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10 Unusual Phobias (fears)

PhobiaPhobia is a type of anxiety disorder wherein a person has a persistent fear of an object or situation. Most people who have a phobia suffer stress and are sometimes treated poorly because others see their fears as irrational.

Heights, darkness, insects, people - these are some common fears that most people have. Unfortunately, there are some of us who donít want to accept the fact that fears canít be handled. Overcoming different fears, or phobias, have different phases of development. Most people who have these conditions struggle often just to get through the day because of the strange phobias that they have. Below are some of the unusual phobias that really exist in today's world.

Phobia 10)  Fear of Being Stuck
Domatophobia is the fear of a house or being stuck in a home or room. Itís hard to treat this kind of fear. A person who has domatophobia sometimes suffers rapid heartbeat, tunnel vision, dizziness, dry mouth, inability to concentrate and severe anxiety attacks. Not all people who have domatophobia are affected by these symptoms and some individuals may also have other reactions. These are just a variety of some of the disturbing symptoms.


Even though many people who suffer from domatophobia are aware that their fears are difficult to deal with, some people find themselves in severe anxiety even just when their fears cross their mind. Some will recommend seeing a specialist to have some medications like anti-anxiety or anti-depressants prescribed.

Phobia 9)  Fear of Being Touched
Aphenphosmphobia is the fear of being touched. It is also associated with chirophobia, which is the fear of hands and agoraphobia, fear of being in a crowd. People who have this fear avoid having physical contact with other people, which includes having sexual intercourse. More generally, sufferers from aphenphosmphobia are often afraid of experiencing sudden panic, and therefore choose to spend as much time as possible in familiar situations in which they feel in control like their own home or workplace. They also avoid public places and less predictable environments such as shopping centers, markets, railway stations, airports, public meetings and large social gatherings. It may seem strange but this phobia may be caused by certain life experiences that have caused trauma to the sufferer.

Fear of Being in a Crowd:
Fear of Being in a Crowd

Phobia 8)  Fear of washing or bathing
Ablutophobia is defined as fear of washing, bathing and cleaning. It is different from being clean. This is a fear of the process of being clean. It is caused by some emotional trauma related to an event associated with washing, bathing or cleaning. It may also be developed by seeing someone else experience suffering related to bathing. Symptoms are breathlessness, nausea, fear of dying, becoming mad or losing control and excessive sweating among many other possible symptoms. Most of the treatments for people who have this kind of phobia take months or years. Sometimes it is even required for the patient to be visible uninterruptedly to their fear to underrate its strength.


Phobia 7)  Fear of Sitting
Cathisophobia is the fear of sitting or an exaggerated or absurd fear of sitting down. This fear depends on the personís unique life experience. For young ones, the fear of sitting down is sometimes related to the fear of feeling trapped. It is because they tend to rebel against control.


People with this phobia will do everything they can to avoid sitting down. We all know that sitting is a part of our daily lives. When we go to the office, church or school, we canít help but to sit down at some point. Thus, living with this kind of fear affects someone elseís career, studies and daily habits.

Phobia 6)  Fear of Beautiful Women
A continual, extraordinary, and unfounded fear of beautiful women is also known as caligynephobia. It usually can cause hysterical attacks and hold people away from their loved ones. Symptoms typically include overall feelings of dread, shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, sweating and nausea. Most of the time, this condition may be caused by events associated with beautiful women. The condition can also be caused by myriad, benign events like movies and TV shows or maybe seeing someone else experience trauma. The actual fear demonstrates itself in different ways. Some suffer it all the time while some donít.


Phobia 5)  Fear of Ugliness
Cacophobia, commonly known as fear of ugliness or anything that is unpleasant usually develops during adolescence, when a lot of body changes occur. These changes in the body can cause someone to become insecure and have a low self-esteem. This can also be the case to children who have dental or skin problems that may lead them to thinking that they are ugly. As a result, they may look in the mirror and see a different reflection of what they really are. This condition sometimes causes other disorders such as bulimia, anorexia, emotional eating as well as depression.


Phobia 4)  Fear of Money
Chrematophobia refers to abnormal fear or dislike of money. Some symptoms include light-headedness, shuddering, heart palpitations, and queasiness. Some people who have this kind of fear also experience fear of losing control. It leaves the person completely helpless. It is hard for a person to fear money because money is part of our daily routine. People who suffer from chrematophobia might not able to see a specialist because discussing bills for medication and therapy might cause them anxiety. Because this condition is very complicated, it mostly leads to the death of the sufferer.


Phobia 3)  Fear of Food
Cibophobia is also known as abnormal fear of food. People with this phobia sometimes mistakenly take it as anorexia. The difference is that people with anorexia fear the effects of food on their body while cibophobia is fear of the food itself. They are excessively worried about expiration dates of the food. As a result, foods that easily perish, like mayonnaise, are the most common source of fear. They also develop some kind of strict eating rules that the condition eventually leads to obsession. Different people who have fear of food may set different rules but they are mainly concerned with restaurant foods where the preparation is out of their control. People with this kind of fear sometimes feel uneasy in certain gatherings or occasions wherein it is insulting not to accept the food. If a person is being surrounded by food, for example in a restaurant, this might cause the person to cry or shake. If left untreated, this phobia may worsen and cause the sufferer to starve rather than eat food.

Fear of Food

Phobia 2)  Fear of the Color White
Fear of the color white is also known as Leukophobia. Most people who have this phobia had bad experiences with snow, and therefore developed an obsessive personality of hating the color white. While some had bad experience with this color, some hate it without any basis.


People who have this phobia have colorful houses and rooms and would never wear the color white. They would even avoid entering a building painted white. When they do, they would feel trapped. Other symptoms of Leukophobia are restlessness, tremors and palpitation.

Phobia 1)  Fear of Children
This phobia is also referred to as Pedophobia. Sufferers would tremble in fear and start panicking upon seeing a young child (it can be a baby or a toddler). People develop this phobia when they fear their own childhood or they simply get easily frustrated with children. These people would even avoid situations that would remind them of small children.

Fear of Children

We find these phobias unusual and unfamiliar but understanding and patience are all we can give to those individuals who have unusual fears or phobia. The simplest thing to do is try to get into their shoes at times. Itís not simple and sometimes itís critical to understand where people suffering from some of these strange disorders are coming from.





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