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Home Security Tips to Protect Your Home from Burglaries

Home Security Tips
Home Security SystemMost people these days are more concerned about security worries than ever. Home security is one of the top priorities for many people. There is cutting edge technology many people use to protect their home from burglars, thieves and robbers. If you do not want to spend a lot of money you can still easily ensure the best safety measures for your home by employing some simple security precautions. This article will discuss some simple but very effective home security measures alongside some modern security systems people use to protect their homes.

You can effectively enhance the security of your home by employing some simple and basic techniques. Keep all the doors well secured by having high quality deadbolt locks. Your home alarm system needs to be in good working condition. Make sure the doors and windows of your home are protected with high quality locks and if possible an alarm system. You can spend less to protect your home from burglaries by applying some essential basic security techniques.

What you need to understand is although it is difficult to protect your home from professional thieves or burglars; you can thwart any burglary attempted by amateur thieves by following some basic security checks. These are the techniques you can employ easily to protect your home:

Essential Basic Home Security Tips

  • burglarizing yourselfTry to discover any weakness in your security system that may have been prevailing in your house by burglarizing yourself.
  • Check all the locks every few weeks or months to find out if they are in good state.
  • Always lock up your home even when you are going out for a short time. Never leave the home behind you unprotected.
  • If you have moved in a new house or flat, make sure to change all the locks.
  • Hide the wiring if you are using an alarm system. If the wiring is exposed to the burglars they can disconnect the security system.
  • To discourage the thieves, you should always make your house appear occupied at all times by using timers to switch lights, etc on and off when you are not at home.
  • Many people have faulty alarms that go off periodically which do not serve any warning to their neighbors. That is why if you have a faulty alarm then get it fixed or replaced by a new one immediately and inform your neighbors that your home alarm system is working.
  • Use a deadbolt lock to secure your home doors. Make sure you do not leave space between the doors and their frames when installing it so that the intruders cannot get space to use power tools, etc to unlock the doors.
  • Do not hide your spare keys in places easily predictable by burglars. If you need to hide a spare key then wrap the key in foil and burry it in a place you can remember easily when you need it.
  • If you lose any key then change the lock immediately.
  • House Dog Intruder DeterrentIf you have a professional house cleaner coming to your house then make sure that the person is very honest, reliable and reputable by checking all the necessary references before you turn your house keys over to the person.
  • The entrances to your home should be served by sufficient light so that thieves cannot get in a door from the fear of being observed while doing so under light. You can use an infrared detector when installing lighting.
  • Have good relations with your neighbors and talk to them about any suspicious people you notice lurking about around.
  • Many people have sales and customer services people to visit them at home. You should be very careful about this matter as many professional thieves and burglars can use this cover to check out your home. If any sales or customer services person requests or seeks entry to your home ask them to push their ID under the door. If you are still doubtful, deny entry politely or check with the personís office to be sure if you are letting in the right person.
  • You should keep the windows or shrubbery free from any hindrance like a tree, etc so that they cannot shield a burglar.
  • You may be asked by someone at your door to let them use your phone to call the police, a plumber or a mechanic. You should tell them that you will make the call yourself keeping the door locked.
  • One of the best deterrents for burglaries are dogs. Burglars do not like dogs as they make noise and burglars do not want to be noticed due to the attention caused by the noise. Keeping even a small pet dog will discourage burglars to enter your home.

Advanced Home Security Tips

  • surveillance video camerasUse high quality surveillance video cameras or CCTVs on all sides of your home. Put up sign posts outside your house telling people that your home is protected by home security system.
  • Install high quality deadbolt locks on all exterior doors of your home to burglar-proof your home. Use metal doors securing with high quality deadbolt locks.
  • Use metal bar in the middle bottom track of the doors slides to enhance added security.
  • Use motion detectors for the entrances, backyard, driveway and other regions outside your home so that the lights come on when someone approaches. If you have the lights activated by motion detectors instead of having the lights being left on at all times, your neighbors will be more concerned when someone is moving around your house.
  • Use burglar-resistant glass to protect your windows. Instead of using one large piece of glass, use many small panes on all windows.
  • Choose a home security system that uses electronic keypad to access in.
  • Use glass-break sensors that set off the home security alarm when a sound is made while a burglar trying to break a window or glass door panel.

You should use a professional plumbing technician when fixing, replacing or installing keys, locks, alarm system etc home security tools or equipment. Always use high quality locks, and other security appliances. You can boost home security and help keep your family safe by following the above mentioned things. One of the best ways to protect your home is having good relationship with your neighbors. Talk to them and get to the point that they can look out for one another. Make sure your home security system involves three key things which are locks, lights and alarms. Consider using extra and advanced home security systems according to your security needs. Nothing can be sweeter than a safe home.





Home Security
Home Security Tips to Protect Your Home from Burglaries

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