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Top 10 Most Haunted Places in the World

With all the series released by the United States which are mainly about ghosts and anything on that line, we came to know more about places which are really famous for being haunted, creepy and absolutely terrifying. We have houses, buildings, lakes and asylums that make little boys scared to death and little girls scream at the top of their lungs.

Haunted House

It isn't Halloween yet, but let us look at some of the most eerie places in the world.

10)  The Myrtles Plantation
A grand house in St. Francisville, Louisiana has been reported as one of the most famous houses which are known to have ghosts and restless souls wandering in the area. This house was built in 1796 by General David Bradford after being involved in The Whiskey Rebellion in the year 1794. The house has been bought and sold to a lot of owners ever since Bradford died. Surprisingly, with all the ghost stories, The Myrtles Plantation is now a bed and breakfast!

The Myrtles Plantation and Bed and Breakfast
The Myrtles Plantation and Bed and Breakfast

It has been told that William Drew Winter, an attorney and the husband of Bradford’s daughter has been murdered on the front porch. They said that he tried to climb the stairs but was not able to make it. People say that his last footsteps are still heard up to now. Another experience published in an article was that two people stayed in the now B&B and one of them was up all night because she was constantly poked by children. Also, the other one saw a maid who was an African- American who passed by the front door while the tour guide was talking to them. This would be exciting for ghost hunters!

9)  The Tower of London
London is the city of Big Ben and is known for the ever- famous Madelaine. Who would think that London would even be haunted by ghosts, too? The Tower of London is one of the well-preserved buildings all over the world. It is known for its countless executions that have been done for over 1000 years of existence.

 Tower of London - England
Tower of London, England
By pikous (flickr.com) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

London is famous for its kings and queens. And this first ghost is one of them. Anne Boleyn was one of the wives of King Henry VII. She was a Reformist and wanted to push through with the dissolution of the Monastries. To cut the story short, some of King Henry VII’s henchmen felt threatened by Boleyn’s ideas and her growing power. They made up stories and she was found guilty of adultery and incest. She was then beheaded on May 19, 1536. Since then, there have been many occasions that Anne Boleyn has been seen. Sometimes, she even carries her head along Tower Green and Tower Chapel Royal. Imagine seeing such ghost. Other ghosts seen are those of Sir Walter Raleigh and Thomas Becket. They were also beheaded because they were accused of having an affair with Anne Boleyn. This was the old- fashion version of an intriguing and gruesome story about how far you can go in order to obtain power.

8)  The Stanley Hotel
There’s nothing scarier than a kid telling you things that he sees but you can’t. Kids can’t lie and they do not know which are real from not. They do not know if what they’re seeing are real people or ghosts. This is the story about The Stanley Hotel which inspired the ever- famous horror movie “The Shining” by Stephen King. The movie was about a family who stayed in an isolated hotel for the winter. Upon their stay, an evil and spiritual presence influences the father and he becomes violent. His psychic son then sees horrific premonitions from the past and the future.

Stanley Hotel - Location for "The Shining"
Stanley Hotel - Location for "The Shining"

Aside from what was presented in the movie, King actually heard children playing in the hallway beside his room which is room 217. Also, a lot of guests and employees share their stories about their own paranormal experiences. They say that Freelan and Flora Stanley (the owners of the Stanley hotel as the name suggests) are seen in some public areas in the hotel such as the main staircase, the lobby and the billiard room. Another thing is that a lot of guests have claimed they have awakened without any blankets and find out that the blankets have been neatly folded! I guess Stanley and his employees are still busy running the place.

7)  Woodchester Mansion
What could be creepier than an abandoned and unfinished building? Well, I guess nothing. It’s really going to give you goose bumps once you wander alone in such a building. This next eerie place is The Woodchester Mansion. This is one of the grandest masterpieces of Victorian Gothic Architecture. But then, however grand it is, it has never been completed after workers left the building and refused to finish their work. Rumors then started that this building is inhabited by ghosts and anyone who enters the said building has some inexplicable feeling.

Woodchester Mansion
Woodchester Mansion
By Matthew Lister Ttamhew (Own work) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Regular ghost hunts have been held in this mansion and it has been reported that ghosts of soldiers and young girls are seen here. The explanation of these occurrences is that it has been used as a base camp for US and Canadian troops during World War II. Also, voices wailing and crashing masonry have been heard in this building. This has been a popular spot for ghost hunting and paranormal activities. They have witnessed stones thrown from an empty room and loud bangs coming from the dark corners of the buildings. A lot of people visited this mansion and most of them refused to go back.

6)  Rose Hall
When we talk about Jamaica, we think about Bob Marley. But what if we tell you that Jamaica also has its own haunted and terrifying place? The ghost who is really popular in this place is called the White Witch of Jamaica. She is none other than Annie Palmer, the daughter of a voodoo priestess. She owns a gigantic sugar plantation in Jamaica for she married a powerful man. She is definitely not a sugar-coated girl. She was from Paris and there has not been any information on how she became so cruel. She murdered her husband, the owner of the plantation, and she ruled the island for a time. She killed the slaves who were her eye candy for a week or so. If she grew tired of them, she’d kill them. Because of her magic, she was unstoppable and still really powerful.

Rose Hall - Jamaica
Rose Hall - Jamaica
By Urban Walnut (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

Until one day, she was killed by another man who had the same powers as her. She was buried in a “special grave” but the ritual was never completed. So that is why she is still seen roaming around the Rose Hall.

