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Easy Ways to Stay Toned and in Shape

How to Fit Exercising into Your Daily Routine
Yoga and StretchingI have spent a lot of money on gym memberships in the past.  I would do really well at first going almost every other day. Then a few weeks would go by and I would only go about once a week.  Then from there it was less and less until I had $40 coming out of my checking account every month for no reason.  I had simply quit going and could not muster the will power to continue.  By then I was usually back to eating bad and being a couch potato and letting all the good hard work I had done go to a complete waste.  I guess mostly it was just the hassle of physically getting to the gym, and also figuring out when I would be able to go because that particular gym did not have child care.  Then I discovered what was there right in front of me.  My home!  I changed little things in my daily routine to increase my toning, strengthening, and calorie burning.  I am going to show you some examples of exercises I do in my home at my own convenience.

Stretching Exercises
Upon awakening, before I will even get out bed, I will do a few simple stretches. I lie on my back and slowly lift up my hips, up and down, usually about 20-30 times; every few reps you can hold in place a few seconds. Then while still lying on your back just lift each leg vertically one at a time and try to hold it straight about 2 minutes each leg.

Arm Exercises
Every time I am done using the bathroom I do about 20-30 wall push-ups when I walk out of the bathroom.

Calf Exercises
I do calf raises when I need to get things out of the kitchen cabinets.

Core Exercises
If I am watching TV, during the commercials I do not allow myself to sit. I get up and do crunches, jumping jacks, or jog in place until my show comes back on.

Leg Squats
Before I open the refrigerator I always do 15-20 squats or lunges

Addition Exercises to Challenge You Through the Day

  • Walking the DogPark in the first parking space you see instead of looking for ones close to the door of a store.  Use the baskets and do arm curls with them while you shop.
  • Stand up straight and keep my abs/core tucked in and tight when walking and even while sitting; it takes a minute to get used to, but It really helps with breathing and posture.
  • Go up stairs 2 steps forward and 1 step back. Sometimes instead I will run up and down 3 or 4 times.
  • Enjoy a brisk walk with your children, family members or a pet.
  • With extra time, put on the radio or a CD ( or iPod for all the high-techies) and freestyle dance and move. This is also super fun too!
  • It is easy to burn calories when you do cleaning, mopping, scrubbing, and other miscellaneous chores around the house at a rapid pace.
  • Skip elevators and opt for stairs.
  • Power walk at the local mall.

These are just some examples of how I can incorporate exercise into my day very easily. This way there are no more excuses. It is important to remember to stay active as well as eating properly. This method has worked wonders for me since I am a person who hates to exercise.

There are even video games for the Nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinect such as "Wii Fit" or "Zumba" that can be very fun to do at home and could end up being less expensive than a gym membership.

Xbox Kinect home fitness

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. Having a busy life should never get in the way of being a happy, healthy, person. Everyone can follow these ideas and I promise that it will make a big difference. Especially if we are all mindful of our eating habits as well.





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