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Flickering Flame Meditation Technique

MeditationAchieving a higher level of consciousness is something that all of us wish to achieve.  Using substances, food, fasting, and meditation are all ways to reach a higher level of awareness.  Early human cultures dating back to hunter gatherer societies used meditation as a means for achieving spiritual enlightenment.  Some early forms included vision quests where individuals would abstain from food for long periods of time while subjecting themselves to brutal conditions out in the wilderness.  In some cases people seeking a vision quest would ingest powerful hallucinogenic substances like peyote, a substance similar to the synthetic compound mescaline.  Quieting the mind and learning to control the body's natural energy can be an extremely effective way of managing stress in an all natural way.  Too often in today's hurried and stressful culture, pharmaceuticals are being used to manage stress.  Many are finding themselves dependent on anti-anxiety medications in order to manage their anxiety.  Taking benzodiazepines such as Ativan or xanax, smoking cigarettes, using recreational drugs, and stress eating are all examples of unhealthy stress remedies commonly used by many Americans.  Meditation is an extremely powerful tool that will allow you to harness your own energy and manage external forces that are causing stress on the mind and body.  Meditation will allow you to harness your own healing power and help you to retrain the mind in a positive way. 

In order to get the most out of meditating, the mind must be trained to function and work differently than we are accustomed to.  The use of what is referred to as the mind's eye is very rarely if not at all utilized by modern humans.  The concept of the mind's eye sounds mystical and a little out there.  Seeing without using our eyes sounds like a ludicrous concept that mentally diluted individuals have come up with.  Using our mind's eye can be a very powerful tool while striving to obtain new levels of consciousness, but it requires some practice in order to utilize it effectively.  All human beings possess the ability to "see" with their mind's eye.  It is just that many have never attempted to, or had a situation that required seeing without actually looking.  Here is a drill to help you start using different portions of their brain and to start perusing the powerful gift that is the mind's eye.

Flickering Flame Meditation Technique

Flickering Flame Meditation Technique

1. Light a single candle and place it approximately ten feet away from you.

2. Focus your eyes on the flickering flame.

3. Close your eyes and hold the image of the flame with your mind's eye as long as you can.  In other words, manifest the image with your thoughts so that it appears as clear as it would if you were staring at it with your eyes open.

4. Repeat if necessary if the image of the flame fades while your eyes are closed.

This exercise is a meditative practice in itself and works by focusing only on one thing, in this case a flickering flame.  All other thoughts, emotions, and sensations slip away as the mind is focused solely on holding the image of the flickering flame.  This requires a good deal of concentration and clarity, so the mind has to dedicate its attention completely to holding the image and does not have the recourses to worry about other things.  By shifting focus from whatever was causing you stress to holding the flame's image, some inner peace, as well as some relaxation can be achieved by doing this meditative practice.

Flickering Flame Meditation

This article is meant to introduce meditative practices into your life for the purpose of alleviating stress, anxiety, and coping with emotional pain.  The key in all meditation practices is to let go, even if it is for little while.  The perspective gained during these periods of lucidity and peace will help you achieve emotional growth that can further strengthen your mind.  Meditation is a form of cognitive therapy, a medical term for psychotherapy that retrains the way the brain works, where certain exercises are used to improve the overall functionality of the brain.

Has a certain form of meditation helped you at any point in your life?  Please share some experiences or practices you have used during your exploration of meditation!





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