5)  Bell Farm
We say that ghosts cannot do any harm to us, human beings that is. But this story is the only account where a ghost caused a human being to die. We all have seen The Sixth Sense, The Exorcism and all other creepy evil spirits who are out to get us. How creepy could that be? Just by the thought that a ghost wants to kill you would make you run for your life.

Bell House - Home of the "Bell Witch" Legend
Bell House - Home of the "Bell Witch" Legend

Anyway, in the early 1800s, John Bell moved his family to Tennessee. He acquired a lot of lands and a large house. One day, he saw a mysterious animal with a dog’s body and a rabbit’s head. Shocked of what he saw, he shot the animal and it vanished. After that encounter, his family heard “beating” sounds and it grew louder and louder as time passed. These sounds even included the voice of a woman who vowed to kill John Bell. The woman was dubbed as “The Bell Witch”. The witch pestered the Bell family for years until such time that the witch finally killed John Bell by giving him a liquid which was found beside his bed.

4)  Rolling Hills
The 2nd Season of American Horror Stories, which featured “Asylum”, showed a creepy asylum which was established in Briarcliff Mental Institution, Massachusetts in 1964. Because of that story, all asylums are stereotyped as a spine-chilling place. Well, this is not an exception for our next spot which is Rolling Hills Asylum. This was built on January 1, 1827 and is located at East Bethany New York. Some articles consider this asylum as the 2nd most haunted place in the US. Before it became an asylum, it was used as an infirmary, an orphanage, a nursing home and a whole lot more. People who have been treated there are widows, orphans, physically disabled and murderers. They say that there is more than 1, 700 people were buried in that asylum. And hundreds were killed in it, too.

Rolling Hills Asylum - East Bethany, New York
Rolling Hills Asylum - East Bethany, New York

It’s really popular for ghost hunters and paranormal groups. They say that they have heard disembodied voices, ghostly touches, heavy footsteps, and full body apparitions! There was also an experience where a group of people went to the basement or the “Christmas room” as they call it and turned all the lights off. Some of them who were in that public hunt claimed to see arms and hands appearing out of nowhere!

Would you dare go to a public hunt in this asylum? I know I would not!

3)  Bangarh
Signs such as “Dangerous” and “Do not enter” are those which trigger our curiosity and would probably let us be in danger. India is known for its Bollywood movies and its rituals as well. This is a very rich country in terms of legends and sorceries.

According to different experts, just by being in the ruined castle gives the feeling of wanting to get out as soon as possible. No one ever tried to spend the night there. Even the government and the police refuse to stay overnight and try to witness the sorcerer’s ghost in the area after sunset.

Bangarh - The Ghost City
Bangarh - The Ghost City
By Vinod bhardwaj (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Signboards saying “Staying in the Area after Sunset is Strictly Prohibited” are seen within its premises. This architecture was established in the year 1613 and was then cursed by a magician. They say that a black magic enveloped the palace and that all souls would die there and would never return from rebirth. People say that the magician with evil black magic cursed the palace because the Princess refused to marry him.

Also, citizens say that birds and other wildlife do not dare to go near Bangarh after sunset.

2)  Waverly Hills
Sanatorium Hospitals are always the creepiest because a lot of people have died in places like this. The Waverly Hills Sanatorium was not that huge the first time it was built. It was first owned by a man with two daughters and made it as their school. It then became a hospital to treat patients with tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis was like a plague in the early 20th century. Patients with tuberculosis had to be brought to a place away from the public so as to relax and recover faster from the dreaded disease. Because the disease went on, more than 63, 000 people died in the Waverly Hills Sanatorium. It was rumored that the deaths were due to experiments and procedures that were not fully tested which lead to mistreatment causing the patients to die. After all the pain and agony, no wonder they are still roaming around the place.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium - Tuberculosis Treatment Center

Waverly Hills Sanatorium - Tuberculosis Treatment Center

This is also an attractive site for ghost hunters. They say that they have heard a lot of noises from unknown origin and isolated cold spots - spots where individuals would feel a whiff of cold air which is really unexplainable. Another is that they hear screams echoing in the hallway while they are up for a tour in the sanatorium.

1)  Raynham Hall
Raynham Hall is located in England and is said to be haunted. It is really famous because of “The Brown Lady”. The brown lady was captured via film and is considered as one of the most authentic ghost pictures ever captured. The brown Lady is the ghost of Lady Dorothy Walpole. She lived in Raynham Hall and is the sister of the Prime Minister. According to history, Dorothy was married to Charles Townshed. Townshed was known to be violent. It was thought that Dorothy was growing tired of his violence that’s why she committed adultery. Townshed then knew about this and he locked her room. She was never allowed to see her children and she stayed in the Raynham Hall until she died.

Raynham Hall - England
Raynham Hall - England
Nigel Jones [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The first sighting of the brown lady was on 1835. This was 109 years after Dorothy’s death. A colonel was walking in the hall during the Christmas season and he saw a strange figure in front of him. He tried to make sense of what he saw but then the image disappeared. A week after that, he saw the same figure. The figure was then cleared by that time. He described the woman wearing a brown satin dress. The colonel says that the woman’s face seemed to glow and that accentuated the woman’s empty eye sockets!

There sure are more haunted places around the world. However, these are some of the most famous places that have the darkest histories, which make ghost hunters and tourists more curious.  See some interesting famous haunted house stories here!





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