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Sleep Paralysis – An Opportunity for Something More

SleepingHave you ever tried waking up and suddenly you can’t seem to move anything but your eyes. You try to shout but your lips are shut tight. And then after a few minutes, you finally have control over your body. A lot of people might say this event is caused by a bad entity. Some people would even see some kind of demon lurking around or right in front of their faces. Are these things just hallucinations because of waking up from a lucid nightmare? Or could this scary situation become something more?

The general term for being unable to move your body upon waking up is “sleep paralysis”. Sleep paralysis occurs to prevent a person from acting out his/her dreams. Some studies show that sleep paralysis occurs more to people with sleeping disorders. Other people who have experienced sleep paralysis claimed that it tends to happen after a very realistic dream. Obviously, you lessen the chances of it happening when you sleep regularly. Another method is not to sleep on your back. Research says that sleeping on your back increases the chance of suffering from sleep paralysis. But there is an alternative to this. Instead of preventing sleep paralysis, why not look at it as an opportunity for something else?

Out of Body Experience
What’s interesting is it links to a situation called, OBE (Out of Body Experience). There are some cases where during sleep paralysis, some people experience floating off their bed and see themselves sleeping when they turn around. What’s more surprising is that after they regain their consciousness, they see the exact same things they saw from when they were floating around their room. In some countries, the elders believed this to be a bad thing. They believed that it’s the soul floating up away from the body and it could get lost and never return. Conclusively, it’s a dangerous situation for them. But we’re in a new century now and most people wouldn’t search for advice from the elders. Instead, they go to the Internet for scientific and factual answers. If you ever research about OBE over the Internet you will see that definitions will vary. OBE is simply switching your consciousness to another body of yours that is already co-existing with your physical body. Some call this the Astral body.

Energy is Everywhere
Astral bodyEverything is made up of energy, this notion was proven by one of the pioneers of science, Albert Einstein. His equation E=MC2 means that Energy is equal to mass. That means everything that our five senses translate to our mind is energy. Your hand is made up of energy, so are the other parts of your body, as well as everything you see, feel, touch, smell and hear. Our Astral Body is another form of energy that exists with our physical body but vibrates in a different frequency. There are other bodies of energy aside from the Astral Body; one commonly known example is the soul. However, the Astral Body vibrates more closely to the physical so it’s easier to shift our consciousness there and while our Physical Body rests, we can still be conscious in our Astral Body.

Practical Purpose
What can you do with OBE? There are a lot of things you could do outside your physical body. Talk to your guardian angels or relatives that have passed away, fly to far away destinations and be there faster than a plane could, shift to another multiverse, go to outer space and visit other planets and a lot more. You could imagine how broad this topic can be. It goes from the many branches of science to spirituality. The only thing you have to do is be knowledgeable about it and it will be easier for you to do. We always do it in our sleep, so you could expect it to be easier than learning how to play an instrument for the first time.

Professional Research
There is a company that is famous for researching about OBE topics. It’s called the Monroe Institute founded by Robert Monroe. Robert Monroe wrote books about OBE and I would say you will never find a good article about OBE that does not have his name on it. Robert Monroe wrote about his travels (experiences out of the body), what he saw outside, and the things he did. What’s great about his experience is that he did all of it scientifically. He always connects it with psychology, neurology and other branches of science. The Monroe Institute developed a sound wave based from binaural beats and called it Hemi Sync to help synchronize the brain. Lately however, more groups are creating their own version of the binaural beat. It plays two different frequencies in both ears and the mind gradually blends the two. A binaural beat works by “defragging” the brain. It is believed that it can make the mind think clearer, retain stronger memory, increase focus and of course aid in achieving OBE.

Astral Tips
There are different techniques out there for everyone to try but not every technique is for everyone. You just have to try and see what suits you the best. Here is one of the many methods that you can try to be able to experience OBE or astral projection.

  • When you are ready to lie down, tell yourself: “I will keep my mind awake, body asleep”. That is the key to astral projection: being able to keep your mind awake while your physical body dozes off.
  • Lie on your back and position yourself as comfortable as possible.
  • Keep your arms and hands rested comfortably by your side.
  • Wear light clothing and do not lie underneath heavy covers. Also, remove accessories or jewelries that could distract you from your astral projection.
  • Once you are lying down in a comfortable position, take deep and long breaths; stay focused on your breathing.
  • Once you feel really relaxed, allow your breathing to flow as naturally as possible. No focus is required at this point.
  • The moment you feel a tingling or vibration, don’t try to control it or get too excited. Stay relaxed. The tingling sensation is the first sign that your astral body is starting to get out of your physical body.
  • Never lie down with a heavy stomach.

It’s during the vibration phase where weird things happen. You may hear loud banging sounds, or some kind of loud voice from someone inside the room. The important thing is to remain calm during this stage. It will not take long for you to get out after those events.

Astral projection OBE

If this method does not work, I advise you to just keep looking and trying out other techniques. The experience may be different at times but you will be surprised how many people have experienced this OBE or astral projection. Happy traveling and keep researching.





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