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Advantages of Doing Business on the Web

Why I love the web

Reach Anyone With The WebGoogle, Wikipedia, YouTube, FaceBook, you name it, they make a HUGE impact on our culture.  Anything we want to know about, or any kind of information we are seeking can be found on the world wide web at anytime, or anywhere at the touch of your finger tips.  This is such a miraculous achievement we have made as a culture.  And this ability of the web has the capability to reach virtually every single human being on this planet.  This connection is getting stronger and stronger every single day, as more and more people are making their way efficiently onto the web.  Technology that allows you to surf the web is becoming more and more varied (PCs, Tablets, Smartphones, and more recently, Google Glass??!!!! WOW!!).  This means that getting on the web is becoming easier and more convenient for anyone out there on this planet.  Being able to purchase something anywhere and at anytime you want is amazing.  A lot of people don't even bother to shop locally anymore, all thanks to the world wide web.


The World Wide Web is a Gold Mine

Our society is drastically morphing onto this thing we call the web, and smart businesses are starting to take notice.

Smart businesses (super small to super large) are starting to take notice of this amazing "thing" we have created for ourselves, and use it to their advantage to make a LOT of money.  What does this mean for business when more and more people are able to actually visit it?  That's right, you get more potential buyers, and a LOT more than businesses that only deal locally.  More potential buyers equals more potential money.  Doing business locally is how we always had to conduct business before the arrival of the web in the early 1990s.

Businesses really didn't get started on the web until the early 1990s, so the online business world is only about 20 years old.  It has hundreds, thousands, if not millions of years in front of it.  The web is just getting started in OUR LIFETIME!!  The World Wide Web is essentially still a baby.  Do you realize how AMAZING this is for business in our lifetime?  That means there is MUCH less competition on the web now than there will be in the future.  Less competition means more money for you!  The competition on the web is becoming slightly more competitive each and every single day as the future of the web unfolds.  But I predict this incline of competition to be very minuscule in our lifetime, or even the next lifetime after that (2200+).  We are living in a time where the ability to grab money is much easier than you may think.

I'm Telling You a Big Secret

It's really not that hard at all right now to obtain traffic on the web and convert it to money.  It's so easy, really anyone can do it.  The digital nature of the Internet makes marketing online a piece of cake.  I urge anyone to take their time and learn everything they can about how to make websites, because getting even a small piece of this "gold" that flies around the internet every single second will surely make your life much easier, and trust me, there is plenty of it to go around :)

You will be able to grab this gold much easier in our lifetime thanks to the low competition we face.  I can only imagine how hard it's going to be to try and earn money from the Internet a thousand years from now, it could be impossible.  Only online businesses that get started today are the ones that are going to be more successful into the future.  So NOW is the time to get started in this.

Doing Business Online Is More Efficient Anyways
We live in a digital world!Most online businesses don't even have to worry about inventories or a salesman, as most things are automatically handled digitally.  If you told someone 20 years ago that your business does not need a salesman, does not need a physical inventory, or doesn't even need continued maintenance, they would think you are crazy!

Most local businesses have more "stuff" to deal with, such as the following:

  • Keeping a physical inventory of items.
  • Dealing face to face with customers.
  • Needing a Salesman to make sales.
  • Manual labor that can be strenuous.
  • More paper being used.
  • More expenses.
  • Business must be done in only one location.
  • Business must be manually "managed" consistently or they will not generate an income.

It's clear that doing business online is simply more efficient in every way imaginable.

Doing Business Online Creates a Lifetime Passive Income
The power of the web creates passive incomes.I look at websites as one of the best investments you can make.  When you invest into a website, whether it's in the form of time you put into it, or the money you invest in the form of labor expenses, you will create for you what's called a passive income.  In case you do not know, a passive income is where you will continuously make money every single day regardless whether you continue to work or not.  The work you do on the web today pays off into the future.  It's like the amount of time you put into your online business earns A times B equals Z, instead of offline where you would only earn A equals B.  There are exponential factors involved with the time you put into it and what you will eventually get out of it.  There are multiple layers of return on investments when it comes to doing work on the web.

I do all my business online myself, and have been doing so for about 8 years now.  I can tell you from experience that it feels great finishing a day of work knowing that the work I do every single day will pay off for me overtime way into the future.  It really does feel good and that it's time well spent.  Most people do not even fully understand this.

Once a Web Marketer Quits, They Return
Most who get started trying to earn money online usually quit after a short while because they feel they are not making enough return on investment. Once quitters give up they still are able to manage to trickle in money every single day from what ever amount of work they did do for it in the past.  These people are the ones that see the power of the web, and that is why quitters come back to online web work once they see the endless possibilities that can be obtained from the web.

See The Power For Yourself

I am one of those that has quit but came back, simply because I seen the power of passive income that the web provides.  Once you see it with your own eyes you will never look back at local business again.  It really is THAT powerful.

There are multiple ways to earn money on the web, there's e-commerce sites, affiliate marketing sites, content sites, blogging, selling eBooks, etc.  I have personally used a combination of all these methods, and all of them clearly work very nicely for earning passive incomes.

One of the sites I started in 2006 was a bodybuilding niche site, I wrote about 5 really good articles for it and then took some time getting backlinks for it and never touched it since.  I spent a total of about 2 months working on it with no expenses at all except my own time I put into it.  I then literally just let it sit on the web (for 7 years now) and look how it is performing:

Niche sites' traffic grow overtime

You can see how the site just keeps growing constantly!  I know a thousand visitors a day isn't too much, but keep in mind this site only has 5 decent articles on it.  I would say I spent a total of 200 hours working on it (within the first 2 months).  The site has made me a total of $40,000 so far.  This means, up until now, the amount I made per hour on it would be $200.  That is very cool indeed, isn't it?  And just think, it still has a HUGE future in front of it, bringing in more cash as time goes by.  And there is virtually no maintenance what so ever.

This bodybuilding niche site is only one of three very small niche sites that I actually used original unique content on.  Later on got super lazy and tried to use duplicate content to make money but failed in that.  All my unique content sites are the only ones still growing strong, and all the sites I tried to use duplicate content are dying on me.

What Am I Doing Now?
So what are my projects now you may ask?  Well if you took a guess, it's this site you are on right now! YurTopic!  Yep, the site you are on right now is my site.  This site is also the only site I plan on working on for the rest of my life, so I am putting 100% of my efforts into this site to make it the best it can be.

YurTopic went live to the public on January 1st 2013, so the site is currently only 3.5 months old!  Check out it's traffic to date: Statcounter Traffic Chart Growth

It is very exciting watching this site grow overtime, and it's just going to keep growing and growing :)

And what's cool is, anytime I decide to shut down shop and just let it sit on the web, the site's traffic will continue to steadily rise into the future by itself.

Do You See The Power Yet?

As you can clearly see, web marketing is amazing for business.  There has been thousands of success stories of bloggers and how much they were able to make.  So get excited about websites today and take advantage of it while it's growing with us in our lifetime, so it can bring plenty of money for you or your business overtime.





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