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Top 15 Weird Holidays To Consider Celebrating

When you think of the holidays, some of the first ones that probably come to mind are Thanksgiving, Christmas, Labor Day, and Halloween among others. But unless you're a holiday connoisseur and already know everything there is to know about all the various holidays, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that there are a whole slew of other "holidays." Did you know there was a special day to celebrate talking like a pirate? Or that there was a holiday for bagpipes and sleeping?

labor day

With so many days between your favorite holidays, you have every reason to include one or all of these holidays into your yearly schedule. Heck, if anything, it's always a good excuse for getting out of work a day or two.

15)  Free Comic Book Day (5/1) - (5/7)
Free comic book day is one that has been appreciated and loved by many comic enthusiasts across the world. Falling on every first Saturday of May, this holiday is one that will transport you back to your childhood days of trying to get away with reading, while using only a small flashlight and a blanket for your defense after your mom declared “lights out”. Don’t lie, you know you did it too.

free comic book day

According to, you can obtain any comic book of your choice at any comic-book store, when you visit any participating comic book store. Though your task may seem easy enough, you may experience some difficulties when trying to obtain your coveted free comic book. With so many local book stores closing down, you may have to do some research before you can actually find a comic book store that is still open for business. If you are having problems finding a comic book store close to you that celebrates this holiday, the holiday’s official website should be able to point you in the right direction.

14)  Start Your Own Country Day (11/22)
Start your own country day started on Nov. 22 in 1939 at the World’s Fair in New York. This particular holiday is meant for the bold and courageous. According to the Zany Holidays website, millions of people from all over the world celebrate the fictitious formation of their own countries. Those who are committed to celebrating this holiday every year brave the possibility of being seen as treasonous and imperialistic. It is the type of holiday that either requires a sense of humor or nerves of steel.

country day

This holiday requires participants to be creative and to have a sense of humor. If you are equipped with both, you can end up developing a truly amazing fictitious country. Equipped with your imagination, you can develop laws, city names, a flag design, and name your own leaders. It is a holiday that can allow you to somewhat experience what it is like to run your own country. It is completely up to you how you will lead your people. You will also be responsible for deciding who you allow into your amazing country, and who you will throw in the dungeons.

13)  Talk Like a Pirate Day (9/19)
The general consensus of people from across the world is that pirates are worth emulating. Therefore, it makes absolute sense to celebrate just how amazing pirates are annually with "Talk Like a Pirate Day." One day out of every year pirate enthusiasts from all over the world trade in their land-lubber ways, for a life worthy of a true sea dog.

talk like a pirate day

According to the official website, the holiday was started by a group of friends during a session of racquetball. Throughout the friendly game of racquetball some friends started talking some friendly trash, providing one another with encouraging insults that took shape in the form of pirate slang. Since the friends had such a fun time encouraging one another using pirate slang, they decided that they wanted to create a holiday and share their happiness with the world. The date Sept. 19 was chosen in tribute to one of the friend’s ex-wife. For a few years, the friends were content with keeping the holiday low-key. However, like with most pirates, the friends wanted to receive recognition for their brilliant ideas. After a series of emails with Dave Barry, an article was published on the amazing holiday. From there, "talk like a pirate day" became an international sensation.

12)  World UFO Day (7/2)
If you have been looking for a way to celebrate your love for UFOs and the remarkable creatures that they carry, you need to look no farther. Celebrated on July 2 every year, World UFO Day was created to celebrate all things that are unidentified. It is a day for trying to make contact with other life forms, and to prepare for the day when you will undoubtedly be abducted.

UFO day abuduction aliens roswell

According to the official World UFO Day website, there are several ways you can celebrate this holiday. One of the most popular ways is to throw a party for yourself, your pets, and your alien-friendly comrades. At your party, you can provide alien and UFO-themes foods, create shirts for your guests, and watch the skies for strange flying objects. If you aren’t the partying type, you can celebrate on your own by creating your own UFO out of frisbees and help them to fly by tossing them around in your backyard. If that doesn’t appeal to you, you can also grab your significant other and peruse YouTube for some real-life UFO footage.

