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Top 30 Unexpected Uses for Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola UsesCoca-cola is one of the most popular sodas in the world and with good reason.  It tastes great and can owe most of its success, just like most of the soft drink industry, to an extremely effective global marketing strategy.  However, Coke can also be used in a number of unexpected ways around your home.  Why?  Coca-cola contains the ingredient sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) which is quite effective for dealing with many things such as stains and odors.  So, before you reach for the heavy duty chemical cleansers or medicines in your home, try my top 30 uses for Coca-Cola!

30.  Prevent an Asthma Attack – Just as coffee was used to give to people with asthma because it contained caffeine, two cans of coke apparently contain enough caffeine to ward off an asthma attack.

29.  Kidney Stone Prevention – According to some accounts, drinking one can a day of Coke can help prevent kidney stones.

28.  Flower Fertilizer – By adding Coke to flowers like Azaleas or Gardenias its like zapping them with a safe, effective, fertilizer.

Coca-Cola fertilizer for flowers

27.  Marker Stains on Carpet – Apply Coca-cola to the effected area, let soak, then clean thoroughly with soapy water.

26.  Hard Water Stain/Rust Remover for Pools – Add 2-liter bottles of Coca-cola to your pool water to help remove hard water stains and rust build-up.

25.  Engine Block Cleaner – Use a small container of Coke and use a small shrub brush to apply and scrub liberally to the entire engine block.  Once the entire area is covered, let sit for a few minutes and hose off with clean water.

Exploding Coke24.  Exploding Coke Bottle Prank – Add Mentos to a 2-liter bottle of Coca-cola, seal the cap, and wait for a friend to try and open it!

23.  Defrost a Frozen Windshield – Great for mornings in the spring and fall when frost collects on your windshield.  Don't think this remedy works too well if the temperatures get too low during the winter months

22.  Slug and Snail Killer – Leave a small bowl of Coke out.  The sugary composition of Coca-cola will attract them, and the acids contained in it will kill them once they climb into the bowl.

21.  Penny Cleaner – Take old corroded pennies and put them in a bag filled with Coca-cola.  Let it sit in the solution for awhile then remove for shiny new pennies.

20.  Stain Remover – Coke removes stains from carpets, clothing and even oil stains on the driveway.  For use on clothes, simply pour a little Coke on the stain and let soak for 30 minutes or so. The stain will become discolored.  Wash the clothing and the discoloration and the stain will be gone.  For tough stains on carpet, pour Coke onto the stain and allow the Coke to set.  Then, gently scrub the carpet and wash with warm soapy water or a carpet cleaner if you have one.  Oils stains in driveways can be really hard to get rid of, but Coke will do the job.  Cover the oil stain with Coke, soak for an hour and rinse with a hose or bucket of water.  Boom!  Tough stains are a thing of the past.

19.  Odor Remover – Coke effectively rids your body and clothes of nasty odors caused by fish and even skunks!  Wash affected clothing with Coke and laundry soap and dry as usual.  You may have to repeat this process twice to completely remove the odor.  If you or your pet gets sprayed by a skunk, grab some Coca-cola and head to the shower.  Douse the area sprayed by the skunk with Coca-cola to help eliminate the smell.

upset stomach coca-cola18.  Pain Reliever – Being stung by a bee or bitten by a mosquito is not a pleasant experience.  Dab a little Coke on to the bite or sting to help reduce the pain and itch.  This also works on jelly fish stings!

17.  Soothe an Upset Stomach – Ingesting Coca-cola temporarily relieves nausea, heartburn and a variety of other stomach ailments.  For this to work, you need to drink a teaspoon of room temperature flat Coke each hour.  Don’t have time to wait for the Coke to go flat?  Add a teaspoon of sugar to your soda and it will go flat in no time.  This remedy also works for colicky babies.  Give the baby half a bottle of flat soda and burp as you normally would.

16.  Age Photos and Paper for an Antique Look – Use Coca-cola to give your photos and papers a unique look and antique feel.  Immerse your items in Coca-cola and allow them to soak until the desired color is reached.  Carefully remove the paper or photo (be careful not to touch the front) and let drip dry.  This is a really cool and inexpensive way to give your scrapbook or child’s schools project some pizzazz.

