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Beginnersí Guide to Taking Photos

Are you a beginner who likes taking photos? Have you ever wondered what it takes to capture great scenes? Having a good camera does not automatically make somebody a great photographer. To be more productive, one must have the knowledge on how the camera actually works in order to produce great looking shots. The camera is a very helpful equipment to capture great photos but taking stunning pictures depends on who is using the camera; the photographer. Digital cameras have given people so much chance to point, shoot and share photos quickly but there is so much to know than just framing indiscriminately.

There are so many things that are worth snapping a picture of, but many photography beginners overlook those opportunities to get spectacular pictures. Additionally, most people would think that they need expensive cameras to get quality pictures. For some others, great photographs are generated with luck. Whether you have the most expensive or second hand camera, knowing and understanding concepts and how to use camera settings in your favor will yield fantastically professional results.

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Here are some tips for beginners:

1. Know the basic composition rules
The very heart of photography is the composition or the way elements in photos are positioned in the frame. Perhaps one of the easiest and most commonly utilized is the rule of thirds. Most new cameras have this function available, so all you need to do is to activate it before shooting. When unavailable, it is done by dividing your frame into nine squares of the same size. When taking shots, align your subject with the intersections and lines for a more dramatic effect. Absolutely, this is more interesting than seeing pictures with the subject all located in the middle of the frame.

2. Donít be in the rush to buy the most expensive cameras
professional photographerDifferent from what many would think, you can take great photos even with an inexpensive camera. With your understanding of basic photo composition, shooting well requires only the simplest camera to create great work. If you have a very expensive camera but know nothing about photography, your work will still look dull and uninspired. It is better to spend some money learning the art of taking pictures than spending money on expensive cameras. Invest more time on understanding concepts than equipment first.

3. Donít be afraid to experiment with camera settings
Digital cameras may make photography so simple that all you need to do is to press the shutter. While this might work for taking simple images, there are so many situations where your knowledge of the camera and its settings make a difference. Even if you only have the point and shoot camera, familiarizing its multiple settings goes a long way in getting better photos.

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\Spend some time testing to determine which settings perform best. You can take a single subject framed at different settings. Experimenting on your settings makes you discover new techniques that will give best results the next time you take photos.

4. Keep your camera close to you at all times
Andre Street holding cameraOpportunities for great photos come unexpectedly, so it is best to keep your equipment ready. It doesnít even matter how little you have taken on a certain day. When you take photos of the scenes around you, you not only get to see the beauty of the world from a different perspective, but also improve your skills. The more familiar you are with your camera, its settings and the techniques for many different situations, the more youíll get to distinguish great shots from lousy ones. After a certain time, you will realize that you are getting much more visual and better at using your equipment to pick and take great shots.

5. Begin with simple subjects
Subjects of photography are everywhere. There are so many things to capture even when you are just sitting in the living room or roaming around your backyard garden. Simple subjects almost always deliver great shots. When you decide to take photos of simple things, it is easier for you to pay attention to one detail than trying to capture so many at once. If things are easily framed, it is easier to accomplish the photographic composition in mind. Be certain on what you want your photo to be like, and take away any distracting elements that may be present. When a single thing is in focus, it is easier to get the best possible shot.

Anybody who has a camera can snap countless shots and become fortunate enough to take few decent photos. Understanding the basics of photography can improve your skills way more than buying an expensive camera will ever. There is more to taking great photos than just pressing the shutter at any angle, anytime. As beginners, learn something essential to obtain better photos.


When taking excellent shots talent comes first, equipment comes second. Learn techniques and continue continue building your confidence as far as your eye for photography. There is nothing more rewarding than understanding how great photos are captured and having the know how to achieve this on your own.





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