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5 Business Email Personality Types - Which One Are You?

emails in an inboxTake a peek into anyone’s email box and you will find an assortment of junk mail, subscriptions and old messages from friends and family. However, each and every one of us has our own unique way of replying to such correspondence. While we aimlessly tap away on our keyboard, we do not realize how much about ourselves we are revealing through our writing style. Read on to find your personality faux pas. Then, find out what sort of hidden messages you are sending to your business clients. It will be helpful to pay attention to what you may not be saying that clients or other coworkers are hearing just by the actions you take answering and composing emails.

5)  The God of know it all…
You absolutely love new inventions, ideas, concepts. With this email personality type, you fill your emails with lots of lighthearted banter and are likely to sign off with an enlightening quote or saying. You always use lower-case lettering but may insert a smattering of abbreviations. When confronted with an email loaded with problems, you go into research mode and come up with some great suggestions to reach a quick solution. You use this style for pretty much everyone. You rarely start a ‘new’ message as your interest lies solely in what people have to tell you rather than whom they actually are.

Mr. Know it All

Suggestions:  Pay Attention to Your Audience
Because you are an information junkie, people love to receive your correspondence as they know it will be filled to the brim with lots of good advice. However, your lack of concern for the person on the other end of the email could cause you to appear disrespectful. Adapt your writing style according to your audience and ensure that you read every email thoroughly so as you offer advice on the right issues, and not ones which did not need addressing. Your conscientious natures is truly admirable, but stop and pause before you write as your impulsive streak may cause you to go stomping in where angels fear to tread. Check that you are replying to a current email and not an old one as some email boxes tend to hide part of earlier conversations and cluster correspondence of a similar nature together.

4)  The hip responder…
You are the life and soul of email…The one who is never short of a friend because you are intoxicated by the elixir of life. With this email personality type, you open your correspondence with a cool “Hi” and rarely open an email with “Dear”. You have a weakness for the exclamation mark which can often be found within a paragraph or two. You love everyone so it is very rare for you to run people down, and your joie de vivre is evident in every email. You are the type of person who will immediately email, phone or text a client shortly after a meeting.

hip responder

If someone catches your eye, you are the first to go up and make the initial introduction. You wear your heart on your sleeve and talk to new people as though you have known them all your life. Your favorite emails are those with a personal flair to them. You are the type of person who prefers to do business face to face rather through correspondence because you just love being in the company of others. As such, you are more of a talker than a writer, and you find emails quite formal.

Suggestions:  Maintain Professional Distance
Because you see everyone as a friend you may fall into the trap of revealing too much about yourself. Emails bore you so social networking sites are your means of communication. You love that instant friendly banter. In the business world this could cause you to spend too much time socializing and not enough time focusing on other matters. While enthusiasm is a great tool, this level of buddy bonding could come across as overpowering to the reader. Having said that, your naturally friendly personality comes through in your writing, so there are very few people who would misinterpret what you are trying to say. Keep your sentences related to business matters and less on becoming too familiar… There is such a thing as professional boundaries.

3)  The Fusser…
You know who you are…You sit at the keyboard scratching your head, biting nails down to the quick and running on nervous energy. With this email personality type, you dread opening each and every email for fear of what lies within. You are forever beating yourself up, very insecure and always expect the worst. If a client usually closes an email with ‘Kindest Regards” but now leaves this out you naturally assume that he is being short with you and find yourself rummaging through your old messages trying to see where you may have caused offense. If an email bounces back, you assume that you have been a nuisance and that the recipient no longer wants anything to do with you. It couldn’t possibly be a case of computer malfunction.

Fussy Businessman - Stressed

When you do pluck up the courage to open an email, you scan every word looking for sarcasm, abuse and hidden meanings. If a client does not respond immediately, you naturally assume that you have been offended. You never calm the fevered brow by accepting the fact that people are busy and cannot always respond immediately.

Suggestions:  Don't Take Everything to Heart
When you waste time scanning an email looking for accusations that are not there, your productivity starts to nosedive, and it takes you longer to respond to correspondence than anyone else in the office. You read and re-read what you have written over and over again, constantly altering sentences and fighting to find the right words. When reading an incoming email, bear in mind that written communication has no intonation so sentences can often be misconstrued. If a comment or tone has really upset you, it is far better to clear it up the moment it happens rather than let it impact your day. This will stop you from giving 100% to your other commitments which if left unchecked, could get you fired. Don’t become preoccupied on something that can be cleared up quickly. Give the recipient a ring or write and ask if he/she could clarify their message if there are any questionable statements contained in it. This insecurity has the tendency to make your emails become drawn out and confusing. Say what you have to say and keep it brief but to the point. Do not allow clients to see your flaky side, write with strength and conviction.

2)  The laid back…
Nothing fazes you, life is no big deal. The word ‘panic’ is foreign in your vocabulary and you take everything in stride. It is already nearing 4.30 pm and you have been handed a project to be completed by 5.00pm. You deal with it calmly, rationally and efficiently. Sure, you had to juggle a few other tasks but it was nothing. One thing colleagues can always guarantee is that you will never fly off the handle, your temperament stays even keel, and you will never send a hostile email out of malice.

Laid back businessman

Suggestions:  Being Nonchalant is Not Always the Best Strategy
People could lean on your calming demeanor too much which could make you a welcome dumping ground to fellow colleagues. You’re ‘easy to please’ persona means that you love trying to keep everyone happy. While this is all well and good, you could end up taking on more than you can comfortably cope with. As a result, emails may not be answered correctly or correspondence may be inferior. Because you do not see problems as obstacles, your writing style could tend to lack empathy and resolution. This level of flippancy in an email could also create the impression that you do not take anything seriously, including work. If a supervisor were to read your emails, it may be unlikely that you would be considered for promotion as your correspondence tends to lack professionalism and polish.

1)  The ‘happy to help’ Little Worker
With the number one email personality type, you really are a little dear as you leap and bound around the office with relentless enthusiasm. This shines through in your emails which are always well constructed and laden with helpful advice. But you tend to suffer from writers diarrhea when you communicate which can result in each email running into two or three pages in length. Your inbox is kept meticulously tidy due to the fact that you never leave any correspondence outstanding.

businessman multitasking

You are a bit of a perfectionist as you thoroughly check each and every email to ensure that it is both grammatically correct and answered appropriately. It will be very rare for a recipient to find any words which are abbreviated or spelled incorrectly. In return, you ardently digest every email that you receive, ensuring that you completely understand the information therein. You love corresponding to emails of a technical nature and thrive when compiling reports, contracts or minutes. When it comes to the finer details, you have everything covered.

Suggestions:  Give Your Time Efficiently
There is nothing wrong with being happy to help but when the recipient is a busy executive, it can be very time-consuming having to wade through paragraph after paragraph to find the information that was requested. Imagine if it were you…How frustrating would it be to have to wade through line after line of text to find a hidden venue for a meeting. Many recipients have had to read an email two or three times before actually spotting the required details. As a team member, you also run the risk of upsetting your co-workers who may not be so precise and prompt as you. Keep your writing to small manageable paragraphs and if necessary, limit yourself to a 350 word count.

Recognize yourself among the bunch? Make your business life run more efficiently by working on your communication glitches. This will make your professional and private life run more calmly and more productively.





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