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Maintaining a Positive Mindset to Prevent Depression

Ways to Keep Your Mind PositiveThese days it is absolutely essential that you stay positive, even though so many problems are prevalent in our world today. We are living in a time of economic disaster, a rise in violent crimes, and even more occurrences of national disasters like never before. If you are not constantly filling your mind with things that uplift and encourage you, then you will be filled with worry, anxiety and even depression.

Ways to Keep Your Mind Positive.
Maintaining a positive state of mind does take some effort. The way to keep your mind filled with positive thoughts is to read things that are uplifting such as words of encouragement from the Bible, quotation books, and daily devotionals that can be found on Christian websites. You should also hang up posters that have inspirational sayings on them, so that you can be constantly reminded of things that are uplifting. This will help keep your mind on the positive aspects of your life and hopefully distract you from the negative components of your life.

How to Prevent Disturbing Thoughts and Depression.
How to Prevent Disturbing Thoughts and DepressionThere is a particular way to prevent disturbing thoughts and depression. Avoid spending too much time watching disturbing news reports on TV, since this can cause you to be overly upset and uneasy about what's going on in the world. From being overly bombarded by too many negative stories provided by the mass media, it can be very easy to get caught up in the negativity that plagues our world. If you do hear that something bad has happened on the news, you will naturally get upset and concerned, but you should not allow what happened to overwhelm you in such a way that you become depressed. If you allow this to happen, you will not be able to function very well and will have a very hard time picking yourself back up from your feelings of despair. If you do find it difficult to pull yourself together from depression, then I highly recommend that you constantly read the Bible, quotation books and daily devotionals. Reading words of encouragement helps to ease your pain and depression, since they give you a reassurance of hope in spite of the situation.

How I Overcame My Emotional Roller Coaster.
twin towers memorial to 9/11I will now tell you how I overcame my emotional roller coaster after hearing the worst news of my life. On September 11, 2001, when I saw live footage of the world trade center attacks as it unfolded, I was so upset that I keep lingering in great sadness and emotional turmoil for days, lamenting over the number of lives that were lost on that tragic day. I almost fell into a depression since that news was so painful to bear. But I managed to pick myself back up from despair by constantly reading uplifting words of encouragement from the Bible, quotations from books, and daily devotionals. This has enabled me to overcome my emotional roller coaster.

10 Dietary Tips To Overcome Depression

As the seasons change many of us are prone to seasonal depression. As fall begins and throughout the winter, many people's attitude and personality shifts temporarily towards a state of depression. The use of antidepressants is increasing over the recent years with many concerned people heading to the closest psychiatrist for medications.

overcome depression

Did you know that there may be no miracle foods or treatments, but some food can actually help counteract depression? Make sure you include the following items in your diet so you can help lift any depression you may have.

1)  Foods rich in carbohydrates
Foods rich in carbohydratesWhile grains have gotten a lot of bad press lately, they are now recognized as one of the best food groups that can counter the blues. A meal rich in carbohydrates can increase the rate of a mood modulating neurotransmitter called serotonin. Bet on pasta, bread, rice, couscous to keep your mood regulated.

2)  Foods rich in omega-3
It is already well known that these fats are great for heart health. Several studies now suggest that they would also be beneficial in the fight against depression. Fatty fish like salmon, tuna and mackerel are foods that should be consumed at least twice a week in order to combat depression.

3)  Foods rich in magnesium
There is a link between stress levels and a significant depletion of the mineral magnesium in the urine. Magnesium deficiency can cause nervous disorders such as tremors or severe morning fatigue. To put the odds on your side, go for foods containing a good amount of this mineral as nuts, legumes and whole grain cereals.

4)  Chocolate
ChocolateYou'll be pleased to learn that delicious pleasure of life contains phenylethylamine as well as theobromine, two substances that stimulate the secretion of serotonin. Recall that the neurotransmitter serotonin is happiness! But admit that even without it, the chocolate is so good that just tasting it can put a smile on anybody's face.

5)  Foods rich in vitamin B6
A deficiency of vitamin B6 can lead to symptoms of depression and irritability. Although such deficiency is relatively rare in a countries like ours, the users of oral contraceptives should be more attentive to their B6 levels. Studies have shown that users of oral contraceptives were significantly more likely to become B6 deficient than the regular population. Bananas, chicken, breakfast cereals, and potatoes are all good sources of B6.

6)  Foods rich in iron
Anemia is a condition called by an iron deficiency that leads to extreme fatigue. Due to the higher blood demands of women because of menstruation, women are more likely to become anemic. Eating bran flakes (breakfast cereals), red meat, lentils or spinach is a good way to regulate iron levels. But be careful not to consume these foods with tea, because the tannins found in tea greatly decreases absorption.

7)  Foods rich in tyrosine
Foods rich in tyrosineTyrosine is actually an amino acid that plays a role in regulating mood. Stress and overwork can lower our levels of tyrosine in the brain and thus disrupt our emotions and reduce our ability to concentrate. By consuming foods that contain this amino acid more often, we increase or likelihood of having optimal blood levels. Bet on meats, poultry, fish and eggs.

8)  Mealtimes
I've already mentioned that skipping breakfast could lead to binging on food later in the day. Skipping breakfast can play on your mood by disrupting blood sugar and causing a decrease in blood sugar. Spacing meals out during the day keeps blood sugar levels regulated, making sure that your mood will be stable throughout the day.

comfort food like chili9)  Comfort food
Spaghetti or other home style meals can be heartwarming to us. They are often associated with family, friends and good times. Meals like Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas dinner invoke positive emotions. Although the phenomenon has no scientific explanation, comfort food comforts the body, mind, and soul!

10)  Physical exercise
Recent studies suggest that exercise is extremely beneficial in eliminating the symptoms of depression. These benefits are associated with the secretion of endorphins, a natural mood enhancer. We can not ignore the benefits that physical activity brings. Anyway when you move, you feel better!

Physical exercise

I hope these tips shed some light on lifting or even curing depression for you.  If you know anyone else who has some depression please share this with them so they too can be helped.





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