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Enhancing Your Intuition

I would like to share my technique with you for enhancing your intuition and it's really interesting because we all talk about intuition a lot. Intuition is something not only that we are born with but something that you can continue to improve and enhance just like any other skill if you have a good practice. What I want you to think of it is, as the Yes, No, and Maybe technique.

The way it works is really simple. You are going to ask yourself three questions, show me what ‘Yes’ feels like, show me what ‘No’ feels like, show me what ‘Maybe’ feels like and then you are going to feel what each of those feels like. You are going to pay very close attention to that. What will happen is that you begin to get a sense of what an intuitive hit of a ‘Yes’ or intuitive hit of ‘No’ or a intuitive hit of ‘I am not really sure at this moment’, I need more information on that later feels like.

Now why does this matter? Well it matters because your mind your conscious mind is normally thinking and working with really a small amount of information. But your subconscious mind is vast; it’s absolutely processing an enormous amount of information every single second. What intuition really is, it is sort of like the report of all of that information that's being parallel processed in your subconscious mind popping up into your awareness as a kind of intuitive feeling. So you can continue to improve your intuition, you can sharpen it over time by using this ‘Yes’, ‘No’, and 'Maybe' practice.

Step One - What 'Yes' Feels Like
Bright Blue SkyWhat we are going do first is to sit back, find a nice comfortable space, turn your awareness inward and silently ask yourself as if you are asking your body or asking your subconscious mind, show me what Yes feels like and then wait, just wait for a response whatever comes up that's what you want to take note of. So you say show me what ‘Yes’ feels like, what is it that you notice? Often times many people will notice things like this when they ask themselves what and yes feels like they may feel a sense of kind of expansion or they may feel a sense of movement upwards. Some people who are fairly visual they will notice a kind of bright light, like an increase in light. Whatever the feeling is, whatever the experience is that's what you want to pay attention to and sort of bookmark and note.

So you can ask yourself this question over and over and what will happen is that you will build a greater conscious awareness of what an intuitive download or hit actually feels like. So that's the first part you can ask yourself show me what Yes feels like and then take a note of it and you might even want to write it down as documenting really helps.

Step Two - What 'No' Feels Like
Dark Back Alley StreetNow what you have done with that step two is to ask yourself, what a ‘No’ feels like? So again find a nice quiet place, become quiet, turn awareness inward and ask yourself with your mind’s voice show me what ‘No’ feels like and wait and whatever comes back pay very close attention to that. Each of the details is what you want to notice. What's happening is that, now that your subconscious mind is beginning to share with you what the ‘No’ is, what that's made up of. So for example, some people that are experiencing a sense of that contraction or collapsed and downward pulling feeling and then kind of feeling of darkening and just a kind of slight not ok feeling. It is not necessary you experience the same. What you experience is what right for you. This is about you getting to know yourself.

So again take some time close your eyes turn your awareness inwards, ask yourself, show me what ‘No’ feels like and when it comes back write it down, document it. You can continue to practice this, deepen this so that you get clearer and clearer about what ‘No’ feels like.

Step Three - What 'Maybe' Feels Like
Yin Yang SymbolThen the third step is to ask yourself show me what a ‘Maybe’ feels like. You are going to do exactly the same thing that you did in the first and the second step when you said show me what a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ feels like. Close your eyes turn your awareness in, say it yourself almost like you are speaking into your body. Show me what a ‘Maybe’ feels like and then wait for what comes back, whatever comes back is perfect take note of that, pay attention to that.

So for many people it may be feels like a little bit like a blend of the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ and it is kind feel a little bit like a wishy-washy feeling. The truth is we actually are getting intuitive feedback every single second of our lives. The purpose of this technique is to build your conscious awareness of what intuition really is for you on a personal individual level.

In Summary
So take some time to do that. Ask yourself show me what a ‘Yes’ feels like, show me what a ‘No’ feels like, show me what a ‘Maybe’ feels like. Write it down and the more that you practice it, the better that you will get it.

This is the kind of thing that you can use for anything in your life where you actually don't have the time to really analyze and think about it in the process of making a decision you need some kind of a rule of thumb or some kind of a heuristic to make a decision right away.

It can be anything like a product that you are going to buy thinking about getting or maybe someone that you are thinking about going out with, is this is really good for me? Is this for my highest fulfillment? Because that subconscious mind or your higher self has access to so much more knowledge, information and wisdom then your conscious mind does that it's just a wonderful way to take advantage of that and improve your life.





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