15.  Rust Remover – Soak rusted items in Coke overnight.  The rust will loosen and can then be easily removed revealing clean, shiny metal.

14.  Loosen Bolts – Coke dissolves rust so it is perfect for use on bolts that have rusted and cannot be loosened.  Apply Coca-cola to the bolt and allow the soda to sit for several hours or overnight.

13.  Deter and Kill Bees and Wasps – If bees and wasps are plaguing your backyard BBQ, place a few Coca-cola filled cups away from your tables.  The insects will be attracted to the sweetness of the soda and will swarm those cups.  When they crawl in to take a drink they will die.  You can also effectively destroy any troublesome ant hills around your home by dousing them with a can or bottle of Coke.

fading hair dye with coca-cola12.  Fade Hair Dye – If you have dyed your hair and the color is too dark or you simply do not like it, wash your hair with Coca-cola.  The color will significantly fade!

11.  Restore Pots and Pans – Over time the bottoms of your pots and pans can become blackened.  Don’t spend hours scrubbing in vain.  Pour enough Coke into the pan to cover the bottom. Let soak overnight.  Wash as usual.  The blackened areas will be easily removed and your pots and pans will be shiny again.

10.  Coffee Pot/Tea Kettle – Lime scale from hard water can leave these looking less than their best.  Fill them with Coca-cola and let sit overnight.  Rinse well and wipe out your coffee pot or kettle to remove loosened buildup.

9.  Car Battery – Corrosion buildup on your car battery can become a big problem and lead to trouble starting your car. Disconnect the battery (negative side first to avoid a shock) and apply Coke to the corroded areas.  The soda will bubble and begin to remove the corrosion.  When the Coca-cola has finished bubbling, use a wire brush to remove any leftover corrosion and wipe the area clean. Reconnect your battery positive side first to avoid sparking.  Then connect the negative side.

8.  Grout – Grout on tile floors can be difficult to clean and keep looking new.  Coca-cola is naturally acidic and can easily power through grimy grout. Pour Coke onto a cloth and wipe down the grouting.  Allow the Coke to remain on the grout for a few minutes.  Wipe up the Coke and wash the floor with warm soapy water.

Clean toilets with coca cola7.  Toilet – The toilet is probably everyone’s least favorite area to clean, so it stands to reason you don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to remove stains and dirt.  Pour a can of Coke into the toilet bowl and clean with a toilet wand.  The baking soda and acidity of the Coca-cola remove tough stains easily.

6.  Remove Gum From Hair – Having gum stuck in your child’s hair is a nightmare.  The next time it happens don’t reach for the scissors, instead grab a can of Coke.  Pour Coke onto the gum covered hair and let it soak for 10-15 minutes.  The gum will loosen and can then be easily removed.

5.  Hiccups – Gargle a mouthful of Coca-cola to get rid of annoying hiccups.

4.  Silky Skin – Is your regular lotion simply not giving you the soft skin you desire?  Add a spoonful of Coca-cola to your lotion and get silky smooth skin.

3.  Tanning – Although I have never tried this I've heard it works well.  Before tanning, rub Coke onto your skin.  The Coca-cola is supposed to give you a deeper tan that lasts much longer than commercial tanning lotions and leaves your skin feeling soft and supple.

2.  Perfect Curls – For defined curls, pour a bottle of flat Coke onto your hair.  Allow the Coca-cola to remain in your hair for several minutes and then rinse.  As your hair dries, your curls become bouncy and defined.

1.  Marinade – You can use Coca-cola (with any other spices you desire) as a marinade for chicken and beef.  As the meat marinades, the acidity of the soda tenderizes the meat.  When cooked, the sugar contained in the soda caramelizes and adds depth and flavor.

Cook with coca cola

Final Words

As you can see, Coca-cola isn't merely just for drinking anymore.  It is an effective way to clean many surfaces, repel insects, relieve stings and soften your skin.  It’s amazing how useful this product has become!





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