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By: anonymous - at January 17, 2013

Reality Creation and my Story

Reality CreationEvery single human being takes part in creating their own reality.  Many of us do it subconsciously without even knowing.  The theory is that when you dedicate all of your positive energy and thoughts toward something you believe in, it will happen.  Some receive miraculous results from praying to God or a Higher Power of their choosing.  Others lead a happy and fulfilling life simply because they decided that they will, and made it happen by guiding their energy toward manifesting that reality.

The media and television are spreading fear which has a controlling effect on humans.  It's hard to accept that you're in control of your own life when the media's messages are mass-produced and condition our responses making us passive and cooperative.  Fear will stop you from being able to live the life that you want.  Never feed fear, by giving it some of your attention and energy it can potentially control you.

A little while back I had a large collection of negative and incredibly scary movies.  Most of those movies were very well put together, but after you were done watching them you never felt good about yourself.  I appreciate the movies for what they are, I just don't want to subject myself to those dark feelings anymore.  Instead I'll relax and enjoy a comedic movie that will make me laugh and enjoy things in my life more.  You can very easily feel the vibes focused in the mind from movies, and decide whether or not they produce positive or negative energy.

Testing Your Balance of Energy

I thought I might add muscle testing into this article, being that it is an uncommon practice as far as I know.  I'm sure there's more information online about it.  The idea is to test the body for negative and positive responses that it generates as a reaction to external stimuli.  Having a balanced and overall calm body energy is needed to have the most accurate results.

  1. Take your middle finger and your thumb.
  2. Make a circle with them.
  3. Do the same for your other hand.
  4. Put one circle inside of the other circle. (Varies if you are left or right handed.)
  5. Now say something as a fact and try to break open the outer circle with the inner circle. Not too hard, but firmly apply pressure.

Your body should be able to give you a negative or positive response depending on whether or not the circle you are putting pressure on breaks or stays strong. (If it breaks, that's a negative responsive, same the other way around.)

Good VibesEX: I knew somebody who would always test their movies on an energy scale from 1 to 1000.  1000 being the greatest possible energy and 1 being the lowest and most lifeless movie. They would say something like, "Batman Begins is a 200 on the energy scale," and then test it with their muscles.  You can deduce what a certain object's energy level is by guessing until you find the right number.  This test can be done with anything on this earth.  You can test the energy of a room, your music, the people you are around, and even your animals.

The more you know the better, or is it worse to be highly knowledgeable about the harsh facts of life?  Hence the phrase ignorance is bliss. Sometimes the simplest people are the happiest among us.  They set their mind on a few things and make sure those few things are handled.  The simpler people seem to have a stronger mindset because it is not as fuddled by all the possibilities of other outside influences.  Decide what you want to do, and lay out what you have to do to make it happen.

Only allow happy and good feelings into your energy pool.  Everybody, no matter what, is subjected to constant negative influences every day.  There are always nasty and vile energies waiting for you to allow them into your energy and to hold your attention.  They must be ignored and are not to be focused on.  On the other hand there are beautiful, wonderful things right there around you.  They hope you decide to choose them instead of the negative things, as you should.  Feed the power of good energy as it flows through you.  You will be rewarded, respected, and you will feel the power behind it.

My Reality Creation Story

Here's my story of how I created a reality for myself so that I could stay alive and avoid a dark path.  I escaped from a bad place after about 5 months of incarceration.  I created the reality of myself not being locked up.  I believed in getting out and never going back.  Shortly after being adjudicated on some heavy drug charges I was transferred from a juvenile detention center completely shackled, to a haunted inpatient rehabilitation center.  Many people had died in the rooms that we were sleeping in, and most of the kids there were directly out of a juvenile prison called  the Department of Youth Services (DYS).

While I was in there, the doctors told me there was something wrong with my liver enzyme count which made me very worried and anxious.  I remember thinking I might die from it, but somehow I knew deep in my heart that everything would be okay.  This difficult experience is what shaped and brought me to how I feel today.  Just knowing that it was going to be alright and the world was going to keep turning with me on it made the entire situation easier to deal with.

The boss there had just assembled a "horseshoe meeting" the night before.  According to the other juveniles, somebody always got kicked out and sent back to jail whenever there was one of these meetings.  The problem in the institution was that people were fighting more than normal.  I used one of the moves my friend showed me during a fight with a larger kid and the deputy officer witnessed it.  Later in the day when I was watching TV, the boss of the establishment asked me whether or not I had done this.  I replied that I had.  I had very recently witnessed 2 kids get swarmed by probation officers and taken directly to prison for similar offenses which made me extremely nervous.

My heart told me that he was either going to make me stay inside the establishment for much longer than necessary, or send me back to jail.  If I was to be sent back to jail I would most likely get more time added to my sentence.  What the doctors had told me gave the impression that I may be dying and my overall health was in jeopardy.  The doctor told me, "If you continue to drink alcohol, you will not make it past your early 20s."  I was under the impression that I may have contracted hepatitis from tattooing myself when I was younger.  My mind was frantic and racing when I knew that I was about to be screwed over royally if I didn't use my own free will to change it.  I decided that I would rather die than spend the rest of my life locked up in some facility.