11)  Red Planet Day (11/28)
Mars is one of the most beloved and studied planets. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that a holiday was created to celebrate all that the planet has to offer. On Nov. 28 of every year, millions gather to celebrate Red Planet day. Since Mars is one of Earth’s neighbors, it would be rude to not celebrate the planet at least once a year, right?

mars, red planet day, martians

There are many different ways that you can pay tribute to this amazing red planet. If your local forecasts show that you will have a cloudless night, you can get a group of friends together and take turns viewing the red planet with a telescope. If the clouds are not cooperating with you on this day, you have other options. You can make your own Red Planet Day shirts and watch one of the many red planet videos on YouTube while eating red-colored foods. If that doesn’t excite you, you can always spend your day perusing the internet for photos of the planet or watching Mars-themed movies.

10)  International Bacon Day (9/1)
Everybody loves bacon, and for good reason. After all, bacon tastes good with pretty much every type of food, and is constantly used to create some unique and delicious dishes. From maple bacon cupcakes to peanut butter bacon ice cream, there is no limit to the types of food that bacon can be added to. For this reason alone, Sept. 1 has been set aside to celebrate this amazing food.

bacon, international bacon day

There are several ways you can celebrate this day. One way is to eat bacon with every meal and snack you have throughout the day. You could also get creative and cook pieces of bacon in several different ways. According to the Bacon Today website, some of the most unique and delicious ways to eat bacon include the Bloody Mary sue-ee, the bacon appletinii, and the Swiss apple bacon melt. If you are not proficient in the art of cooking bacon, you could always show your support for bacon by trying to convert a known vegetarian into a bacon enthusiast. Regardless of how you choose to celebrate this international holiday, you will most likely get to eat bacon several times throughout the day. There is truly no better way to celebrate than making sure you devote some time to munching on this popular food.

9)  Teddy Bear Picnic Day (6/10)
Though many assume that teddy bear picnics are only meant for small children, there is a holiday set aside to prove them wrong. Since the 1980s, people have been celebrating teddy bear picnic day, regardless of their age. A fun holiday for every family member, teddy bear picnic is celebrated on July 10.

Teddy Bear Picnic Day

According to the Holiday Insights website, you can kick off your celebrations by cleaning and grooming your teddy bear until he is in top shape. If you have them available, you can also choose to dress your teddy bears up with dresses and accessories. You will also want to make sure that you prepare picnic-style food for all of your guests and bears. Common teddy bear picnic lunches usually include sandwiches, cupcakes, crackers, and honey cake. You will then need to set up and decorate your picnic area so that it will be enjoyable for children of all ages. Once your picnic area is all set up, you can assemble all of your guests, and let the real fun begin.

8)  Bagpipe Appreciation Day (7/27)
Those of Scottish descent can tell you that the bagpipes are the most beautiful instrument in the entire world. The bagpipe is known for playing an important part in almost every Scottish tradition. The instrument consists of three different pipes that emerge from a bag, which is usually created by sheep or elk skin. When the bag is filled with air and released, a musician presses his arm against the bag to create one of the most beautiful sounds known to man. To help celebrate your love for the bagpipes, there is a holiday set aside for people just like you.

bagpipe appreciation day bagpiper

Falling on July 27, Bagpipe Appreciation Day is an exciting holiday with many different ways to celebrate. According to the official Bagpipe Appreciation Day website, one way to celebrate is to set a few hours of the day to play your bagpipe. Your neighbors will love you (maybe not). If you do not possess the talent to play, you can instead choose to simply listen to pre-recorded bagpipes at a bagpipe-themed party with some of your closest friends.

7)  Virus Appreciation Day (10/3)
There's nothing worse than a nasty virus to ruin a vacation, keep you out of school or work, or prevent you from having fun. And, odds are, you've had some kind of virus on at least one holiday over the years. So, why not show those viruses a little respect by celebrating a day all for them? Virus Appreciation Day is held every year on Oct. 3. Although you may only want to celebrate the cure of a virus and the different ways that people have overcome them, this holiday is set aside for the actual appreciation of a virus. Viruses can affected human and animals alike – and can have some serious affects on a computer as well.

