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15 Strange, and Interesting Facts about the Human Body

Have you ever thought for a moment as to how fascinating the human body is? As amazing as it is there are some really strange, and interesting facts about the human body that you may not be aware of. They may even tickle your funny bone.

FACT 15)  The Human Brain Doesn't Feel Pain
One of the most intriguing parts of the human body, the brain, can hold five times the amount of information as an encyclopedia. And one of the most interesting facts about the human brain is that it doesn't feel any pain. The brain may process the pain signals, but you won't actually feel any of that pain.

Human brain doesn't feel pain

Mouth Facts:

FACT 14)  The Mouth Loses Taste Buds with Age
Now imagine if you were unable to taste the food you put into your mouth every time you ate, would you then eat less often? Taste buds have an average life span of only ten days before your body makes new ones.  And by the age of 60 people lose half of their taste buds.

FACT 13)  Lots and Lots of Saliva
For another strange, and interesting fact about the mouth is the unbelievable amount of saliva we produce. In our lifetime we produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools. Since saliva is an important part of digestion for the human body it's not a surprise that we produce so much of it.

FACT 12)  Your Teeth Are Fragile
Our teeth is very important for our bodies, but our teeth is the only part of the human body that does not repair itself.  So take care of them properly so they last throughout your lifetime.

Human Mouth Facts

FACT 11)  Right Handed, or Left Handed?
Is it better to be a right handed person, or a left handed person? Well the fact is we live in a world made for right handed people, and if your right handed then the chances are you'll live longer than a left handed person would. In fact right handed people live up to nine years longer which can be contributed to all the potentially dangerous types of machines made just for the right handed person, and not for the left handed person.

So if you are left handed, you need to be a bit more careful out there!

Left handed Writer:
Left handed Writer

FACT 10)  Reproduction and Life
For reproduction of the human body, men on average are able to produce 10 million new sperm each day. For females their ovaries have more than 500,000 eggs, but with only about 400 of them having any chance at all of ever creating life.

Human Reproduction

FACT 9)  Male Vs Female, Who Does More of What..?
Who says men talk more than women, when on average women say about 7,000 words each passing day, and men say just 2,000 words each day. Men blink less often than women do, and women have hiccups less often than men do. But men think about sex much more often than women do.  In fact men think about sex every seven seconds on average. By age 60 more than half of all men snore, and for women only about 40% snore.

Male Vs Female Facts

FACT 8)  FAST Human Actions
SneezingHow powerful is the human body when it comes to the simple cough, and the sudden sneeze? When we cough it comes out on average with speeds of 60 mph, and your sudden sneeze having speeds of more than 100 mph. At speeds like that it may be a good idea not to suppress that sneeze. On the subject of sneezing it's actually impossible to sneeze, and have your eyes open at the same time.

Continuing with speed, the human heart beats 100,000 times per day, but a woman's heart beats faster than that of a man.

Faster than the speed of hairs is the average beard growth for a man. If a man's beard remains untrimmed it would continue to grow to a length of 30 feet during his lifetime.

FACT 7)  Starvation is Overrated
The human body needs both food and sleep to survive. But did you know we can die from sleep deprivation in just 10 days?  However, we can survive without food for a whole month or more.  If fact taking long breaks from food is a very healthy practice.

Did you know that 300 million cells die in our bodies each and every day? However, our bodies do produce new ones to replace those that die each day.  If fact, on average, every seven years your body will replace every single cell in it's body.

Human Nerve Cells

FACT 6)  Blood and the Human Body
The human blood has a long journey within our bodies, and amazingly travels a whopping 60,000 miles each and every day through our bodies. While keeping on the subject of blood and the human body, the human heart can actually build up enough pressure to squirt blood a whole 30 feet.

Heart Squirting Blood

FACT 5)  Eyes Remain the Same Size With Age
Human eyes are interesting in that they remain the same size over the course of your entire lifetime.  Baby eyes are about the same size as a 90 year old eyes are.  However, other parts of the human head continue to grow as we age such as our nose and ears.

Cute Baby eyes

FACT 4)  The Human Stomach Acts as a Pit of Acid
The powerful strength of the human stomach is beyond words. When you consider this, the strength of the acid in our stomach is so strong and powerful that it can actually dissolve razorblades! However I do not suggest you swallow razorblades to find out!

Human Stomach:
Human Stomach Acid

FACT 3)  Why Do Feet Smell So Bad?
Human feet have an unbelievable amount of 250,000+ sweat glands, and produces a pint of sweat with each passing day.  Bacteria can then consume the sweat causing smelly feet.  So remember to wash your feet regularly!

Smelly Human Feet

FACT 2)  The Human Skin
You may already know that the human body sheds it skin, but did you know during our life time we shed 40 pounds of it?

Human Skin Organ Structure:
Layers of Skin in the Human Body

FACT 1)  One More Interesting Fact - To Leave You Wondering!
Now to leave you with one final interesting fact about the human body. It applies to all of us average people, and is a completely normal function of the human body. Did you already guess what it is? It's the gas that our bodies produce when we relieve ourselves of it, and on an average of 14 times every day.

It is a Fact that we Fart Often!





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