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How to Achieve Ultimate Happiness

Set Point
Get HappierMost people who are severely unhappy usually have had a bad experience as a child. Unhappy people have a brain mechanism that interprets most situations as problems and will hold in their emotions. Happy people interpret these same situations as opportunities. A person's set point or their out take on daily activities is responsible for 40% of their ultimate happiness.

Cognitive Therapy
Change your thoughts to ensure positive thinking. For example: I may have been a victim in my past, but I don’t have to remain that way. A good way to do this is through meditation. Deep breathing and relaxation allows for deep thinking about one’s life.

Voluntary Activities
Another way to release emotion is through creative expression or the happiness of another person. In both situations a deeper level of self is being accessed which can actually generate positive results that could last a lifetime. Finding an activity you’re truly passionate about and enjoy is a great release.

7 Ways to Change Your Outlook

1) Take responsibility for your present self:  Give up the blame and guilt from the past. Take responsibility for yourself and do not put your fate into someone else's hands. If you put the blame on another person's shoulders, you are waiting for someone else to change so that your pain can be alleviated. You could be waiting forever. Take matters into your own hands and release the need to change anyone else. Focus on changing yourself.

2) Dissect what you're feeling:  Witness your emotion without being used by it. Try to think rationally with a clear mind. Condition yourself to feel the same way over and over every time you're confronted with the same situation. Locate where the feeling is in your body and learn to master it. When you have these feelings locating them in your body can depress the inner mental voice that keeps these feelings alive.

Express Yourself3) Label your feelings:  Whatever feeling this is (anger, sadness, depression, sexual tension, fear, frustration) give it a name. Don't use judgmental words like betrayal, disappointment, or hurt- any word that implies blaming someone else. Naming your feeling helps you recognize what you are dealing with because you're being simple and truthful. You aren't falling for the complicated story where strong emotions cloud our vision. Every story is about one thing, the past. Your sensations and feelings are in the present.

4) Express what you feel:  First, write it down. Then try to express this situation from another person's point of view. Then again write the position from a third person point of view as if you're not involved in the situation. The emotion you're feeling begins to lose it's power. You've expanded your awareness about these feelings and are beginning to understand them in a different light. Everyone's first reaction is to get wrapped up in one point of view, and that is their own.

5) Share what you feel:  Share your feelings with someone you trust and feel comfortable around whether it be a parent, a sibling, another family member, a friend, or an outside source such as a therapist. Share the whole process and your true feelings, including all three points of view. Don't just prolong sharing your point of view. It’s very important to get the full spectrum understanding of your feelings, to get to the root of the problem. Your aim is to get a true reflection, which a good and caring listener will provide. Ultimately this should give your some type of reflection and acceptance of the situation.

6) Release the toxic feelings through rituals:  Devise your own ceremony that symbolically purifies your life of this particular emotion of "toxin.” Perform a ritual (something safe such as throwing/putting away pictures, going for a run, visiting somewhere or someone for the last time) that afterward will allow you to say, "From this moment I'm free”.

7) Celebrate the release and move on:  Honor your release through shared joy and gratitude. You will be celebrating an ending and a new beginning. You are validating that you deserve to be free and happy, which is a huge step! You are leaving the past in the past and moving forward with your life. Everyone deserves happiness and releasing these toxins from your body can give you that opportunity again. Letting go of things that you cannot change is hard, but can lead to your ultimate happiness.

Be Happy!

Conditioning is a learned habit and must be done continuously to be mastered. Do all seven steps until you feel you're skilled at recognizing these emotions that pain you, witnessing them, sharing them, and then removing the toxic energy from your body.





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