If you ran from the facility you would almost definitely be caught because the facility was extremely isolated.  There were a couple stories of people who escaped by going to the Wal-Mart a few miles away and using the phone to get a ride.  It seemed too risky for me, and I knew if I got caught trying to escape there would be serious consequences.

Alcoholics Anonymous MeetingWhat did I do?  That night, half of the group of us were attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in another city.  The whole van ride there, my buddy pointed out good places to go.  At the meeting I asked to use the restroom and walked out the back door to freedom.  It was such an empowering feeling.  Everything was so bright with color and full of energy.

I knew that I had to do something to avoid getting caught.  I walked a few miles to a gas station and used the phone there.  None of the people's numbers I remembered could help me.  Nothing would break my determination to get away.  The woman at the gas station told me the last bus for the night would be coming through soon.  I had no money, but I decided to chance it and run over to the bus station anyway.  Something changed in my head at that moment.  I just knew I would get away from there and find a place to stay.

When I arrived at the bus station there was nobody to be found.  It did not even really look like a bus station.  So I stood there and waited with no money.  I figured I would ask the bus driver for a free ride or something.  I didn't know exactly what I was going to do, but I knew whatever happened would work out in the end.

An elderly man walked up to the bus station and was yelling into his cell phone about how he had changed his decision about wanting to take a greyhound out of state.  After he got off his cell phone, I talked to him briefly and he said that I would get in trouble for riding the bus with no money.  I asked him where he was staying.  He ended up walking away from me.  Just as my hope slightly started to fade, he handed me a bus pass saying, "You're going to need this more than I do.  There's a homeless shelter in Canton.  Go there.  They will take care of you.  Good luck."

I hopped on the bus when it arrived.  It took everybody to the Greyhound station in Canton.  I stepped off of the bus and I was in a pretty bad neighborhood.  I asked a few people at the bus stop if they knew where the homeless shelter was and finally figured out that it was on Maple Street.  After walking a few blocks up, I smelled the nasty, plastic smell of crack coming out of one of the garages.  That's how I knew I was in a bad place.  Right around the corner from that garage was the homeless shelter.

The homeless shelter I arrived at was full of convicts right out of the penitentiary.  I found who was running the place and waited outside the door for a while.  It was an old plump man who was just trying to help all of the unfortunate people there.  There really was kindness in his heart.  I gave them all fake names, which is why the homeless center wouldn't put me up in an apartment.  The man who owned the place talked to me for a while and ended up giving me two dollars for a bus pass and a place to stay for the night.  I made my bed in the hallway and laid there thinking about what the hell I was going to do the next day and whether or not somebody would find me.  It was a gut wrenching feeling.  My heart was beating at 100 miles an hour for the next few days.

A man there who had just gotten out of an Ohio penitentiary approached me and we talked.  He told me to watch my things because the people around there might steal from me.  I could tell that there was much sorrow and despair in his face.  He was at least 7 feet tall.  He really felt bad that I had no place to go and was so young.  He told me about his involvement with an Islamic prison gang while he was locked up.

Have FaithI woke up and had breakfast.  The tall Islamic guy sat next to me and we played cards.  He was trying to find a way to make money.  I really hope he did.  After eating I said I had to be on my way soon.  I was about to go buy another bus pass and take it over to Akron attempting to get a foothold on my situation.  The man sold me 3 bus passes and 10 cigarettes for 2 dollars.  I ran into him again at the bus station and he let me have his cell phone.  I felt this was another blessing I received just from having faith, and believing that everything was going to work out.

Upon returning to Akron, I contacted an old friend of mine who said I could stay with him if I was on the run.  My friend was very religious, and living with him helped me open up to God again.  I remember when I was locked up, the other kids would get mad at me when I was questioning God in front of them.  After my experience I have no doubt that God is very real.

The final problem I had to deal with was my outstanding warrant.  I was finally free but having a warrant out there really increased my chances of getting hemmed up.  Hope was the only thing I had to get me out of my situation.  My mother helped me to get a lawyer and to go to the doctor.  Whatever was wrong with my liver amazingly disappeared.  My grandparents wrote a check so I could go to a wilderness therapy course, which would eventually relieve my warrant and allow me to be 100% free.  I even quit smoking for a while.

Although some of my old habits have crept back in slightly, it's important to me to always keep a positive attitude and continue to move forward with my life.  There will always be setbacks, but you have to learn from them and keep moving on.  If you dwell on something bad that happened to you, it will take you over and stop you from improving your situation.  I've found meditating helps me to get rid of all the emotions that are attached to difficulties I may encounter.  It's a good way to relax if there's something really bugging you.  Enjoy your life as much as you can, it can be a wonderful gift or a terrible curse.  It is up to you to decide whether life will be truly enjoyable or miserable by creating your own reality.





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