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My 180 Gallon In-Wall Aquarium made from Starphire Glass

Here is my 180 gallon aquarium that can be seen in both my office and my movie theater bedroom.  It is made from starphire glass.  Starphire glass is super clear glass that has absolutely no tint to it (like regular glass has).  Check out some pictures below of my 180 gallon fresh water aquarium:

180 Gallon aquarium side view, held up with granite counter top


180 Gallon Aquarium Stand

This tank is made from Starphire Glass, you can see the difference compared to regular glass below:

Regular glass is on the left, and starphire glass is on the right:
Starphire Glass Comparison

Here is another comparison:

Starphire Glass vs regular glass


In-Wall aquarium in office

My big fish I named Big Bubba:
Jack Dempsey fish in my aquarium with castle

Were still wondering if this Jack Dempsey fish ate my gold fish?  Check out a video of that here:

That gold fish grew up in that tank as a baby with all those other ones for about a year, then one day out of no where we seen his head bitten off! It literally shocked us!

In-Wall aquarium in Hallway


Starphire Glass Aquarium

My beautiful aquarium stand! Inside this stand (bottom left wide cabinet), I have a EHEIM Professional 3e 2078 External Electronic Canister Filter.

There is a step ladder in the long vertical cabinet on the left. And of course I feed my fish through the top cabinets.
huge aquarium stand with oak wood

A year ago, I had a problem with cloudy aquarium water, as you can see below:
Cloudy Fresh Water Aquarium

You can even see a video of it here:

What I had to do to fix the cloudy fish tank water was I had to do partial water changes every day (about 20% water change), while also continuously cleaning out the gravel each time. After about a week doing that, the cloudy water disappeared and has not came back since!

Amazing In-Wall Fish Tank

Thanks for checking out my 180 gallon aquarium!

Gold Fish In my Fish Tank

You can also check out other cool areas of my house, like my movie theater in my bedroom, or my Blacklight Garage.





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My 180 Gallon In-Wall Aquarium made from Starphire Glass
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