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Addiction to Online Investing & Computer Gambling

Stock Trading AddictionThe perfect storm, the antichrist, the feared to be reaper has come to our homes probably near the recliner and 13 steps away from the refrigerator. Easy money. So easy an idiot can play with the entity. The E-Trade baby can do it. And the drunken Persian too. Make money without sweating, sitting down, probably for hours with serotonin charging our brain's neurons, locking us in place. And food is handy and your computer is your best friend.

Online Stock Trading
Online stock trading is advertised as investing but it's gambling. Your going to lose the money you made by the sweat of your brow. You're to stupid to win. Gamblers Anonymous won't ever get your call. Sorry about that stupid remark; its just that no one is that smart enough to beat the system. And that system is complex. You have to challenge the scammers, the defrauders, computer programs, inside traders and your own natural addiction.

Online Casino AddictionWatson, a computer, beat Ken Jennings and some other best genius player on the Jeopardy game show back in early 2011. Just think how cunning Watson's offspring is today. Yet millions of people will bet their own money to beat computers (pre-programmed to win) by various means. The stupidest is to play online poker from your own home. The next stupidest is to drive to an "internet café" or a "Legitimate Casino" to play the "slots" expecting a monetary return in exchange for being entertained. If you read my last article on I proffered God does play dice with the universe (opposite of Einstein's conclusion); you'd be wise to play craps. Sure the house still has the advantage, but it's not rigged against you. If you want to have a thrill in an honest contest without any thinking involved just take $5000.00 and put it on Red at the roulette wheel and walk away with $10,000.00. (it's almost a heads or tails bet). But don't sweat it. If you lose, just put $10,000.00 on RED again and run away with $20,000. If by chance that rolling orb goes into a black hole or the colorless 0 hole (never play a roulette wheel that has a 0 and a 00 hole, that's the house's only edge and the extra losing hole increases the house's advantage significantly) and you've just lost $20,000.00. You guessed it; put $40,000.00 on the next spin of the wheel. Like shampoo (rinse), bet and repeat (double down). Certainly RED's got to show up once before there's no more money in the world. And again God is on your side. By the way, COMPUTER roulette is programmed to win. I'd hate to face the wrath of Intel if it had to give you $160,000.00. I'm sure there would be a glitch.

Computer Glitches

2007 New York Stock Exchange Glitch
By Asy arch, from Wikimedia Commons

One day, a computer glitch back in 2007 at the New York Stock Exchange slices $1 trillion or so off the value of the U.S. stock market.  A huge one on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The computers had a cascade failure and in seconds the stock market dropped into hell.

The poor yolks in their chairs sitting in front of their computerized Scottrade, E-Trade, Ameritrade, and the Ferengi Exchange portfolios, were now on the floor trying to put their fingers in the computer's electrical outlet. They were stopped lost out. Brokers wisely suggest using stop-loss limits to prevent a stock from going further below a predetermined danger level. All their positions in the market were sold out at crushingly low prices before the computer restored stock prices to normal much higher levels. Brokers now say to use stop-loss tactics wisely. Thanks.

Penny Stocks
You've seen the ads. Better off to hand your money to a Ferengi gold pressed latinum trader.

You can Invest. You can EARN money. If you work. Read and study and get free advice or purchased research. The site is free and educational. There are others too; InsidersLab and Zacks or Schaffers free trials will shift odds greater to your favor.

Jim Cramer's Mad Money show:
Jim Cramer on Penny Stocks
By Tulane Public Relations, via Wikimedia Commons

Jim Cramer's Mad Money show at 6 pm est on CNBC will educate you also, but here's a secret:  he'll pump up a couple of particular stocks every evening. You can watch the price of each of these stocks rise as you watch your online trading platform at the same time he's talking. Don't buy it. Short it. When it hesitates around peaking. Those stocks are always overbought and more than a few people already knew what stock to buy before he pumped it. And they want to sell later to take their profits. (Don't sue me Jim, I don't know that for a fact, it's just an opinion based on observation). But observation and investigation is what an investor must do before he calls Gambler's Anonymous.

But still remember your opponent are computers even smarter and faster than Watson. Placed on billion dollar real estate, just for the simple fact that the wires connecting them to the stock exchanges are shorter than the other computers that they are also competing against. Even data traveling at the speed of light will get first to the computers closest to where the action is. 1000 feet makes an advantages difference to a high frequency trading (HFT) computer. That's a machine that trades stocks millions of times in a second. And there's lot's of them. And the wires must get even shorter. Programmed by engineers and IT scientists and brilliant mathematicians lured away from MIT University and IBM advanced artificial intelligence labs. Lured by money. Big money. And that money must come from somewhere and someone. And that someone is you. They want that $5000.00 from you and me and every investor (gambler) in the game of stock trading.

But that roulette wheel would like that $5000.00 also. Hopefully only God is deciding where the wheel of fortune can go. He may take attendance at church (Big Bang rip-off) but we know he'll play dice with the universe and won't notice you entertaining yourself with your hard earned rent money.





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