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Tips on How to Become a Happier Person

Get HappierSome people naturally have a happy positive attitude, for others it’s not that easy.  With so much heartbreak, turmoil, and negativity, it is hard for many of us to simply be happy.  While some may feel content in their misery, feeling happy is an emotion that we as a human race should strive to feel.  Some people may even resort to using drugs and alcohol as a vice for their negative emotions.  The outcome of this type of self-medicating behavior is disastrous.  Not only is it detrimental to one’s health, but it is a behavior that will most likely leave the user feeling worse and worse as certain feel-good chemicals in our brains become depleted by chronic drug and alcohol use.  Some unhappy people just haven’t figured out how to be happy and simply just allow their emotions to get the best of them.  Some people are unhappy and you would never know it because they hide their true feelings deep down and present a fake-happy façade to the world.

The good news is that we all have a choice in the state of our emotional health.  We have the power within us to choose our attitudes and to strive for happiness.  Our minds are very powerful and have great adaptive abilities to overcome just about anything.  Sometimes we just need a little bit of guidance to figure out how to live a happier life.  There are ways to make a positive turnaround and to start feeling happier.

Staying Social, Staying Positive, and Remembering to Laugh

Laugh it out and be happyI strongly feel that laughter is one of the best all-around medicines.  It truly can take the stress and worries away and make any day brighter.  Studies have shown that laughing releases all kinds of feel good brain chemicals and endorphins. It bonds us humans together and gives us an all-around great feeling.  I enjoy live comedy shows.  It is a fun thing to do with a significant other or a group of friends.  It can be a great way to unwind.  Watching a favorite comedy TV show or movie can help bring out the chuckles that will surely get you feeling happy.

I know it sounds cliché but staying on the bright and positive side of life is important in making it through the day.  Just doing nice things for people and even just a smile can spread so much positive energy.  This is crucial to becoming a better person.  I recommend staying social and making plans often with family and friends.  With all the social media in today's world, it is important to have real human contact and interaction.  There is so much more wholesome quality bonding with friends when face to face time is spent together.  Also, going out of your way to be a great friend or loving family member will help you feel humanly connected in a positive way and will help spread kindness.

Be Happy by Maintaining a Youthful Spirit

Feel young and be happyMost of us would say the happiest times of our lives occurred when we were kids, teens, and even young adults.  We go through so many awesome changes during these times and the world is so new and promising.  For many of us as we get older, we start to get stressed out and life just doesn’t have the excitement that it once had.  But this doesn’t have to be the case.  We can always strive to have that same youthful spirit.  When you feel young on the inside, it reflects on the outside.  Also, it is important to remember that we are never too old to have fun.

Going to places like amusement parks, the circus, go-kart racing, water parks, etc..., will youthfully kindle your spirit.  Even going out to concerts or going dancing can make you feel young and happy again.  Don’t be afraid to wear clothing that you may think is “too young looking”, you will be surprised by how dressing young can actually make you feel young too.  Don’t be afraid to let go of your inhibitions and embrace your free spirit that lies within.  Life is way too short to be so prim and proper and reserved.

Remembering and Reflecting on Happy Moments from the Past

Our pasts are our memories.  Striving to make new happy memories all while reflecting on past happy memories is an important goal to have when you are trying to feel good about yourself.  Even though there may be mistakes, heartbreak, and dark times in our past, we must continue to look forward in a positive light and try not to dwell on what cannot be changed.  I recommend placing photos of happy memories pretty much anywhere; on the fridge, nightstands, mantles, walls, even in your car and wallet.  The more focus that goes with these types of memories will surely cloud out the dark ones.  Don’t be afraid to cry.  As human beings we all need to cry sometimes.  You will get so much emotional baggage out just by having yourself a good cry from time to time.  It is also a good idea to discuss your feelings with close friends and family.  They may be experiencing many of the same emotions as you.

Having a "No Regrets" Attitude

Keep going and be happyI believe that everything happens for a reason.  It is the life forces that are a part of everything that guide us as well as the entire universe.  Sometimes the reasons things “are the way they are” may not make much sense but ultimately the way the story plays out becomes clear in the end.  If we do not have ups and downs in life we would not shape out to be the people we are.  This is why it is important to take risks in life and try to learn from our choices we make.  We can become stronger people by pressing forward in life and all its challenges and overcoming what stands before us.

