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10 Creepy Hospitals and Asylums around the World

Creepy hospital hallwayA hospital is an institution that provides healthcare and medical assistance to those who need them. It is a symbol of safety, a catalyst of protection, and sometimes an omen of death, depending on one's personal perspective. Through the years, hospitals have been staples of everything creepy and paranormal. Stories about dead patients, insane doctors, avenging spirits, walking corpses, headless attendants, and every combination of scary adjectives and hospital-related nouns have already spread like wildfire. The medical world would always try and dispel this negative notion about hospitals, but the existence of these health institutions isn’t really helping.

10)  Norwich State Hospital
Location:  Preston, Connecticut and Norwich, Connecticut

In 1904, a health institution housed 95 clinically insane and demented patients, in hopes that they can cure at least half of them. That right there is a creepy premise for a horror movie. Norwich State Hospital in Norwich-Preston Connecticut became home for people who have mental problems. The founders used methods of mechanical restraint and hydrotherapy, which is the staple procedure on psycho flicks. The hospital managed to expand and housed more patients, but pretty soon the patients started dying. Some started to commit suicide, while some chose to kill others. Even the employee count decreased in a mysterious way, as many would claim they saw ghosts. Some unlucky staff members fell victim to the patients.

Norwitch State Hospital
By CLK Hatcher, via Wikimedia Commons

Scream Factor:  Being in an asylum is a stressful thing indeed, but not if you’re in Norwich. If an institution got dubbed ‘Home of the World’s Criminally Insane Patients’, you know they’re not fooling around. One patient in particular, even killed his own wife while escaping the institute. This place was so infamous that when it finally closed down in 1971, people were actually glad about it.

Metropolitan State Hospital:
Metropolitan State
By Crash575, via Wikimedia Commons

9)  Metropolitan State Hospital
Location:  Waltham, Massachusetts
Located in the city of Waltham, the Metropolitan State Hospital housed around 1,000 mentally-challenged patients before closing in 1992. After that, things just went downhill. Rotting asbestos, mildewed plaster, broken ceilings, and the perfectly-crafted-for-the-depressed-people architecture all managed to stink up the place. John Travolta even set foot in it to shoot a film about children being killed by contaminated water. Guess where the dirty water came from.

Scream Factor: Cadaver scavenger hunt! In 1978, patient Melvin Wilson decided to kill his co-patient Anne Marie Davee. To make it more interesting, he chopped her head off and buried her dismembered carcass in different parts of the place. Wilson allegedly kept seven teeth of Davee, possibly to repair his dentures, earning the hospital a moniker ‘Hospital of the Seven Teeth’.

Severalls Hospital
Laura-Ann, via Wikimedia Commons

8)  Severalls Hospital
Location:  Essex, UK

Severalls Hospital in Colchester, Essex, UK was the best place for lobotomy enthusiasts to hang out. Back in the 40s, doctors could freely subject their patients to fun eye-hammering activities. They would sometimes electrocute the poor patients, maybe to see how much a human body twitches when tickled by electricity. The practices in the institute have been deemed immoral and inappropriate. After its closure in 1997, it has been vandalized and occasionally burned, probably by drunks and former patients who would love to see their little piece of hell destroyed and burned to the ground.

Scream Factor:  The mere mention of ‘lobotomy’ is basically a taboo in the Psychology world, so the fact that a place actually built for the purpose of it is quite riveting. This just proves that crazy people need treatment, not to be treated like plastic test dummies with no emotion and reflexes.

7)  Nocton Hall Hospital
Location:  Nocton, in Lincolnshire, England

War is a topic that people don’t really agree on but at the same time you would agree it’s inevitable. Whatever a person’s perspective on war is, most of us would agree that war results in lots of damage and death. Nocton Hall Hospital was one of the institutions that has seen and felt the effects of World War II. A former manor home, Nocton Hall was chosen to be a hospital of American soldiers recovering after the war. People who have stayed in the hospital reported hearing a girl sobbing and telling the patients a certain devilish man did something to her.

 Nocton hall
thorpe, via Wikimedia Commons

Scream Factor:  Picture this: you’re a wounded soldier who just lost your arm in an explosion. You’re just lying in bed thinking of what things you can now do without your left hand. Then out of nowhere, a ghostly girl appeared at your feet and started crying all over the place. Of course you’ll freak out, but you only have one arm, and it’s broken too! You can’t really shoo her away, you don’t have a healthy arm to do it. What would you do?

6)  An Old Hospital In Pula, Croatia
Bandaged victimThe above header is not a result of lazy research or bad Google skills. It is exactly like that because the hospital actually has no name. A photographer named Igor Zgrablic posted photos of his tour in this unknown Croatian hospital, and the creepiness this man braved was not put to waste. The abandoned hospital grounds will really drive a man insane. Small rooms, some consider them prison cells, show evidence that patients actually stayed there. The photos were really unsettling, and a personal tour would really make for a great adventure.

Scream Factor:  Browsing through the portfolio of the unnamed institute, there’s this picture of a girl who’s just staring at the camera. The creepiness level of the place just went up. Ideas would spring out of your mind that maybe her eyes would look somewhere else once you turn your back to her. That’s a fun story about your Croatian trip you could tell your friends about.

