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Are the Side Effects of Human Growth Hormone Supplements Worth It?

HGH PillsHGH, better known as Human Growth Hormone, is fast becoming a household name.  Some of you may even think it's only a supplement.  Well did you know that HGH is actually a hormone naturally produced by the body to create more life and vigor for the individual?  All humans secrete growth hormone naturally from the pituitary gland in their brain.  Growth hormone is essential to life, if you stop producing it, you would die.  Individuals will naturally produce less and less of this hormone over time as they age.

HGH pretty much enhances the entire body, right down to the DNA.  It has been touted as the fountain of youth.  If older people take the injections they tend to look more youthful in appearance, along with more energy.  It has even been reported to turn gray hair back into color.

Scientists have discovered how to make HGH injections along with oral supplements.  Injections tend to be a bit more stronger than the oral supplements.  You will generally need a doctor's prescription to get HGH injections.  However, many HGH supplements can be bought over the counter.  HGH injections have serious implications when the treatment has ceased.  When you take in hormones from an external source (supplement or injection), this will cause the natural production of that hormone to be either slowed or stopped completely.  Stopping a continuous supply of external hormones will surely cause a massive problem for the body.

Scientist with HGH injectionWhen scientists first started giving HGH injections, the first major thing they realize is that people can (and have) died from the come down of stop taking external HGH.  So now it is a known idea to "cycle" your injections/supplements to make sure it does not completely shut down the natural production of growth hormone.

HGH supplements when taken properly can provide immense benefits to the user and to the general well being of the body.  But there seems to be a little confusion, as to its use and who requires it and what exactly the body stands to gain from using HGH.  People need to fully understand the pros and cons of this supplement and get to know more of its principles.

The Benefits of HGH?

Our body is composed of several millions of organized tissues, otherwise known as cells.  Of course, it is a natural occurrence for some of these cells to die.  Some of the causes are mostly associated with some environmental factors, such as germs and sunlight.  But, rapid losses of cells in the body can be highly detrimental if nothing is done about it.  It can possibly lead to a series of complications and other serious health problems.  However, the human body has a built in immune system, including a mechanism that works by reducing the effects of cell death in the body.  This mechanism requires regular maintenance and Human Growth Hormone has been discovered to be one of the best way to complement its efforts and ensure the continuity of these cells in the body.

HGH also has numerous benefits to the body.  It helps to boost energy levels and has also been proven to be a good weight loss supplement.  HGH is also an important supplement for body builders.  Using HGH will make the body stay healthier and younger.  It also helps the skin by giving it a vibrant tone and decreases wrinkles significantly.

Bodybuilders Aren't the Only Ones Using HGH:

Bodybuilder Using HGHThere is a popular misconception regarding the use and benefit of this supplement.  Some people say, it is only effective for bodybuilders.  HGH supplement has lots of benefits and is highly effective in finding permanent solutions to several health problems.  It helps to prevent and also helps to cure ailments if used correctly.

Further, some people describe it as similar to using steroids.  HGH is not like using steroids, but rather a natural occurring protein in the body which is made up of almost one hundred and ninety one amino acids.

HGH Supplement Side Effects To Be Aware Of

It is of extreme importance for people to be familiar with possible health hazards associated with using HGH supplements so that abuse or an overdose can be avoided.  It is recommended that these supplements are only used if a medical expert approves it.  Possible side effects include:

  1. High cholesterol levels.
  2. Pain in the joints, nerves and the muscles.
  3. Carpal tunnel syndrome.
  4. It is also possible to suffer from edema.
  5. Numbness and tingling of the skin.
  6. Increased blood pressure.
  7. Major heart problems.
  8. Inflammation all over the body.

Your Gambling With Your Health
Synthetic HGH is relatively new.  Scientists and doctors really do not have a full understanding of it's use and if it should be prescribed at all.  In my opinion, I say stay natural and let your own body produce the hormone on its own.  You should learn and embrace how to produce HGH naturally through good sleep, stress reduction, diet, exercise, and through an overall good lifestyle.

If You Do Decide To Take HGH
Stay young and healthy with HGH
If you decide that you want to try using HGH then please be aware of the following guidelines to ensure you keep your overall health as best as possible and to avoid any serious accidents from occurring:

  • Make sure you only get injections from real doctors.
  • Do not buy HGH injections online.
  • Do not buy HGH from people in the gym.
  • Only buy supplements from reputable places.
  • Take breaks from it's use frequently to allow your natural production to remain strong.
  • If you are really serious about taking HGH, you should educate yourself more about HGH and how to produce it naturally.  Dr. Ronald Klatz's book "Grow Young with HGH" is an excellent guide that you can use to know more about HGH supplements, injections and how to produce it naturally.

HGH is a scary and exciting topic all at the same time.  We do see the benefits from taking it properly.  We also see the potential negatives associated with it.  Messing with your body in an unnatural way is something I am personally not interested in, but each to their own.  Just be careful!





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