I recommend keeping a "worry journal".  When you write down on paper what is bothering you and giving you anxiety, it is a little less likely to keep pulsating through your head.  I like to make pros and cons lists for things like big decisions and anything that I am really torn about.  I like to jot down encouraging words and phrases to help keep my mind on the positive side.  It is truly amazing how keeping a bright outlook and a positive mindset can really change your day around for the better.  This is a great way to write down ideas and solutions for your problems.  I like to keep my worry journal close to my bed at night.  Sometimes I like to jot down what I had been dreaming about.  Dreams can sometime give us insight to ourselves and help us figure out how to solve some of the issues we have going on, or at least help us get a grip and come to terms with things we cannot control.

Increase Happiness by  Getting in Touch with Nature

There is something very special and healing for the soul when you get in touch with all of the natural beauty and wonder that this world has to offer.  Walking or hiking in the woods, laying on the sand looking up at a starry night sky, or just visiting your local aquarium are some great ways to relax just by using the power of nature.  Sometimes it is good just to get away from the TV or computer (or smartphone, which so many people are ultimately glued to).  There are endless ways to enjoy the beauty of our natural surroundings.  Some people find it soothing to photograph, sketch, or paint objects or settings of our natural surroundings.  There are also many leisure sports such as golfing or fishing that can help us appreciate the beauty of the great outdoors.  Camping with friends is a great way to bond and also bask in the wondrous world we live in.

Another great way to achieve happiness through getting in touch with nature is to get a pet.  Numerous studies have shown that pets can help reduce stress for their owners.  When I have had a rough day, my cat never fails to lift my spirits just by being there and snuggling up to me. Although I must say there are stressful situations as well when it comes to being a pet owner, but the good definitely outweighs the bad a hundred fold.  Even just having a few fish in a tank can help reduce stress.  Local animal shelters are always looking for volunteers to help out, and it is sure to be a positive and rewarding feel-good experience.

Pets help you to become happier

Learning to Relax to Get Happier

Spiritual yogaDiet, exercise, and mental clarity are all essential in being able to relax.  Eating healthy foods such as almonds and blueberries and avoiding caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar and simple carbs can help boost serotonin naturally.  Drinking chamomile tea in the evening can help you naturally unwind and rid negative anxiety.  There are also many methods of meditation that are excellent for helping to achieve mental clarity.  When we get in touch with our spiritual side and become closer to understanding the meaning of life we can overcome so much turmoil.  There are also many ways of exercising that are relaxing and low-impact.  Yoga is a great way to not only exercise your muscles but to also create mental clarity.  Yoga has so many various levels of difficulty so it is perfect for a beginner or for someone who is much more advanced.  Swimming is one of the best ways to de-stress and get a great workout.  Taking a dip in a hot tub can be so ultimately relaxing. If it is off season and/or you do not have access to these, consider booking a weekend getaway at a nearby hotel that offers a pool and hot tub.

When you have a sense of control in your day it can help relieve unwanted anxieties.  This is why it is so important to create a sense of preparedness and routineness.  Having a large calendar displayed in an everyday, plain view area in your home with important dates and events written down will help ease your mind.  Use a color-code system with different color pens/markers to differentiate your items on the calendar.  For instance; doctor appointments are written with red, bills that need to be paid by certain dates are blue, family events are green, birthdays are get the idea.  This way, just a quick glance will give you a general idea about what is on the agenda, without even having to read. Try not to be a procrastinator.  Tackle your problems head on as they occur rather than wait and put them off until the last minute.  It’s better to feel calm and relaxed that the problem is solved rather than feel the anxiety of the problem hanging over your head.

Importance of Quality Sleep

Restful sleep to increase happinessMany of us do not get enough quality sleep at night.  This happens for numerous reasons including busy lifestyles, sleep disorders such as insomnia or sleep apnea.  There can even be occurrences that happen while we try to sleep such as a crying newborn or an uncomfortable bed that doesn’t allow quality sleep.  It is crucial for our mood to be fully rested every day.  Getting 6-8 hours a night is the key.  Naps can be relaxing and soothing for the mind as well and studies show that taking a 20 minute power nap during the day can really invigorate your mind and help you feel better.  It's dangerous to resort to sleeping pills; falling asleep naturally is always the best way.  Choosing a quality pillow and mattress can help with comfort issues that may cause sleep disturbances, and using nature sound recordings can help create a state of ultimate relaxation.  Using the “worry journal” as mentioned before can help ease your mind and let you trap your thoughts onto paper so you can rid them out of your wondering mind.

Final Thoughts

Happiness is a wonderful gift that we are all entitled to feel, and we all have our own paths to take when it comes to achieving happiness.  We can all take steps to becoming a happier person.  The power to do so is inside each and every one of us.





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