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Dreaming Your Business Team to Success

businessman circling successWhen it comes to inspiring a team, there are two approaches you can take. One is to fill the mind of each and every member with a vision contoured with beautiful descriptive imagery which dances on the heart and motivates the soul.  The other is to paint a bleak, blank canvas where everyone fumbles around in the dark. Dare you dream big? If you do, the results could be amazing!

The most successful professionals are the ones who see the bigger picture and step into it. They lead by passion and instill this emotion into the psyche of each and every member of their team. In essence, they use inspirational words, strong motivational incentives and a ‘can do’ attitude which is so powerful, the mere mention of a particular project will invoke feelings of action and the atmosphere will become ignited like a blue spark in an instant.

Spark the Imagination
imagination concept living a dreamWhen we dream, we envisage something wonderful which fills us with joy and invokes a desire for its fruition. To achieve this in the workplace, we need the help of our colleagues who equally need to see the end result the same way. No point in just one person charging ahead like Boadicca when the rest of the team are flailing around in the background, fumbling through tasks without any real purpose. You need to drive this vision forward with your trusted steed of workers whom you have motivated to such an extent that the only way is forward because the will is too strong for it to go any other way.

Many leaders scoff at the idea of living in a dream- like state. The common approach is the textbook method where a series of goals lead to the finishing line. However, the history books have a different slant. This can be proven by the legendary Martin Luther King who created the much quoted expression “I have a dream”. He did not announce “I have a set of goals”.

Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It
A wish, desire or aspiration is something which is always looming in the back of the mind, it does not have to be fulfilled at a set time. When a leader connects with the ambitious part of someone’s brain, that part which makes them sit up and take notice, they hone in on their motivational center. Awaken this part of the brain in every member of your team and you have a group of people who are all reading from the same page. They will feel the same passion as you and as a whole you will have the strength to move mountains. Tap into their motivational center and watch magical things occur.

Dream it achieve it

So how do you connect with that part of the brain? You simply become familiar with the dreams of each and every member of your team. When you understand their way of thinking you can literally turn on the switch of motivation whenever you need to. Throw gas on the flames of enthusiasm and watch them transform into a raging inferno. Listen to their thoughts and feelings and allow their emotions to flow, watch them light up when they start to describe their deepest wishes and then watch them come back down to earth when they step back into reality. To jolt them back into motivational mode again, all you have to do is convince them that their dreams can become real. Create positive affirmations which are associated with their dream so the moment they are mentioned, the lights go on. Encourage them to live as though they have already achieved their dream and ask them to explain how it feels. When you can make your team members reach these feelings of elation, a strong, positive vibration is released into the atmosphere. The law of physics states that energy attracts energy, therefore positive energy magnetizes positive results.

Positive energy uplifiting attitudeIn other words, what you put out, you get back. Hence the reason why it is important to watch uplifting television programs, listen to cheery songs and recognize that negative voice in our head which quashes our dreams. When we notice ourselves thinking or saying something negative, we should act upon those messages in an instant and reverse those soul destroying thoughts into positive statements. Do everything you can to make your work environment positive and encourage team members to use their imagination. Desk accessories or office furniture can be used as great symbols to represent their dream and act as anchors to keep those ‘high’ vibrations emitting into the universe. For example, the office chair could be seen as the executive’s chair. Someone who dreams of becoming a CEO should imagine their body sinking into that soft padding. What does the chair feel like? Does it mold into the curvature of the body, does it provide a haven of comfort for the posterior? How does it smell? Inhale the leather…really breath it in as you sit at your desk commanding your realm, dealing calmly with the demands of the day.

This same principle can be applied to any target that you want your team members to reach as a whole. You now have the tools to turn on that drive whenever you require. Watch each team member go from sluggish and unproductive into action mode in seconds. Manipulate this turbo drive button whenever a surge of productivity is required. If all of these lights of inspiration were turned on at the same time, this combined level of energy could actually power an entire continent.

Tap Into the Motivational Center of Each Team Member
New to the teamIt is easy to confuse a dream with a fantasy as both are very similar. The difference between the two is that a fantasy is something which can only remain that; it is something out of the realm of possibility. For example; someone may fantasize about having Pamela Anderson as their boss. However, a dream about sealing a deal with a huge client is achievable. Yes, a dream really can come true if you turn it into a burning desire and never doubt it. Every single day, reinforce that desire with the conviction that you can and will achieve it. Even those who were subjected to terrible ordeals in concentration camps survived against all odds simply because they believed that they would survive, they saw themselves being reunited with their families…and many were.

This is going to be a team effort and as leader you need to tap into the control center of your team and guide them towards the finishing line. When everyone is convinced that their dreams can come true, you have created a lean, mean, motivational machine and there will be no obstacle which cannot be overturned easily and effortlessly. Lead by example and show them how it can be achieved in the work place. Highlight the moments of good luck, when people come forward at the right time, and how the universe can manipulate events which can sometimes appear to scupper your efforts but upon reflection. You were actually needed because you missed something important along the way.

