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Ideas for a Craft-Station Sleepover Party

craft sleepoverKids love sleepovers! Friends, junk-food, staying up late; what more could a kid want? I enjoy creating themed sleepover parties for my daughter such as a “Princess Sleepover Party” or “Camp-out Sleepover”. Recently we had a “Craft-Station” sleepover party and it turned out to be a big hit! The kids loved making all the craft projects, and many of the projects turned out to be so much fun. The kids created sentimental keepsakes that serve as reminders of the sleepover with their friends. I would like to share some of the great ideas that really made this party so special and fun. These ideas are fun to do anytime and for any occasion!

Different Ideas to Try
I chose my dining room table and kitchen counter to create “mini-stations” all around the edge of each. I have used Styrofoam or paper plates to contain the materials used in some of the mini-stations. On the large area rug in my living room, I created the “big-stations” that way the kids could sprawl out and have plenty of room to work on these projects.

fun with paint

Here are some ideas for the mini-stations:

  • Decorate a Brownie/Cupcake: For this, just have a tray of frosted cupcakes or brownies ready (or unfrosted if you wish to have the kids frost them) and have different containers of toppings to decorate with. Some examples for topping could be crushed Oreo's, different types of sprinkles, gummy worms or bears, m&m’s, different colors of sugar sprinkles, miniature marshmallows, etc….
  • Farm Snow GlobeMake a Friendship Bracelet: Have different colored string and beads, I like using letter beads to give the bracelets a personal touch. You could even add personalized charms that can be bought at most craft stores.
  • Temporary Tattoos or Face Paint: Have a station set up where kids could either select a cool temporary tattoo or get their faces painted. This is so fun at sleepovers! You don’t even have to be an artist to do the face painting.  There are kits out there with special face paints and stencils that can make your job a lot easier.
  • Fun With Paper: Have different sized paper squares cut out of different colored and patterned paper. It is fun to create different origami crafts out of paper and there are plenty of easy ideas online. The kids could also create paper airplanes and decorate them with markers. They could even have a contest to see which plane flies the farthest.
  • Paint and Decorate Photo Frames: It is easy to find plain wooden photo frames at a craft store or dollar store. They are not that expensive. You can create a station with different paints and decorations for the kids to design their own photo frames.  Make sure to take many photos of the kids having fun at their craft sleepover party. If you have the right equipment, you could even print out photos of the kids at the party and place them into the frames as keepsakes for the kids.
  • Make Personalized Snow Globes: This is such a fun activity for kids.  Not only is it fun but these homemade snow globes also make great keepsakes.

Here are some ideas for the big-stations:

  • decorative flashlightDecorate a Flashlight: Basic plastic flashlights can be bought for very low prices, and kids love to play with flashlights at sleepovers! Use different patterned and colored duct-tape and stickers to wrap and decorate the flashlights with. Cut out different small shapes of colored cellophane and tape to the clear bulb-cover (best with LED flashlights to avoid over-heating). This creates multicolored shape illumination effects.
  • Keepsake T-Shirts or Canvas Totes: Have a plain t-shirt or canvas tote for each child to decorate with fabric markers or fabric paint. They could even put all of their handprints with non-toxic fabric paint, writing their names under with a fabric marker to make these a truly sentimental keepsake. The canvas totes are also great to put all of the kids’ newly-made craft items in to take home. Just remember that this can get messy so be prepared to cover the floor or workspace with old newspaper or towels.
  • Make Your Own Pillow: Out of soft material such as fleece or faux fur, cut out two big squares or circles. With scissors, carefully cut slits into the edge about 4 inches deep and spaced about an inch or so apart. Simply begin to tie the two pieces of material together until it is about ¾’s finished. Then stuff with polyester fiber filling and continue to tie the rest of the slits together until the pillow is complete.

make your own pillow

  • Make Sock Puppets and Theater: Use yarn, buttons, squiggle eyes, pipe cleaners, fabric markers, and felt to create fun and unique sock puppets. I like to buy a pack of plain white tube socks for this project, but you could use clean gently used socks as well. The kids may also enjoy creating a puppet theater stage out of a cardboard box and craft supplies. This is also a great group activity and they will have so much fun creating a puppet show.

sock puppet theater

Kids will have a blast with these fun ideas and they will surely bring out their creative sides.  Most of these activities are very inexpensive and fun for all ages as well. So the next time your kids want to have a sleepover, give a craft-station themed party a try. It is sure to make them smile as they make fun things and create new memories.





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