treatment option. As the name suggests, it is an option for permanent hair replacement. Those who have suffered from hair loss for an extended period of time or permanently can seek out hair transplantation. This involves transplanting of hair follicles done surgically on the affected areas on the head where hair cannot grow or hair is very thin. It is a delicate treatment and should only be done by a qualified and experienced surgeon.

Final Words
Literally, millions of people are suffering from hair loss problem but they can minimize the hair loss by seeking proper solutions or options available for you. It is absolutely important for you to invest some time in order to research various options available for hair loss treatment and consider the benefits you might get by replacing the lost hair. As soon as you notice the onset of hair loss you should immediately consult a doctor and begin treatment with an effective hair loss product. Modern medicines are able to treat menís hair loss because of the tremendous progress in the treatment of menís hair loss.

The writer of this article has written this article researching a lot of articles published on the Internet. It is strongly recommended for anyone who is suffering from hair loss to speak to a registered doctor for advice and treatments.





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