5)  Railroad Hospital Also Known as Linda Vista
Location:  Los Angeles, California

This allegedly haunted institute became popular among ghost enthusiasts in America. LA’s Linda Vista started operation way back in 1905, providing patients with fresh fruit, vegetables, and dairy products. Eventually, the business declined and the hospital closed in 1991. Apparently, this became the invitation spirits needed to enter and haunt the place. The hospital is basically a labyrinth of rooms and hallways, and the decaying smell of wood and old stuff would surely entice any undead being.

Linda Vista
By Downtowngal (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons

Scream Factor:  If you take a tour of the hospital, you’ll probably have the creeps too. There’s one room full of scribbles and notes that patients apparently wrote as their sanity vanished into oblivion. A big ‘The End Is Near’ painted in red seals the room’s overall design. The place became a hotspot for urban explorers and ghost investigators, paving the way to the abandoned hospital’s star in Hollywood as the perfect psycho-hospital blockbuster.

4)  Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital
Location:  Korea

Gonjiam Psychiatric hospital
Who knew the land of everything Korea would hide a sinister place behind their grandeur? Considered as one of South Korea’s three main haunted places, this hospital is complete with an equally creepy background story. Fifteen years ago, this fully functioning institute suddenly closed because patients just started dying randomly. These reported deaths lead to mysterious causes. To add more flavor to the mystery, the doctors also started dying from unknown causes. Hospital staff members can’t really explain the situation to the families and that’s why authorities just decided to close it down.

Scream Factor:  The prestige that this place is getting is really something to brag about. CNN Go picked Gonjiam as one of the seven freakiest places on Earth, with the likes of Chernobyl Amusement Park in Ukraine and Aokigahara Forest of Japan. It even attracts tourists from around the world, having an average of 1,000 visitors. Taking a tour of it, it really looks like people did die mysteriously in the Gonjam hospital.

3)  Beechworth Lunatic Asylum
Location:  Beechworth, a town of Victoria, Australia

Considered as one of Australia’s most haunted locations, Beechworth has so many stories to tell. For one, the institute lasted 128 years, so that’s pretty much a story in itself. Another factor to consider is that over 9,000 patients met their fate at this very frightening asylum – to be clear 9,000 patients died here. Reports of mysterious disappearances have been recorded and subsequently the stories have faded into nothingness. Members of the staff apparently kept jars with human body parts in them, possibly as trophy for their hard work. A mysterious fire burned the jars along with any other evidence out of existence. Beechworth offers ghost tours to visitors who would want to meet a roster of ghosts haunting the asylum.

Beechwood insane asylum

Scream Factor:  This hospital became a ghost theater as ghosts just started casually appearing to guests having third eyes, catapulting the ghosts to stardom. The roster of ghosts includes Matron Sharpe, the compassionate nurse; Tommy Kennedy, the dead cook; Arthur, the hardworking gardener; an attention-hungry girl, and a girl standing by the window, among others. By the way, the founder believed that the moon is causing all the voices in his head.

2)  Clark Air Base Hospital
Location:  Luzon Island in the Philippines

Clark air baseUnlike the other hospitals on this list, Clark Air Base is off limits to civilians. It used to be an American base during World War II. During Christmas of 1941, the base was bombed by the Japanese, killing all the soldiers celebrating the holidays on that fateful night. It was also an evacuation camp for wounded American soldiers during the Vietnam War. The hospital has experienced bloody encounters in the past, and it has also sheltered deaths in its span of operation. To this day, the screams of former soldiers can still be heard, and apparitions of roaming soldiers have also been reported.

Scream Factor:  In the rich culture of the Philippines, it’s no surprise that the country has places like this. Because Filipinos are imaginative in nature, they can’t really let an opportunity to visit a haunted place pass them by. The restricted access to the site only adds to the curiosity and thrills that enthusiasts feel. Numerous paranormal investigations have been attempted, and one day, maybe we’ll get a glimpse of the facility's bloody history.

1)  Beelitz-Heilstatten Sanatorium
Location:  Brandenburg, Germany

The ruins of Beelitz-Heilstatten in Germany are considered historically creepy, you’ll find out why soon enough. In 1898, the sanatorium was built to accommodate victims of the once-deadly-and-currently-still-dangerous disease tuberculosis. Enter now World War I. The sanatorium was opened to treat casualties of the war. In 1945, the USSR took control of the facility and was used as a hospital for Soviet military hospital. But what made it creepy? Aside from the eerie atmosphere in the site, the depressing sight of abandoned rooms and operating tables, it all comes down to their most famous patient ever.

By Doris Antony, Berlin (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons

Scream Factor:  Their patient? Adolf Hitler. The guy who started the Nazi Movement, the guy who plotted the cleansing of the world, the guy who led the worst genocide in history, the man many claim to be the devil walking among men, yes Adolf Hitler. A young Hitler was treated in this hospital when he was shot in his thigh during the Battle of Somme.

To be honest, hospitals and asylums can be really creepy. Just thinking about an institute’s history, background, and the kind of food patients eat and treatments they undergo you can’t help but to cringe. Hospitals house a lot of sadness, pain, misery, and that energy is believed to be the catalyst behind the paranormal events that occur within their walls. Hospitals play a vital role in a society, and creepy or not, as a developed society we will always rely on them at some point during our lives. I guess make sure to pick one that is humane and not plagued by a bunch of angry ghosts.





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