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How To Be Comfortable In Uncomfortable Situations

emotional intelligenceIntroduction
I want to talk to you today about how to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations. So on any given week we feel a whole ray of emotions: Anger, sadness, being irritable, frustrated, overwhelmed and as soon as we feel these feelings we immediately start to label them and judge them and we have thoughts like: "I don't want to be feeling this way," "I want to shift out of this as quickly as possible," "How can I get out of this?" "How did I get in to this?" "This is wrong," "This is bad."

Human Beings Are Emotional Creatures
emotionsBut here is the thing, those emotions are not bad. No emotion is either all the way bad or good. They are just emotions and they actually have a great gift in them when we let ourselves feel them and when we have all these thoughts and we are judging them, we are actually disconnecting from ourselves from the shoulders down.

When in our heads, we are not feeling our feelings, we are not feeling our body and we are not connected to our true essence inside of ourselves. So what you really want to do is be able to be in those experiences, feel those emotions and let them be okay, which is tricky to do! It is not always easy to be in an uncomfortable situation or be angry at somebody and to let that be okay and to not judge it. Also to not have thoughts about it, to be able to be relaxed and to be calm. When you can do that, then you can find the gift that is in the situation.

Hot Sauce Meditation
So the best way to practice this is to have an exercise and experience or a challenge which of course I have for you. That is what this little bottle here is, this is hot sauce. Actually, this is Maui Pepper Mango Meltdown hot sauce. This particular one has habanero pepper.

My challenge for you is to get your own hot sauce. Any flavor, any type of pepper will do and if you happen to like hot sauce, get the hottest one you can find. I actually did not like hot sauce until a couple of months ago, even regular pepper was too spicy for me but then I started this practice and I love it so much that now we have like seven bottles in our house. So, the practice is you put a little bit of hot sauce on your finger. You put it in your mouth, on your tongue and your initial reaction is, "Oh my gosh, this is awful. This is bad. I have a five-alarm fire in my mouth."

This needs to stop as soon as possible because that's just your mind running rapid and so the practice starts with quieting your mind, letting the thoughts pass in one ear and out the other and letting it be okay, telling yourself that its totally okay and fine, this is not a bad situation.

Your second thing to do is to really breathe and relax. So just focus on your breath, relax your body and just be present with what's going on.

Keep Your Mouth Closed
woman with mouth zippedYour third step is do not open your mouth, whatever you do. If the air comes in, you're in trouble and even in life, right? A lot of times we want to immediately talk or say something and it is better to be quiet and to be in ourselves and to be with what's going on for us. So, keep your mouth closed, generate a lot of saliva in your mouth because that will help and then see what you can feel. So oftentimes there's a burning sensation. That is all we focus on is the burning, how bad it is but when you do steps one, two, three, you will actually start to notice it. It is a tingling sensation and that tingling sensation is actually pretty pleasurable and when you can feel that tingling sensation, then notice what area of your mouth is it on. Is it in front of your mouth? Back of your mouth, the sides and when you really start to develop this practice deeper, you can magnify that tingling sensation and even move it through different parts of your body and that can become really pleasurable and that's the gift in this particular experience. But in real life, the gift can be a plethora of other things.

Homework Assignment
homeworkThis is my challenge for you this week, get your own special little bottle of hot sauce. Try out the experiment. Let me know how it goes. Post the comment below and just start training your body to be comfortable in these uncomfortable situations. Make sure to share this with a friend if you think that they could benefit from taking on the challenge and learning how to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations and to let themselves really feel what their emotions are. Much love, look forward to hearing your comments below.





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