Virus appreciation day

Whether you love viruses or you despise them, there is one truth that is generally accepted: anything that starts off as a tiny little germ that can bring a grown man to his knees is pretty impressive. Luckily, there are many ways to show your appreciation for such a feat. According to the Holiday Insights website, you can celebrate by having a virus-themed party, learning more about the less common viruses, and encouraging others to show the respect that is due to every virus that exists. But you also might want to grab some hand sanitizer that day, too – or else you could be "celebrating" viruses well after the official holiday.

6)  Bald and Free Day (10/7)
The older you get, the more confused your hair becomes – it seems to grow and fall out in all the wrong places. According to the Holiday Insights website, Bald and Free Day is a day to set aside some time to celebrate those who have lost their hair and those who have already decided to go with losing their hair. Many people believe losing their hair is a bad thing. However, losing your hair can be an extremely freeing experience and should be celebrated every time Oct. 7 rolls around. Luckily, you do not have to be bald to celebrate this wonderful holiday. You are free to celebrate this holiday if you know someone who is bald or balding, or just have a strange infatuation with the art of becoming bald.

bald and free day

It is a day where no bald jokes or stigmas are welcomed, so you better warn your friends. According to the Huffington Post, one way you can celebrate is by expressing your appreciation for baldness to any bald person you know. Your appreciation can take the form of a cake, greeting card, or homemade gift. If you are committed enough to celebrating this holiday, you may also consider showing the ultimate level of appreciation and contemplate shaving your head. Though this step is not for everyone, it is the best way to show your appreciation for the bald and free.

5)  Hermit Day (10/29)
On Oct. 29 of every year, a quiet holiday takes place without most people’s knowledge. Every year on this day, hermit’s across the world can be found celebrating Hermit Day. Since most hermits keep to themselves, there is not a large following for this holiday. However, this does not mean that the holiday doesn’t deserve your recognition. More than likely, you have that one friend or family member who displays the qualities similar to that of a hermit.

Hermit Day

According to the Holiday Insight website, you can celebrate Hermit Day by finally spending a day enjoying some peace and quiet. Unlike other days during which you are expected to be the life of the party, this is a day to remain reserved and quiet. Instead of making that phone call that will last over two hours, you should ignore your phone and contact from anyone who wishes to speak with you. On Hermit Day, you will not be encouraged to throw parties of any kind. Actually, socializing of any kind is very much frowned upon. Instead of spending your time socializing, you should spend most of your time on this day in quiet solitude. Not only will you receive the peace and quiet you deserve, but you will be able to view the world from a much different perspective. Or, at the very least, it will certainly be a lot quieter around your house that day.

4)  Festival of Sleep Day (1/3)
Regardless of your age, race, or gender, there is one belief most people seem to have in common: sleep is a beautiful thing. Everyone needs plenty of shut-eye, right? Therefore, there's no reason why you should not take one measly day out of your busy schedule to show respect for an act that means so much to you. Falling on Jan. 3, the Festival of Sleep Day is the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of a new year. You should be warned, however, that there is a strict dress code for those who celebrate this important holiday. Those who celebrate must wear their most comfortable pair of pajamas for the entire day. If, for whatever reason, you do not own a comfortable pair of pajamas, you should head straight to your local retailer and purchase the most comfortable ones that you can find. While a blanket and pillow is optional, they are highly recommended so that you can get into the right celebratory frame of mind.

Festival of Sleep Day

According to the Holiday Insight website, there are several ways to celebrate the Festival of Sleep Day. One of the most common is to set aside several consecutive hours out of your day to just sleep. Another method is to break up your day time by sleeping in intervals. Lastly – and this is for the more hard core celebrator – you can stay up the night before, and just sleep on through until you reach Jan. 4. This method is not for everyone, as it can result in missing important meetings and will probably throw off your sleeping pattern. And, of course, odds are pretty good that your boss won't approve of any of these ways to celebrate this sleepy day.