 Business Dreams come true

To keep spirits up, it is vital to remind your team that this is one vision that fits all. Explain that for anything to materialize it has to first happen in the dream world. Ask them to look around the office. It is evident that everything once started out as a dream. Speak with enthusiasm; positively and warmly…Watch it go viral. Colleagues will start to speak in the same manner and perform tasks optimistically; they will come up with ideas and suggestions without any prompts and work independently to achieve results. Doubt and sluggishness will be a thing of the past. Watch this vibe ripple throughout the office every single day as each and every one of your team grows spiritually, emotionally and intellectually.

Think of Your Team as Adventurers Looking for Buried Treasure
buried treasureWhat a wonderful mission to control…not only will you be helping each and every team member turn their own personal dreams into reality, you will be helping them to learn by example every single day how to move forward. Watch their confidence increase as they come into work every morning with a positive attitude, letting nothing stand in their way. If anyone begins to falter use the following example to keep them focused:

A young lady wished to become an actress. She mustered up the nerve to apply for an audition and learned her lines by heart. She performed perfectly and walked away elated. After waiting anxiously for the results, she was told that the drama school was looking for someone with more stage experience. Feeling disheartened, she shelved her dream and continued her job as a sales assistant. What a waste! She would have made a fantastic actress, why? Because it was her dream, it was instilled in her from the moment of conception; the dream was her little voice trying to direct her. That little voice said “you were meant to do this”.

 Dreaming to reality dream big

There were many people at the audition who also failed to meet the grade. If they were told they would have to learn how to cook the perfect souffle to become enrolled on the course, there would have been a lot of people out there sifting through recipes, rolling up their sleeves and cracking a lot of eggs. Give up at the first hurdle and you will never make your dream come true. You are the one who decides if you want to bury it or bring it out into the open.

The Word Impossible is Not in Your Dictionary
impossible conceptNo-one said that fulfilling a dream would be easy but when it appears difficult or damn near impossible, it brings with it a set of learning experiences which we were meant to face along the way. We are conditioned to believe that we must not fail in life. This is the major reason why so many people give up on their dreams at the first sign of trouble. However, these little setbacks are there to open up many new roads that we are meant to travel on to fulfill our dream. This means that the universe is working with us, directing us according to the route that we are personally meant to take. When you think about it logically, our successes are the result of our failures opening up the realm of greater opportunities coming our way. Pin up a message on the bulletin board or somewhere where everyone will see it which says “opportunity first, knowledge second”, and you will encourage your team to seize the opportunity and learn how to achieve it along the way.

As children we live in a make believe world, such a wonderful place to be but as we mature, we are told to stop walking with our head buried in the clouds. This jolts us back into reality and pushes our dreams further away. We are taught that education is the only way to progress and that dreams are something to be put aside for another day. Only problem is… that day never comes.

A Single Fantasy Can Turn Into 100s of Realities
When we drift off to sleep we are in a very relaxed state of mind, acutely focused and living in a world which satisfies our deepest desires. But as we come back into reality and our conscious mind takes over we know that we have to keep those dreams to ourselves for fear of being ridiculed and having our proverbial ‘bubble’ burst. Allow the grim reapers of this world to become your onlookers in life rather than the controllers. Take steps to fulfill your dreams personally, without telling anyone.

100s of realities.  anything is possible

You are the most trusted ‘best friend’ you will ever have in your entire life so talk to yourself encouragingly, convincingly, kindly. Look at where you are now and where you want to be. If you pursued your dream you would show everyone that with determination and conviction anything is possible with or without their negative input. Look at some of the celebrities…they hired hypnotherapists, councilors and coaches who tapped into the motivational center and helped them reach their goals.

It takes 100% dedication to turn a dream into reality, especially if you are up against the “you’ll never make it happens” of this world. But if everyone listened to the non-believers how many inventions would have stayed buried in people’s heads, never to see the light of day? Take for example the Wright Brothers; they had a dream to be able to fly. They presented their idea to the U.S. Army who scoffed at the notion. In fact, they became a laughing stock and everyone ridiculed them.

achieving your goals

But they remained united and firm in their conviction and converted negativity energy which was thrown at them into positive fuel to drive them forward. The more they were told “it will never happen” the more they convinced themselves “it would”. They shared their dream with people who also believed it could happen, which provided the much needed support to remain firm and steadfast. It was only when onlookers started to see progress in great leaps and bounds that the taunting stopped and faces which once mocked, turned into those that admired. Overnight, these two brothers changed from being classed as ‘freaky’ to pure geniuses.

Let Your Imagination Sore
So remember, a leader is someone at the forefront of motivation, the one who will prove that anything is possible. When you have stepped inside the head of every one of your team members and know what makes them tick, you can use these positive techniques to make them instinctively do everything in their power to make that multimillion dollar fantasy deal, become real.





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