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Using Tanning Beds to Treat Vitamin D Deficiency

Using Tanning Beds to Treat Vitamin D Deficiency

The Dangers of Using Tanning Beds to Treat Vitamin D Deficiency
Tanning beds are designed to deliver ultraviolet rays to the body through a controlled mechanism. In order to synthesize vitamin D, the body requires sufficient exposure to sunlight. However, due to changes in lifestyle where people tend to remain indoors, it means that they may not get adequate sunlight. When used properly, safe tanning beds can help produce the radiation required to help the body synthesize vitamin D.

What is vitamin D deficiency
Vitamin D is part of the fat-soluble prohormones and this vitamin is essential in helping the body absorb and metabolize minerals like phosphorous and calcium. This means that without vitamin D, these minerals may not be broken down and utilized in the body as desired. People who have sufficient exposure to sunlight do not require vitamin D supplements because the skin is able to utilize the sunlight and synthesize this important vitamin.

Benefits of vitamin D
Benefits of vitamin D Vitamin D is important in absorbing a metabolizing calcium and phosphorus for healthy bones. It is also helps in regulating the immune system and this is due to the fact that vitamin D is a steroid hormone that influences every cell activity. This vitamin also plays a role in keeping the brain functioning properly during the old stage in life. The vitamin reduces the severity of asthma and helps in maintaining healthy body weight. Vitamin D has also shown good results in treatment of rheumatoid arthritis in women. Vitamin D also helps in reducing growth of cancer.

What causes vitamin D deficiency?
Vitamin D deficiency occurs when the body does not have enough of this sunshine steroid vitamin. If you do not take the recommended amounts of the vitamin, you are likely to suffer vitamin D deficiency. In the same way, when you do not have sufficient exposure to sunlight, you are also likely to have deficiency of this vitamin. People with darker skin have more concentration of melanin, something that reduces the ability of the skin to utilize sunshine to synthesize vitamin D.

Dry Hand and D deficiency If you have insufficiency of vitamin D, you are at a higher risk of suffering from cognitive impairment, cardiovascular disease, muscle weakness, and bone pain. You may also be at a risk of suffering cancer if you have prolonged or persistent deficiency of vitamin D. Children with deficiency of vitamin D risk suffering from severe asthma. People tend to deprive the body of natural sunlight because they fear the damage it could cause to the skin. They turn to using tanning beds to supplement vitamin D needs not knowing the risk they are exposing themselves to. Although there are safe tanning beds, if you happen to get treatment of vitamin D deficiency with unsafe tanning beds, the repercussions may not be impressive.

How tanning beds help in synthesis of vitamin D
How tanning beds help in synthesis of vitamin D Indoor tanning with use of tanning beds can help correct the insufficiency of vitamin D in body. For the skin to synthesize this vitamin, it requires the B band or spectrum of ultraviolet rays. Sunlight releases both A and B bands of ultraviolet rays. The damaging part of sunlight is the ultraviolet-A band. If a tanning bed releases both ultraviolet-A and B bands, then it means that it may cause damages to the skin.

Tanning beds have been associated with increased cancer growth. When exposed to ultraviolet-B band or UVB light, the dermis of skin is able to produce vitamin D3-sulfate. One good thing with vitamin D3-sulfate is that it is water soluble and easily dispersed in body fluids for fast absorption. The sulfated vitamin D derived from safe tanning beds can move freely and fast in blood stream unlike the unsulfated vitamin D that is obtained from diet supplements. Unsulfated vitamin D also requires bad cholesterol to aid in its transportation to different parts of the body.

The risks of using tanning beds to treat vitamin D deficiency
To clearly understand how tanning beds can be a health hazard to users, it is important to know how these beds are designed to function. Tanning beds are designed to produce artificial sunlight. The natural sunlight contains both ultraviolet-A and ultraviolet-B spectrums of rays. Ultraviolet-A rays do not help in the synthesis of vitamin D and they are the damaging spectrum of the sun’s rays.

Full Color Spectrum of Natural Sunlight Peering Into the Wilderness
Full Color Spectrum of Natural Sunlight Peering Into the Wilderness

On the other hand, ultraviolet-B rays are the radiations, which are able to stimulate the synthesis of vitamin D. The ultraviolet-A rays have a longer wavelength and they can penetrate materials like glass, and in the body they are said to cause complications like melanoma skin cancer. These UVA rays not only cause skin tanning but also damage the already synthesized vitamin D, something that leads to accelerated aging of the skin.

dangerous ultraviolet-A rays, natural sunlight natural hotties basking in the sun on her beautiful half naked tight bodies

The cosmetic tanning beds found in the market are specially designed to emit more of ultraviolet-A, which causes skin tanning and these may not be the right machines for treating vitamin D deficiency. Therefore, in order to ensure that you do not suffer from the dangerous ultraviolet-A rays, you need to use a tanning bed that emits UVB rays.

amazingly sexy burnette getting her tan on all over her hot body

It is imperative to ask the operator of a tanning bed to tell you the types of rays emitted by the machine before using it. Apparently, some of the cosmetologists who use these beds to tan the body skin do not actually know the types and intensity of ultraviolet rays that are released by the machines. It is this lack of knowledge which leads to problems on users who use the tanning beds to treat vitamin D deficiency.

Some tanning beds especially the older ones are designed of electromagnetic field and EMF exposure from these beds can contribute to development of cancer. Usually, the tanning beds designed of magnetic ballasts produce a buzzing noise when you are inside and this is one way you may detect that the tanning bed is made of dangerous magnetic blasts. Moreover, when using the tanning beds, you should not overexpose yourself to the ultraviolet rays.

EMF exposure from these beds can contribute to development of cancer

Like in natural sunlight, the rate at which the skin utilizes ultraviolet rays released by tanning beds to synthesize vitamin D takes place very fast. However, because the tanning beds are designed with great comfort, users tend to extend the time they get exposed to the ultraviolet rays. The more time you spend on those beds, the more you are damaging your skin. You may not know immediately that you have burned your skin until after a day or two. It only requires a few minutes inside the tanning bed for the body to utilize the UVB rays and manufacturer sufficient vitamin D for the whole day. Therefore, you do not have to tan your skin or overexpose it to the rays to get the required vitamin D.





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