3)  Name Yourself Day (4/9)
Have you ever wanted to give yourself a new name, even if just for one day everyone called you King Studmuffin? Or what about giving yourself the name of your favorite athlete, just for a day? You're in luck, because on Name Yourself Day, you can give yourself any name you desire, even if it's something as ridiculous as Captain Stinkypants. If you have ever cursed your parents or guardians for the name you were given, this is the perfect holiday for you. On Name Yourself Day, you will finally be able to tell everyone that you have the coolest – or perhaps dumbest – name in the world. That name, of course, comes down to personal tastes and opinion, but it probably isn’t anything like the name you were given when you were born.

Give yourself a name day

For most people, this is a time to get creative and to express your personality. The Holiday Insights website encourages you to be bold in your "new" name, adding that it should have some kind of personal meaning. To help celebrate your new name, you can create and send out name announcements to let your family and friends know how you wish to be addressed for the day. You may also want to encourage your family and friends to join you in celebrating this holiday. If you are particularly excited about your new name, you could celebrate by re-creating your own birth certificate with your new name on it. If you only want to change your first name, or your middle name, you can do that, too. Just be prepared for a lot of funny stares when your favorite restaurant you have reservations with calls out the name, "Captain Stinkypants, table for two."

2)  Limerick Day (5/12)
On May 12, hundreds of people from all over the world join together to celebrate Limerick Day. According to the Holiday Insights website, this particular holiday was established to celebrate the birth of Edward Lear. This writer is known for creating some of the most amazing limericks the world has ever known. From 1812 to 1888, Lear was an English writer who changed the way tat the world could be viewed through his limericks. Since Lear is the father of limericks, it is only appropriate that you take the time to show your appreciation and respect for his work.

Drawing of Edward Lear
Drawing of Edward Lear

For such an important day, you need to make sure you celebrate correctly. One of the best ways to celebrate is to spend the day reading all of Lear’s work and sharing it with others. His most popular book is called the “Book of Nonsense,” which is filled with over 70 limericks. If you are feeling especially creative, you could also spend some of your time writing your own limerick. Writing a limerick can be easy if you have the aptitude for it, and it can help you release some of your creative energy. If you are feeling really celebratory, you could pay the ultimate tribute to this special holiday by visiting Limerick, Ireland. This Irish city is over 500 years old and is known as the birthplace for limericks.

1)  International No Diet Day (5/6)
The ultimate holiday on this list is, without a doubt, International No Diet Day. Celebrated on May 6, the International No Diet Day was created by Mary Evans in 1992. According to the Holiday Insight website, Evans, the director if Diet Breakers, was tired of having to see so many women suffer from anorexia because they were so worried about their weight. Therefore, this special holiday allows you to celebrate your body for what it is, not what you or others think that it should be. This particular holiday is celebrated by thousands of men and women every year, and for good reason. On International No Diet Day, you do not have to worry about counting your calories or weighing yourself after every meal. On this day, you can eat anything and everything that crosses your path (think buffet) without feeling guilty.

international no diet day

There are many different ways to celebrate this day. One of the most common ways is to purchase all of your favorite foods and to eat them before the day has ended. You can celebrate with the help of your friends, or you can pig out on your own. Since this holiday was created by a woman who suffered the consequences of anorexia, you can also donate to any organization that helps to fight against the disease. Above all, you should make sure to take time throughout the day to appreciate your body and the characteristics that it entails, from every mole to your ever-growing waistline. And you can do so completely guilt-free.

These holidays are unique – and for good reason. From Free Comic Book Day to the Festival Of Sleep Day, there are many different ways you can bring a little more celebration into your life. Though some of these holidays may be silly, they can all bring a certain level of happiness and joy into your life. For all of the struggles that you face on a yearly basis, a little more joy and happiness can never be a bad thing. Think about the holidays you can relate to or that you find funny, and commit to celebrating that holiday every year. You can either celebrate on a personal level, or you can involve your family and friends. As long as you are taking the time to celebrate something, that's really all that matters. After all, the whole point of these holidays is to have fun and to express yourself.





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