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How to Turn a 'No' Into a 'Yes' For Business Sales

The Word "No"
Man rejecting idea or personThere is one vital element to success which people overlook, it is how we cope with negativity and that dreaded word “no” which drags us down into a pit of despair. But how can we stop this lethal word from depleting our confidence? We simply need to learn the art of winning over our clients so our pitches become less and less regurgitated.

The world of business is thwarted with uncertainty and every sale hangs in the balance. More often than not this is weighed downwards towards heavy rejection. But when you think about it, the universe has provided us with the word “yes” and “no” so as we can experience both the highs and the lows. Without the lows how would we ever appreciate that wonderful feeling when something good happens?

How does the word “No” make you feel? What emotions does it stir? There is nothing worse than the feeling of rejection. Whether it is in the form of an abusive email telling you where you can stuff your new idea or a face to face outright rejection. “No” is a word which can make cold calling and selling a very cold place to be. It is very hard not to feel depleted when someone hangs up and it is easy to take it personally. This makes it even harder to face the rest of the day with optimism.

The Word 'no' Makes Us Feel Fragile
business man upsetLiving in “No” land can be a very lonely place especially when you are convinced that you have given your very best and answered every rapid fire question with confidence and conviction. It takes hours to prepare a sales pitch but just a couple of minutes to come away feeling drained and downtrodden. As you pick up your briefcase, you try to pick up the shreds of your pride as you head to the next client who could be even worse than the last one! Reluctantly, you force your grimace into a smile as you battle with a frown that doesn’t want to be turned upside down and then the whole process begins all over again.

You find yourself reading off that same old script like a parrot, not feeling any emotion at all and hardly listening to what the client has to say because you know it is going to be negative.

Battling With Negativity
Business successBut then… somewhere out of the blue, you sense a glimmer of hope, something positive resonates within your head, it came like a bolt of lightning when you were just about to give up…you check that you are not hearing things and then it is clarified… you heard the word “Yes”. Oh that heavenly word…it brings such sweet joy. All of the doom and gloom you carried around with you for what seemed like an eternity lifts and is replaced with a thousand angels playing trumpets as they rejoice and celebrate your success. This is your moment, your moment of victory and you raise your head to the sky and breath in some much needed pride. Inhale nice and deep and enjoy this moment. You have the client eating out of the palm of your hand, he is keen, really keen and so are you.

But then…things start to go wrong. That “yes” comes with a price. The client is not prepared to wait fourteen days for the product to arrive. Desperate to keep that sale, you make a quick call to see if things can be pushed forward but the warehouse tells you that this is not possible. One by one, the beautiful sound of trumpets begin to fade away and that dreaded word beginning with ‘N’ starts creeping up behind you again.

So Near, But So Far Away
You were so close...It is at this point that the ‘no’s’ start to do their worst. You have heard them so many times that they start to haunt you day and night. All you see and feel is negativity and you are living your life under a very dark cloud. There seems to be no hope…

By now you should be ready for a bit of good news…
It is not your clients who are letting you down, it is YOU! The gray clouds can turn to blue if you would only change your attitude.

You have subconsciously programmed your mind to expect everyone you meet to say “no” and guess what? Nine times out of ten they will. Change your mind set and you will turn that negative into a positive. You need to feel the word ‘yes’ energizing every cell in your body, feel it surging through your veins, see it in flashing neon lights, write it on your hand, your heart, feel the emotion associated with “yes” and keep those good feelings in mind as you raise from your chair and shout a resounding “yes, yes yes” feel it lift your spirits as it energizes your soul and gives you wings so you can fly!

The 'Feel Good' Word
happy successful business womanConvince yourself that the next client you meet will definitely sign on the dotted line, see him shaking your hand and watch your sales figures grow from day to day, week to week, month to month. Feel that word “yes” and magnetize its ‘feel good’ factor so as your clients feel it too and there will be no doubt they will accept your proposal. When you let the word “yes” resonate throughout your mind, body and soul, your voice will become confident and friendly. Your attitude will be accommodating and warm. Your whole persona will exude one of joy and people will start to latch onto that positive energy and respond in a positive manner.

Reinforce this feeling today by introducing the brain to this new feeling of success. Let’s help you on your way. When that queue of “noooooo’s” is so long it is beginning to sound like a Tibetan Chanting Monk emanating an “oom” sound, make a point to finish the day on a positive note. This could involve something like arranging to meet up with a previous client who was warming to you but was not in a position to sign on the dotted line when you last met. By placing a positive obstacle in-between you and the negative, you block it. This means that positivity has a chance to shine through in your mannerism, confidence and sales pitch. This introduces the brain to the realm of success.

Block Negativity in its Tracks
Always make time for a couple of positive leads during your day. Use them whenever you are getting too many no's and you can use them to help build up your resilience to rejection.

Another great way to keep that climatic “yes” bellowing in your head is to shorten that professional distance between clients. View them more as friends rather than strangers and build up some rapport. Rapport is a great word to keep in mind. Let me explain what the word means. When two metal pieces grate together they form friction and sparks start to fly. You are the rapport, “the oil” which allows both plates to rub together with ease and thus prevent the friction from building up.

Allow me to extrapolate…
well dressed business manBefore you even knock on the door of a potential client, you should ensure that you are suited, booted and polished. Clothes must be pressed, color coordinated and tidy. Then, before you even say “How do you do”, you have already imprinted a positive image. Better still; try dressing in a similar manner as your clients but just a little bit smarter. For example, selling to a chairman will require trousers, a shirt, smart tie and jacket. Whereas clients lower down the hierarchy would feel more at ease with someone dressed in just a shirt and slacks, you could even ditch the tie.

Build Rapport

Don’t cut the small talk…

How many times have you answered “I’m fine, when people ask, “How are you?” The phrase seems to automatically trigger the same response. But if you elaborated on that just a little you could use that opening introduction to lead to bigger and greater things. Appeal to your client’s better nature with a comment such as “Well, I wish I could say I was having a good day but I left my briefcase behind, got stuck in traffic and ran out of gas."  This allows the client to offer empathy and you can then respond with a polite, “How has your day been?” This chatty, friendly approach is an innovative way to gain rapport. It shows your human side and provides a foundation for discussion that you can both share.

Humor them…

If you have a penchant for seeing the funny side, bring it out. Laughter is the best way to break down those barriers and open the doors to that fulfilling “yes”.

Laughter Helps...

Share the love…

Well, not literally, but keep your eyes and ears peeled for any opportunity to share things you may have in common. For example, you may discover that you both holidayed in Portugal or have a keen interest in gardening… Find anything which will form a bond and stop you from being a stranger. When two people share the same interests they are more likely to do business, even if they only know them vaguely.

Bring on the flattery…

businessmen in conversation building rapportIt has been said that people can live for two months on a compliment so don’t be afraid to praise someone. This shows that you have really taken the time to appreciate a redeeming feature which you felt compelled to acknowledge.

No awkward silences…

If the compliment is accepted, don’t leave an embarrassing silence, quickly nip in and ask a question connected to that praise. For example, if the garden looks beautifully tended ask “Who is the one blessed with a green thumb?” Compliments make it harder for people to react rudely which buys you time to work your magic.





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