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8 Steps to Give Yourself a Manicure at Home

Self Made ManicureNowadays, nail salons are visited by millions of women for nail services like nail enhancements, pedicures as well as manicures. A lot of people spend big amount of money to get that salon perfect nail. A few however, realize that they can give themselves that elegant manicure even at home, by themselves.

To give yourself a manicure, you will need:

  • Cotton balls or cotton pads
  • Polish Remover
  • Towel
  • File
  • Nail buffer
  • Bowl with warm water
  • Moisturizer
  • Cuticle remover
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Cuticle clipper
  • Nail Brush
  • Nail polish
  • Cuticle stick

Optional items:  Q-tip, olive oil and sugar, gel cuticle remover, cuticle oil, speed dry drops

Step 1. Remove nail polish and clean your nails

Remove nail polish by wetting the cotton balls or cotton pads with polish remover. Place the cotton ball or cotton pad over the polished nail. Soak the nail for a few seconds. Some individuals prefer rubbing the cotton balls on the nail to quickly remove the nail polish.

Remove nail polish

Step 2. Trim or Shape Your Nails

File your nails from the corner to the center to create an oval shaped nail. To create a square-shaped nail, just file your nails at the center. After filing, you may use a nail buffer to remove stains from the previous nail polish, as well as dusts accumulated caused by filing. Buffering will smooth your nail, making the nail polish have a smooth finish when you apply it.

Shape Your Nails

Step 3. Soften Your Nails

You may apply a gel cuticle remover around your cuticle to soften your nails as well as to loosen the skin around your nail plate. After applying the gel, soak your nails in warm and soapy water. If you do not have a gel cuticle remover, you can just simply soak your nails in warm water.

Soften Your Nails

Step 4. Dry Your Nails

Dry your hands. Using a cuticle pusher, gently push back your cuticle. If you donít have a cuticle pusher, you may wrap a matchstick with cotton, or simply use a q-tip to push back your cuticle. After pushing back your cuticle, apply cuticle oil on your nails then massage. To soften your nails more, you may mix olive oil and sugar and rub it around your nails. You may also use hand moisturizer to do this.

Dry Your Nails

Step 5. Prepare Your Nails

Use polish remover and cotton balls or cotton pads to rub off the oil from your nails. Apply base coat (a clear polish) on your nails. If you want your nails to grow faster, you may apply Nail Growth Miracle by Sally Hansen. For soft and weak nails, Miracle Cure, also by Sally Hansen can help improve your nails in just 5 days.

Polish remover

Step 6. Apply Nail Polish

For the second coat, apply the nail polish of your choice. Simply swipe the nail polish brush from the cuticle to the tip of the nail. Avoid chipping by swiping the nail polish brush across the tip of your nail. If your nail polish gets on the surrounding skin of your nail, simply dip a cuticle stick in the nail polish remover and wipe the excess nail polish.

Applying Nail Polish

Step 7. Apply a Top Coat

Avoid chipping by applying a clear coat over your nail polish. This will also make your nail polish shinier. Aside from that, your nail polish will last way longer than without a top coat.

Step 8. Optional: Apply Speed Dry Drops

If youíre in a rush, you may apply Speed Dry Drops. Before doing so, you must wait for the nail polish to set (wait for a minute or 2). You may apply the drops on the cuticle and let the drops slide down across the nails.

These steps do not apply only to your fingernails. You may also do a pedicure at home using these steps.





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